Monday, September 22, 2014

Season 2 Premier: Episode 1, Lord Baltimore Airs Tonight

The Day We've Been Waiting Four Months for is Finally Here!

Welcome back to new and past Blacklist Support Group fans.  Judging from the 2 minute trailer below, tonight's Lord Baltimore Season 2 premier looks edge-of-your-recliner exciting.  The Lord Baltimore discussion page is ready and waiting for your comments. If you haven't been here lately, take a look at the previous posts below for new casting news, gouge on season 2 from executive producer John Eisendrath, The Red Monologues, James Spader on every magazine, bus, and billboard NBC's ad agency could locate, and lots of other fun stuff.

Lord Baltimore official NBC trailer

I will be posting a full length recap of each episode the following morning.  You will find them here on the front page.

If you haven't been here for a few months there are a few useful enhancements:

We have a new Google Custom Search specifically for the Blacklist Support Group. The search box is on the right hand side of the page above the Topic List.  Results can be sorted by relevance or date.

Comments are now numbered 1,2,3 ...  so it makes it much easier to reference another member's comments.

A Recent Comments Feed was installed in May, so many of you are already familiar with it. If you hover on "Continue" a pop up will show you what page the comment is on and you can click to be taken there.

There is now an Archive page where the Season 1 discussion pages have been moved.

We will soon introduce Polls on a variety of The Blacklist related topics.

Also debuting soon will be 'Go To Top' and 'Go To Bottom' buttons so we  can eliminate scrolling.

Please familiarize yourself with our blog and discussion forum policies on the FAQ page, paying particular attention to the section on spoilers. We appreciate your help in maintaining a friendly and respectful environment for our exchange of ideas.

We've had a great time watching The Blacklist re-runs and posting here this summer.  Many thanks to Charmed, JBiltz, Carolina Girl, Basil, Naike, Marie, Fergy, Redravenous, and numerous others for your contributions.


Marie said...

All the new features are awesome. You amaze me. Blog Queen. I hope the writers come to this blog and read our comments.
Thanks again!

Chompstick said...

Thanks Marie. I think these enhancements will be quite useful.