Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coming Attractions on The Blacklist Support Group

It appears that The Blacklist reruns will be on for at least the next two Saturdays, May 31st and June 7th.

We are now into the first week of The Blacklist's summer hiatus.  We're going to be adding new articles each week, such as highlighting The Blacklist actors and taking in-depth looks at different theories. If you have anything you would like to write, leave a comment below.

Blacklist Support Group Cooper
There is an interesting conversation on the
General Discussion page, and for those of you
who follow the saga of the Keen's dog, Hudson, there is a new recap and many new comments
of his adventures at Hudson, Where Are You? 

I am excited to share with you the success that the Blacklist Support Group is experiencing. In the first three weeks, we have had 12,300 page views from 14 countries, and 1,132 comments! Thanks to everyone!

In a bit of good news, Naike brought to our attention that Aram will become a regular cast member next season. I guess that means more than two minutes of screen time each week.

Here is our member quote of the week:

"Fitch probably could have sent the bones, if there were bones. But you know, that is just not an American thing to do. We can be pretty crazy and plenty cruel when we want to but we really don’t do bones." - JBiltz, on the  Episode 22 page.


Charmed said...

I loved that comment from the moment I read it, JBiltz. It just felt so right. Comment of the Month, Congratulations!

ziji said...

Chomps, I love love love this update! How awesome is this!

JBlitz just won our version of homemade macadamia nut cookies. As a Canadian, I remember reading his comment when he posted it and thought "yup, I think he's right" Jblitz, I know, I know, you don't like gush....but I still adore you! Just deal with it. Eventually I'll grow on you :)

Chomps, I love the idea of different articles. I would be excited to read people's ideas about different topics, theories and angles. The Hudson threat was pure silliness in all it's glory. Some other topics might appeal to more analytical types. But the diversity is fantastic.

And congrats on both the web presence and the sheer volume of posts we get. There are so many rooms to this site, which is what makes it so appealing.

Whoo hooo!

Chompstick said...

Thanks guys. It's only made possible by everyone one of our "members". I don't know what to call us, users is too cold. I've always said I want this to be "our" site, not just mine. So start thinking about your articles. I'm working on one about the actress who plays Mr. Kaplan. Nothing long or fancy.

Naike said...

Chompstick and all, this site is getting better and better and really an incredibly nice place to gather in the middle of the infinite world wide web!

Chomps, I could provide the list I posted on the site of the over-arching themes about the daughters/girls as an integral word document.

And I'm now working on a new list. I have read and still read comments from people thinking Ressler really must be a bad guy because he shoots the highest amount of baddies dead. I started to get curious about this subject myself and began to write a short list and then included some more aspects which I found interesting and now the list is growing. Hope to finish it at the end of this week. Tell me if you would be interested in it.

Naike said...

Oh, and I wanted to write an (science-based) overview about DNA testing for the viewers/posters who are frustrated with the fact that they can't suspend their disbelief anymore that no one at the FBI would have compared Red's DNA to Liz' DNA nowadays. *Could* be they *would* feel a little bit less frustrated afterwards.

Aaaaahhhhh, if only I would have a little more time for my writing... oh well, doing the best we can, right? :o)

Chompstick said...

Naike, thank you for the compliment. I'm having a great time doing this. All of your ideas are good ones. The factual DNA overview would be a nice change from all the speculation. Were you thinking of including the theory of Liz having some kind of chip or her DNA changed when she was young? That is not really something I'd like to explore in an article.

The Ressler idea is a good one, too. I hope they expand his character and give it more depth. I like the thought that he some bad boy in him. I still think he's Red's son because of the blood type. One of my favorite episodes is Mako Tanida because of the interaction between Red and Ressler, with Ressler starting to move away from that straight arrow.

The daugters is also an interesting idea and I started a comment in response to your post yesterday, but my computer crashed and I haven't started the comment again. It was long *grumble*. I did look at the screencaps, too.

I'd love to have you do all of them over the summer eventually. I think I would be interested in the Ressler first. Thanks!!!

Charmed said...

JBiltz- I said comment of the month, because someone will have to work to beat that one.

Naike- If I had a choice...it would be Ressler first. Diego first wanted the role of Tom, the maybe bad boy. I think he has some bad in him.

Great ideas everyone!

Basil said...

Nice updates, Chomps...and wonderful ideas from everyone....I am thinking about a possible topic to write about....but it is hard to think because I'm still reeling from reading all the fun on the Hudson and Off Topic threads.....where are the macadamia nut cookies?

Naike said...

Chomps and everyone, great!

Chomps, my overview about DNA analysis would be strictly scientific. Because, d'uh, you certainly have figured out by now I'm working in science, as a researcher. You are going to LOL now: as a specialist in the research fields of information science and information systems management. I kid you NOT! So, I can assure you, no, there would be absolutely no speculation included in my overview.

But I will start with Ressler(/Diego) first, fulfilling your wish. You also all already know I have that BIG soft spot for Ressler and am a Diego fangirl since more than ten years. I have watched everything he's been in and I must have read and watched every interview he ever gave. So, starting with that thread, yeah, well, that will be an easy one for me. ;o)
But as I want to underline my words with facts, it's getting longer than I had thought. But I work on it every day during my breaks, so I hope I will be able to finish it soon.

Oh, and JBiltz and ziji, you both posted a very interesting question on the page with the "Berlin, Conclusion" comments regarding Tom and why we all are still rooting for him, despite his despicable actions we've witnesses during season one. I wanted to explore that question further, too, but, alas, I'm just lacking time... all the time. ;o)
I swear, if I could, I would like to explore almost every post on this blog, because you come up with such entertaining speculations, thoughtful questions and wise theories. It is simply a pure joy to visit this website!

misssissy said...

Chomps & Crew..I have been missing Y'all and hope to be back with this wonderful Blacklist Support Group soon! All of you are amazing and I admire & respect you all for your thoughtful posts!

Basil said...

Chomps...I would like to offer, as either a link or an article, the Solar Fire report on James Spader's natal astrological chart. It is kind of long, so perhaps it would be best as a link....but I'm not sure where it could link to???

Solar Fire is an astrology program created by Astrolabe. I have an email to them to verify that we can publish the report on line if we give them credit. I'll let you know when I hear.

Does this sound like something we would want?

I can send you the report to take a look at if you'd like. It's fun reading!

Chompstick said...

This is something i know nothing about. Why don't you email the report to me so I can learn more abut it.

Basil said...

I sent you the report (and one for Megan Boone also). And we have permission from Astrolabe to post the reports here.

fangirl said...

Chompstick, the update is wonderful! And, wonderfully entertaining!

Suddenly the summer Mondays don't seem to loom quite so forlornly as they have been.

What a wonderful site, Chomps. Thank you for what you've done for us all here.

Chompstick said...

Naike, good to have you back. How's the traveling going?

I've been negligent in addressing some of your comments/questions. I kept meaning to do so and now I forget some of them. Let me know if there's anything I forgot.

I really like the Tom article idea!