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Quote of the Week & Other News

Once again, one of JBiltz's shrewd observations grabs the top spot: 

"The obvious reason Tom did not shoot better and kill Red
is that that would have ended the show." 
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for discussion while we watch the season again. *
Reruns: Sat 6/14 - The Alchemist (ep 12), Sat 6/21 - Cyprus Agency (ep 13)

"The Ressler Appreciation from Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot"

We have one heck of a Donald Ressler (and Diego Klattenhoff) fan among us, the incomparable Naike, who has written our first feature article. She has put in a phenomenal amount of time on this article because everything that appears in red is a link to related picture. Awesome work, Naike!
                                                                   *              *               *

Ressler is very knowledgeable when it comes to Red. He is well prepared and he takes his job very seriously. Even if the events take over on several occasions in this episode, he stays focused the entire time, not letting himself slip once.

Even when Red makes fun of him, Ressler still remains polite. He has very good manners. Red doesn't go easy on him, but Ressler continues to fulfill all his duties till the end of the episode.....

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On the bridge, Ressler reacts very fast to the sudden and dangerous situation. He shows no fear. He runs toward immediate danger and saves Liz’ life. He jumps from quite some height from the bridge into the river without any hesitation in a almost desperate attempt to save Beth from the Pavlovich brothers taking away the child (If you look at that scene frame by frame, you will notice he prepares to jump before the explosion is initiated).

After stabbing Red with a pen in his neck, Liz is under official review. Even if Ressler, at this point, is still skeptical about Liz and slightly irritated by the fact Liz is getting so much attention, he doesn’t report her presence at the Walter Reed Medical Center and he even grants her request to see Red.

When Ressler corners Zamani (thinking he is Red at first) on the rooftop of the Newseum, he doesn’t just shoot him blindly. He asks Zamani to step down from the ledge and warns him to show him his hands or he would have to shoot him. When Zamani reaches for the pill tube in the pocket of his coat, Zamani makes his gesture look menacing to Ressler, suggesting he is reaching for a remote control to activate the bomb. It’s only then Ressler shoots his gun at Zamani. He looks affected by (indirectly) killing Zamani.

The fate of the bad guys in the episode (at the time of the episode supposedly):

Raymond “Red” Reddington Number Four on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted "Arrest on Sight" Fugitives/ United States Naval Academy (Top of his Class at the Age of 24) Graduate / Being Groomed for Admiral / Seller of Classified NOFORN Documents / Equal Opportunity Offender / Facilitator of Sorts / Deals’ Broker for Fellow Criminals / Criminal Mastermind / The Concierge of Crime 

-  Surrenders for a second time to the FBI at the end of the episode,
-  tries to re-negotiate a deal under his own terms with Cooper and Ressler.
-  Last scene he is seen sitting in a cell in an FBI High Value Detainee SiteLiz enters his cell

Newton Phillips/ Grey  *Grey* Suit wearing Briefcase Carrier of Red / The Male Nurse in the elevator at the Walter Reed Medical Centre:
-  Exits Red’s hospital room the moment Ressler and Liz are talking (Ressler even lowers his voice when he is passing by and watches him walk away, but he doesn't comprehend what had just happened in Red's room), enters the elevator, winks at a now alarmed Liz, who doesn’t stop him, though.

The Pavlovich Brothers The Attackers on the Bridge / The Kidnappers of Beth Ryker
-  After magically anticipating that the FBI would be taking Beth to a safe place and miraculously guessing the exact time frame and the itinerary even the FBI didn’t know about merely an hour before, after attacking the convoy on a bridge, they get away on two boatskidnapping Bethany “Beth” Ryker, the daughter of U.S. General Daniel Ryker.

Reinhardt/ The German/A Banker 
-  Moves the money for criminals. Mentioned by Red in dialogue.

The Innkeeper / Safe Houses Runner in Washington
-  Apprehended by an FBI SWAT team and interrogated in a place that looks like a cell in a basement of a black-site by Jennifer Palmer for information about the location of The Chemist.

Miroslav / Munitions Expert / The Chemist / Expensive Freelancer / Chemical Weapon Bomb Device Builder:
-  He and a couple of men working with him at the Chemist’s laboratory are apprehended and the Chemist is interrogated by an FBI SWAT team for information about the location of Zamani (the interrogation taking place off-screen).

Ranko Zamani Sascha M. Chacko / Serbian Terrorist educated in the USA:
-  Terminally ill (carries Nipah-Virus). 
-  Zamani ignores Ressler’s instructions to step down from the ledge and his warning "Hands where I can see 'em or I'll shoot you down!"
-  Zamani reaches for an object in a pocket of his coat, suggesting to Ressler that he is activating the bomb with a remote controlRessler shoots him and Zamani falls down from the rooftop of the Newseum’s building.

The Ukrainian Man at the DC Zoo Happy and Grateful Fella:
-  After disabling the chemical weapon bomb, he runs away with the device.

Thomas Keen Piere-Louis Anton / Dieter Neumann / Lucas Ponald:
-  Liz finds a hidden box containing a gun, money and fake passports with pictures of her husband in a hatch in the floor at their house. 
-  Tom is lying in bed in the General Hospital of the District of Columbia after being tortured and stabbed two times by Zamaniin critical condition.

Ties of the bad guys to Red/Liz/Ressler/FBI:

1. Raymond Red Reddington is Number Four on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted "Arrest on Sight" Fugitives.

2. “Grey” seems to be working as an assistant/escape aide to Red.

3. Red got Zamani into the country, per his own words. When threatening Tom’s life and talking to Liz, Zamani calls Red his friend. When greeting Zamani at the Lincoln Memorial, Red calls Zamani old friend. Zamani paid Liz a visit, just like Red had asked him to do. And, just as Red had also asked him to do, took care of Tom.

4. The Innkeeper is, per Red’s own words, an acquaintance of his.

5. The Ukrainian Man worked directly for Red - Red calls him a friend when talking to Liz on the phone - taking the chemical weapon as a payment for his services.

6. Tom is married to Liz.

Deaths caused by Red/Liz/Ressler/FBI:

1. Liz shoots one of the Pavlovich’ men on the bridge, from the inside of the car, with her Glock 26.

2. Ressler shoots one of the Pavlovich’ men in a fire-fight with his M6A2.
Ressler, running toward the car, shootswith one precision shot with his SIG-Sauer P229, one of the Pavlovich’ men who is about to shoot Liz still trapped in the car, who is still blinded by the smoke of the tear gas one of the Pavlovich’ men used to force Liz to hand him over Beth.

3. Ressler kills (indirectly) Zamani (s. above "The fate of the (at the time of the episode supposedly) bad guys in the episode"). He doesn't take it lightly.

Lives Saved:

1. Ressler safes Liz’ life on the bridge.

2. Liz, in a fraction of a second, decides to tend to her badly wounded husband instead of going after Zamani.

3. Beth and all the visitors at the DC Zoo and probably further after the Ukrainian man disables the chemical weapon’s delay detonator.

Liz’ life put in immediate danger (as a consequence of not working, as originally planned, as a profiler):

1. On the bridge, when the Pavlovich Brothers attack the FBI’s convoy trying to take Beth to a safe site.

2. At the DC Zoo, when comforting Beth, knowing the FBI bomb squad would never arrive on time, not knowing if Red’s Ukrainian friend would be able to deactivate the chemical weapon’s time fuse.


Redravenous said...

What a quote Chompstick!. You are so good at this. Although you got this site started toward the end of season, you're certain to be "the" site for The Blacklist chatter next season.

Gotta love it!

Basil said...

Naike...holy cow! If I didn't appreciate Donald/Diego before, I sure do now! Thank you for putting all this together for us. I can't imagine how much time it must have taken. Thank you also to Chomps for editorial work and for whatever magic it takes to provide it to us in this format. What a wonderful present...a joy to unwrap.

Laocoon said...

Wow! Thanks, Naike!

JBiltz said...

They put a lot of effort in the first half of the season into making Resler seem tough and capable. That shoot out on the bridge was some seriously good shooting by Resler. Then in the third episode was a brutal fight in that building under construction. That was one of the more brutal fights on ever on TV.

Naike said...

OMG, Chomps and everyone! I almost just had a heart attack coming to this wonderful site and seeing my name and quotes from my Ressler appreciation thread on the frontpage!

Holy cow, next time I need a warning first! ;o)
I probably never had high blood pressure in my whole life before, but now sure I have. I think I can feel the beat of my heart in my ears now. Oh wow, I think I will need a couple of hours to recover. ;o)

But what better remedy than to continue to surf through this outstanding blog? You sure as bl00dy h3ll just made not my day, but I would say my entire summer!

Thank you, thank you so much to every single member of this fantastic group! You are, all, everyone, simply the best!

Chompstick said...

So glad you're pleased. I thought you'd get a kick out of it. I was just telling someone today that I couldn't wait for you to return because you had no idea you wrote a feature article!

Naike said...

Yes, Chomps, I think I'm still shaking! I really, really, not in a million years, would have thought I would make the front-page! I just have this love for a character on a TV show I wanted... I tried to express with words.

The work you have put into the editing is insane! I am absolutely amazed! I feel so honored! You are an incredible and outstanding website host! I am just in awe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot express my gratitude enough and words just can't do your work, commitment and passion justice! THANK YOU!

Chompstick said...

Aww gee thanks. There are some around here who are going to tell you to stop complimenting me so my head doesn't grow. I was really careful about editing since I hadn't spoken to you first. I didn't want to hack up your article without approval.

Naike said...

Chomps, there's clearly no place for any doubt: you have done an outstanding job! You are just excellent at everything you do on this website!

Naike said...

JBiltz, on June 9, 2014 at 10:39 PM, said...
"... Then in the third episode was a brutal fight in that building under construction. That was one of the more brutal fights on ever on TV."

JBiltz, have you already watched this Diego interview from the NBC up-fronts (from May 2014, before the final episode aired)? Diego specifically addresses the shooting of that (looooong) scene. It would seem that wasn't only a very intense sequence to watch on TV as a viewer, but it was also very tense to film. Very interesting look behind the scenes Diego gives us here, I think.

Charmed said...

Naike- Absolutely First Page Worthy, Our Friend!

Naike said...

Charmed, thank you so much!
I still get scared every time I visit the unique BSG website and see my name on the front-page. Just waiting for the next feature article from some of you wonderful fellow BSG contributors to take the place of mine. ;o)
Thank you for the friend, Charmed, that sure warmed my heart!