Thursday, September 4, 2014

18 Days Until 'The Blacklist' ...the Hunt Is On!

This post contains spoilers!

The New Liz .....Ready to Rumble, love it!

A few more photos from NBC.  One of the new photos has a dark haired woman, but I can't tell which of the new long, dark-haired cast members it is.  The new video preview does not appear to have any new footage.

Here is a promo for Lord Baltimore, Season 2, Episode 1. This is the only link on this page that contains spoilers!

There's a great Blacklist full-page ad on the back of this week's People magazine, made to look like a magazine cover. The same kind of pages have been on the Blacklist Facebook page, as well. A story on the ads appears in the current Variety. Eleven magazines will carry the full page ad on the back cover, including New York, GQ, People, The New Yorker, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Us Weekly, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Wired, and um, Playboy.  This is a MAJOR ad blitz. Looks like NBC is putting a ton of ad dollars into the show - yay!

Wired, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Time

New Villain Cast ... Paul Reubens??

Reubens will first appear as a villain in episode 3 and is set to be in at least 2 episodes. According to Jon Bokenkamp, "I'd say he's gonna shake things up a bit when he enters Red's orbit."  He continues, "It can't get strange enough for me. One of the most fun things is being able to write for actors who I've admired and think are interesting and try to play against expectations. I think this will be a fun one." I can't wait to see how this plays out. I don't think JonBok has gone wrong in guest star casting yet.

How's this for irony:  this article about Pee Wee Herman appeared in the Ecumenical News!

The Dearly Departed ... more recent videos
Connecting the Criminals  5 minutes
60 Seconds of Red's Kill Count in Season 1  1 minute, 15 seconds

Beef Stroganoff and A Dog Held Hostage

The International Business Times is another incongruous, yet frequent, source of Blacklist spoilers (I can't write that with a straight face).  They have posted 4 promos but it is all footage from season 1. The others are from NBC. But these compilations of great moments are worth viewing, if just to watch one of Red's most memorable quips: 

"Janice, I'll take a rain check on the stroganoff.  It smells delicious."   48 seconds

"My goodness, you really think I'd harm a dog? You on the other hand..."   32 seconds
"You've killed three people!" - Cooper   "I'm not perfect." - Red   32 seconds
Is Red Liz's Father?  This clip contains a good look at the scars on Red's back.  47 seconds
Berlin  40 seconds
Comic Con Panel 2014, San Diego   47 minutes

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18 days!!

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