Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome Blacklist Fans!

Let's face it, we're The Blacklist addicts
and this is a new home for getting your fix.
To make navigating the site easier, and to
read through comments quicker, our site is
divided into different topics, as seen on the
the right hand menu.

The 8 Step Blacklist Addiction Program

1. Watch the show.
2. Go crazy over the new twists and revelations.
3. Come to the Blacklist Support Group for help with your Blacklist dependency.
4. Analyze all things Blacklist.
5. Dissect plot lines.
6. Determine the plausibility of Mr. Kaplan's skills.
7. Support other addicts.
8. Have fun!!

We welcome anyone to participate in our discussion of The Blacklist and related topics.
Please take a few minutes to  read our FAQ which explain the basics of our blog and the specifics for posting comments.

We reserve the right to delete comments for any reason, including failure to post as outlined on the FAQ page. Help related questions should be posted on our FAQ/Help page. Those comments are monitored so that we can provide a timely response. 

In the comments below, take a moment to introduce yourself. Nothing fancy, just let us know you're new here so that we can welcome you.Thanks for joining us and have fun!


Fluffy said...

Hi, Folks.

Welcome to one of many alternative Blacklist fan sites and thank you for
choosing ours. Our desire is to make the Blacklist Support Group (BSG) a
valuable resource for all Blacklist fans. The recent and anticipated
changes to the WSJ SpeakEasy blogs has pushed us on the air a bit sooner
than we had planned, but all the basic functions are in place.

The BSG has been a true labor of love for Chompstick (a.k.a. Oh
Beautiful One to her friends) ::giggle:: She has asked me to help put
together some of the more technical topics and generally wreak havoc
where I can.

As for me, Fluffy is a retired software engineer on the West Coast. My
wife gave me the nickname when my beard started to go from
salt-and-pepper to mostly salt. I've been working with computers since
the 60s and tend to hang out online a lot of the time.

We encourage free expression, regardless of viewpoint, but require that
such expressions be respectful of other commenters and relevant to the
topics on which they are posted. We do, however, reserve the right to
remove any comment for any reason.

In particular, you may not submit a comment that is abusive, defamatory,
disrespectful, illegal, offensive or disparaging (whether on the basis
of disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual
orientation, traits with which people are born, or otherwise).

You also may not submit a comment that attacks or threatens another
person, threatens or promotes violence, wishes for harm to befall
another person, invades another person's privacy or proprietary rights,
or uses expletives (including veiled profanity).

You may not stalk or harass another person, dominate the conversation,
discourage participation by others, or mock, bait, bicker, taunt, or
belittle others.

In other words, be nice, respect each other and no running in the halls.

Chompstick said...

Hello fellow Blacklist addicts! I'm glad you have decided to join us at The Blacklist Support Group (BSG). We are excited to bring you an expanded format that allows for discussion in numerous topics, in addition to specific episode talk. You'll find a separate spoiler page, a reference page with online links, and discussion areas for the Blacklist Timeline, Red: Good vs Evil, Over-Arching Themes, and all the key players, to name just a few. As Fluffy mentioned, we are evolving and not quite to our final product, so bear with us if you see things changing.

So what about Chompstick? I'm a photographer in the DC area with a light-hearted attitude toward life. I love animals, Legos, and the band Rush. I worship Snoopy. If you hang out here you'll have to deal with my sense of humor, I'm quite the quirky girl. (I apologize in advance. Sort of.)

Enjoy, and please read our FAQ page before getting started. And give Fluffy a pat on his fluffy bunny head sometime. He has been instrumental in advising me in all things blogs.

Rori said...

I Heart Fluffy and Chompstick!! TTTTHHHHAAAANNNNKKKK YYYOOOUUU! (I just broke the caps rule, oops)

Charmed said...

Hi my name is Charmed from the small island nation in The Bay of Narnia. I was Vanna White's stand in for 11 years, so let me be one of the first to welcome you to the BSG.

I wanted to leave a lot of other information, but Chompstick got her money's worth.

Really, this will be deleted. First I just wanted to make sure you knew we are a fun group. Please check this page from time to time for updates. We love new friends!

BarbJ said...

Hello I am BarbJ from both Chicago and Phoenix. Never know what time zone I am going to be in.
A huge Blacklist fan who makes and drinks Aviation cocktails from the episode where Red orders one for Liz. I also bid at a charity auction for a day on the set of BL but gave up at 5 thousand. It went for 15 so there are bigger fans out there.
So nice to have found a home...thank you.
Know I will always be lurking.

fangirl said...

Hi, BarbJ. The charity auction for a day on the set of the show sounds like soooooooooo much fun! omg 15 thousand ???? DOLLARS?! Wow, well I bet they have a fantastic time. Imagine being on the set for a day ... sigh ...

Mary said...

Greetings Everyone! My name is Mary and I'm located on the west coast of Florida. Sadly, I most likely will be the one that posts comments about something in the wrong section, as I believe I've already done.

Huge amounts of thanks to everyone involved in getting this site going! Chompstick, I believe you may have saved me from acting out the scene from Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close just sits there turning the light on and off...after the season finale next week. The three weeks between shows was hard enough!!

Glad I found a home with fellow Blacklisters...

Anonymous said...

Hi fangirl,
Yes, it would have been a dream come true.
Interesting things are always on
Thanks for the shout out.

BarbJ said...

Oops that was me.

fangirl said...

Hi, Mary. Please don't feel bad about posting stuff wherever ... I've done the same thing myself, and will do it again who knows how many times. Difficult to get used to sorting this way.

But hey! We'll figure it out eventually, yeah? No worries.

Anyway, hi!

fangirl said...

That's ok BarbJ, no problem.

Chompstick said...

Mary and BarbJ - a warm welcome to both of you. It will take a little time to get used to everything. If you haven't done so yet, please read the FAQ/Help page as it may answer some questions you have.

As far as posting in the correct forum, I think there will be a learning curve for all of us. The most important thing to remember is that any spoiler comments must on the spoiler page, no exceptions.

I'm falling asleep as I type this so I'll finish it tomorrow, well actually, later today.

ziji said...

Mary! Hi!!

Florida! Ohh I'm jealous. How lucky are you.

I'm in Canada. Three weeks ago we had snow! It's been a really long and tough winter for us - unusual actually.

But Florida. Ahhh Mary, we should move sissy's sofa to your place for the reruns.


BarbJ said...

Chompstick, Thank you for the welcome. I would be remiss if I went and made dinner without telling you how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to giving us a wonderful blog-home for our Blacklist discussions. You Rock!

Charmed said...

I love reading the introductions.

If you think of something exciting (or not) to talk about other than the Blacklist, hop on over to the Off Topic Discussion page. We are more than just a blog. We are the Blacklist Support Group!

Anonymous said...

BL Fan

Wow too much happening so quickly

Dave said...

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself and thank Chomp for all the work that goes into this page!

My name is Lauren and my coworkers laugh at my Blacklist obsession.

Chompstick said...

Dave, are you the same Dave that's been around since very early on, and likes to hang with Hank, BC, and JBiltz?

Either way, we're so glad to have you join us. You'll find it to be fun hopping around to all the different topic areas we have.

Take a few minutes to read our FAQ page and acclimate yourself to the site.

So glad you're here! Chompstick

Chompstick said...

BL Fan,

Welcome to the Blacklist Support Group (BSG). You sound overwhelmed. Is there something we can help you with to make you more comfortable?

If you haven't done so yet, read the FAQ page which might help you. If you ever have any questions (not Blacklist related) leave a comment on the FAQ page and we'll find it quickly and help. That is a page we monitor frequently.

You'll son be settled in and having fun! Chompstick

Charmed said...

Dave, Love your avatar. Buddies? We will never laugh at your blacklist obsession, but we will definitely laugh together. PS I've always loved the name Lauren.

BL Fan- aren't we all? So glad you are here, please tell us more when you are ready.

Welcome to the Blacklist Support Group new friends

LLove said...

Hi, apparently I was signed on with my husband's screen name when I posted earlier. I am "Dave" otherwise known as "LLove" or "Lauren." Confused yet? Basically, the Dave that posted earlier is not the same Dave that has been on since earlier on since it was really me, LLove/Lauren and not Dave. Sorry to disappoint you guys.

Chompstick said...

Too funny! I started getting confused when I saw the avatar pic of "Dave" who's supposed to be a woman named Lauren. Then I thought, well I used to know a guy named Loren, kind of pronounced like Lauren, so maybe that's it. So then I started thinking, gosh, did I possibly say anything that could be construed as insensitive because I was assuming Lauren was a woman not a man? Am I just buying into the gender that our culture assigns to names without considering the individual?

Ay yai yai! I was up half the night!

Fine Print: Only the first 3 sentences really happened.

Welcome to the blog!

Charmed said...

LLove~ Never mind Chomps, she gets excited so easy. We are all happy to have you add laughter and more confusion to our day. We are definitely not disappointed you are not your husband Dave or the other Dave or that you are LLove and Lauren. We're good now.

Tell us more when you get a chance, since we kinda mucked up your original introduction.

LLove said...

I live in Miami. I talk incessantly about Blacklist. My husband (Dave, but not the Dave from early on) saw the pilot episode on a flight back from a work trip and insisted that I watch the series with him. He had no clue how obsessed I'd become and I think he's sorry he introduced me to it. I usually watch it on Tuesday night because I can't trust myself to watch attentively enough at 10pm on Mondays. I wish they would move it up to a 9pm time slot.

Charmed said...

LLove, so funny. So far my husband doesn't watch, but I will wear him down. Yes, an hour earlier would be good. I get so anxious, it's impossible to sleep for hours after the show. If you haven't already, visit the Off Topic page and start a conversation, or to any other topics of interest.

Carolina Girl said...

We'll, it has only taken about a week for me to find this Home page, so it will be no surprise that I am severely tech challenged. Next, guess I will read the Q&A section to find out where you put my profile or is that what I am doing now? See what I mean???

I am originally from the Cleveland are but relocated to South Carolina just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. The state line runs all over the place so on most days i never know which state I am in, thus Carolina Girl ... Lol!

I too am addicted to this crazy show and watch it with my husband twice a week. I can remember ever being so into a series like this and I can still remember it being a long summer the year JR got shot :)

Anyway, I am happy to be here since I can't get a good discussion going on Facebook. It didn't help this past week when all my Cleveland watchers had tornado warning break in all through the Finale and didn't get to watch until yesterday! I had to keep my mouth shut for 4 days ... It about killed me!!

Charmed said...

Carolina Girl-. I remember the early days of Dallas too. I'm only sorry you didn't find us earlier. I can't imagine not having this group to play with after an episode!. Ask any questions on the FAQ page. You're in good company on the Tech side. Enjoy the Off Topic page too.

Chompstick said...

Welcome Carolina Girl, Well you sure jumped in with gusto. I've been reading your posts but have been too busy to comment on much this week. We're certainly glad you found us.

So you only watch an episode twice? Hmm, you might have to up your game to really be addicted. ;)

If you're tech challenged, definitely don't seek the assistance of Charmed. You'll both disappear into cyberspace, never to be heard from again.

Carolina Girl said...

We'll Chompstick, twice is going to change here soon because we are going to get Hulu or Amazon Prime.
Some way to rewatched over the summer. I do have a question though. We started watching a few episodes after the series began, then tried to go back On Demand to see the few we missed. However, I still feel like we missed something. When they show flashbacks of Liz with the little girl who gave her that bracket, we don't remember it???? Was the pilot different from the first episode?

Carolina Girl said...

Bracelet not bracket ....ha !!

Carolina Girl said...

This is really embarrassing but I am going to say it anyway. I just right now noticed at the tippy top of the last in RED ( hmmmmm ) with all the topic categories the word HOME .... Really? That easy ... Ah ha hahaha !!!

Lucie Loing said...

Hi All,
I'm located in middle America, female and work in Tech Support. I don't know if I have even seen all of the episodes. I started watching it and the violence kind of got to me so I would hit and miss episodes. I'm hoping I can find the whole season online or NBC will repeat them over the summer because sometime during the season I got hooked! Thank you for creating this site. The various theories are facinating.

Chompstick said...

Welcome Lucie,
It's great to hear that you have in to your Blacklist addiction. I think the violence has bothered a number of people, including my husband who quit watching after Red killed Sam. Most of us are able to justify the violence because Red never kills anyone innocent. Bad guy with a conscience theory?

If you need to catch up on any episodes, there are really thorough, enjoyable recaps on Entertainment Weekly to get you through until you watch.

Click EW Recaps

Also, has instant video of all episodes for $1.99 each.

Click Amazon video

Glad to have you here, Lucie.

Charmed said...

Carolina Girl- the pilot was the first episode where Red turned himself in and Ranko Zamani and the Pavlovich brothers kidnapped the General's daughter Beth. Beth gave Liz her bracelet and Liz showed Beth her scar.

Carolina Girl said...

Thanks Charmed !!

I thought for sure we saw the pilot then but I just don't remember Ranko Zamani and the kidnapping of the general's daughter ??? Just a blurrrrrrr :(

Charmed said...

Carolina Girl, remember all the action on the bridge and over the side into a speedboat. Ranko Zamani was the one that beat up and stabbed the 4th grade school teacher, Tom Keen.

Don't worry about it, you can watch it again and it will all come back.

ziji said...

Hi Lucie

I completely agree with you about the hit and miss 're violence. In the episode after anslo garret episodes - the one where Red takes his revenge, there are 7 kills. That's above the "disposable " kills of random people we don't know.

Trust me. I understand your point. I was conflicted too. But then, this show is also so good at keeping our attention on other levels as well.

You are good company

Please feel free to wander over into any of other rooms.

Some of them are more logical and assess the show itself.

Some of them are just plain silly

We appeal to a wide variety of the same mind.

ziji said...

My name is ziji, I live in Ottawa, Canada with Mr ziji and our pug actually is ziji)

I type on a tablet with my thumbs (it's true) so I make typos and the tablet autocorrects. I actually do go back and edit my posts, but I apologize upfront for any frustration.

The name ziji (pronounced Fiji with a z) isn't based on a tropical island like charmed initially thought. You know those moments where you feel you are driving down a road with all green lights...where even when you get a red light, or a bunch of red lights, it's absolutely no big deal. its NOT about life going your way so of course you feel good...because lets face it, sometimes there are a lot of red lights. But you don't freak out or overreact. You just deal with the red light, knowing that the green light will come again.

But there are moments where you feel alive and filled with life. Your joy may be the "laugh out loud kind", the "giggle to yourself" kind or even just "enjoy the quiet murmur of stillness within" kind.

In those have ziji. Sometimes those moments last longer than others. Sometimes those moments disappear longer than others.

But we have all had them.

That is ziji

Chompstick said...

I want ziji!!

Charmed said...

Loved your introduction, ziji. I Need More ziji.

I guess I need to re-introduce myself at some point, since most of you know I'm not from Narnia. But Hey, I feel like I hit the jackpot meeting all y'all, not just $20 bucks.

Orange said...

Hi All

I am from the US East Coast. I'm an FBI Agent..
Lol.. Just kidding.. Just kidding.. I'm just an office mgr. nothing glamorous. Started watching the show because I am a fan of James Spader, but now, I am completely hooked. :-)

fangirl said...


lol Aww man if you really are an FBI agent how great would that be. 'Cause we do have questions. Oh yes, we do have questions.

Welcome, fellow James Spader fan!

ziji said...

Orange , how cool would that be if you were fbi??

fangirl said...

I've totally failed to welcome the new people! Sorry, really, but I got another part-time job and stuff.

Anyway! Hi to Lucie, Carolina Girl, LLove, and Dave. And hi again to BarbJ and Rori and Mary.

Fangirl <------ still hoping Orange really is an FBI agent. Or at least knows an FBI agent. Or at least has figured out why lots of times most the FBI agents on The Blacklist while Ressler and Liz run amock taking out baddies all by themselves! I want to see Cooper and Scary Gary get out there and storm some castles. Or storm something. Come on, guys, you're missing all the fun.

Charmed said...

Orange, You haven't told us much at all, but you've given us topics of fun (agent orange And FBI).good catch fangirl.
We would love for you to visit often.


We Welcome FBI Agents, as we have lots of questions.

Chompstick said...

I like Arctic Oranges. Does anyone know what they are?

Orange said...

Haha..well.. FBI usually portrayed as clueless in a lot of the shows. There is this show on NBC called Crisis. It has been cancelled, but I thought their agents are smart and make the right decisions.

ziji said...

hI have no idea what arctic oranges are....but mr ziji did the groceries this week (I am swamped swamped swamped at work). He didn't know what apples to buy. So picture this lovely man standing in the fruit section of the store, iPhone in hand and researching apples. We ended up with Fiji apples. true story

they were right beside the arctic oranges (not true)

I bet this post gets moved to the "other topics" but it won't make sense without the arctic orange is a big digress, but the arctic oranges was what sent me in this particular direction :)

agent orange. I love it!

Carolina Girl said...

So frustrated! Can't find the post of when Blacklist reruns will start? I hope I didn't miss the pilot or I am not going to be happy. Please, please let if be tonight ???

Chompstick said...

TV Guide online says BL will be on Saturday 6/7 10 pm. Then again, it also said it would be on last night and it wasn't. With any luck they will show them in order, but networks never seem to do that.

Chompstick said...

Ah, the Arctic Orange, a creamsicle like shake that McDonald's had in the 1970-80's. It's one of those things that once discontinued takes on a life of its own. Well, maybe just in my family! :-P

Carolina Girl said...

Thanks Chomps! I thought I missed the first one and because we were on vacation with young children, we had no control of our tv, or time for that matter. Still planning on getting Amazon Prime. I need to see more because right now I have just gone blank on all of it as it seems everyone else has. Maybe for the better since it is a long way till Season Two begins. I guess we just Keep Calm and Carry On ... Lol !!

Charmed said...

Hello and welcome to any new Blacklist Addicts. We're trying to keep our favorite show fresh in everyone's mind and we are so ready for Season 2 to begin. BUT, we do want to keep SUMMER TOO!