Friday, August 22, 2014

'The Blacklist' Season 2 News: Casting and Spoilers

The season 2 premier, rumored be called Lord Baltimorewill reportedly begin where it last left off - who is Berlin and what is his relationship to Red?  With a dearth of news about The Blacklist during the summer, many entertainment news outlets seem to be struggling for something exciting to say and are turning to the question of whether Tom is dead or alive. Really? Common sense tells us Liz's fake husband will be back: he is a compelling character; as one of Berlin's operatives, Tom is central to the storyline; and perhaps most convincing, there is not a word on the internet about Ryan Eggold leaving the show. Nor has he been cast in any other TV series, which is usually a clear sign that an actor on his way out.

 Ryan would be a tragic, unacceptable loss to my Monday nights!

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Producer Jon Bokenkamp also said that Alan Alda "maybe-probably" will return as Fitch.  Again, it never occurred to me that he wouldn't.  There is great intrigue regarding how his past is intertwined with Red's.  Fitch is a delightful adversary to Red and Alda does a fine job playing opposite James Spader, which is no small task.

Megan Boone (Elizabeth Keen) recently tweeted, "So I've read the #TheBlacklist season 2 premier script. Haaaaa haaaaa!!!" Megan has a good Twitter feed with lots of show related content.

In new casting news, Mary-Louise Parker will be joining the cast of The Blacklist in season two as recurring character Naomi Hyland, who is "tied inextricably to

Mary-Louise Parker
Reddington," according to producer Jon Bokenkamp. Parker is best-known for her roles in Fried Green Tomatoes, Weeds, and The West Wing.  Thanks to The Blacklist Support Group member JBiltz for first bringing this bit of news to our attention.

Krysten Ritter
Also cast in the premier on September 22 is Krysten Ritter, previously of Breaking Bad and Don't Trust the B----- in Apartment 23.  Ritter will be playing an analyst at a data security company.

Mozhan Marnò

Another actress cast as a series regular is Mozhan Marnò from House of Cards. Marnò will portray antagonist Samar Navabi, a former Mossad agent and "incredibly intuitive agent who goes head-to-head" with Red.

Seriously, have they ever considered blond actresses??

As previously mentioned on the Official Spoilers page, an unnamed young girl has been cast into an unspecified role. The actress has dark hair and blue eyes, which leads me to wonder if she could Red's daughter.  It looks like the actress could easily play the part of a 12 year old.   

And finally, in case you missed the news at the end of last season, FBI techie Aram Motjabai, played by Amir Arison, has been upgraded from a recurring character to a show regular.
Amir Arison

I have to wonder if this action is in response to viewers' love of the affable nice guy who adds a touch of comic relief.

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JBiltz said...

Considering the death rate for women on this show I hope they are going to to last longer than the women in the first season.

I did not think they would start the season from where they left off. With Tom all shot up and our assistant director in the hospital I was expecting them to pick up at a later point.

Chompstick said...

Perhaps they mean they will be picking up the Berlin story line right away, but time may have passed allowing Tom and Cooper to heal. Unless they have a miraculously quick recovery like Ressler's leg injury in Anslo.

Carolina Girl said...

Could Mary Louise Parker be playing Liz's mom in her younger years? Seems like they hired Ashley to play her as a young girl so there will most likely be scenes with mom in them. At least I hope so. She also looks like she could wear a ballerina bun well ... Lol !,,

(Cross posted on the Online Links page ~ Chompstick)

Chompstick said...

Hi Carolina Girl! I hope your business is doing well.

I'm thinking maybe the role played by Ashley is a small one or a one time shot since the only mention of it is on her talent agency's website. Then again, maybe a show doesn't normally announce the casting of an unknown to the press.

I think you're right...she could definitely rock a tutu and a bun.

BL Fan said...

There is a new 4 minute video on NBC the Blacklist- "The Blacklist: Connecting the Criminals". It is a good synopsis of all the episodes.
Worth a quick watch