Monday, October 27, 2014

Chompstick's PSA

An Annihilation:  The Northern White Rhino

Only Six Remain on Earth

As an animal rights activist (non-radical), the issue of poaching is a serious one to me. Samar's mention of the rhinoceros horn than can sell for $9,000 on the black market in Vietnam is ironic timing.  The Northern White rhino is one step closer to extinction; just last week one of only two males died, taking the Northern White Rhino numbers from just seven to six left in the world. This grand species will be extinct in our lifetimes.
Article about Suni's death.

The Ebola Crisis

I also want to acknowledge that Sierra Leone is the epicenter of the Ebola crisis in West Africa. The country has been the worst hit, with almost 4,000 cases and 1,281 deaths.


Redravenous said...

Thank you for sharing this sad story. When I saw the documentary about wildlife extinction, last year I think, there were more alive then but they knew they were doomed because of the lack of generic diversity with so few breeding animals left. The animals are so docile and their handlers love them, so different than we were taught about their behaviour. I remember reading about the Queen's parents travelling to Africa on Safari and trackers would be sent out to find the biggest, healthiest specimens of male elephants, rhinos, lions and the like and then the royals would be flown to the spot so they could shoot them and take their trophies home for their castles. They still allow very rich people in limited numbers to buy a license to fly to the Arttic to shoot polar bears from an airplane and to take the trophy home to make a bear skin rug. Even as global warming threatens the entire subspecies TPTB say the current numbers warrant it. Greed - human greed. So disheartening.

Redravenous said...

Uh - that should be genetic diversity.

Oh and of course the brave males made it easy for the royals by charging the hunting party in an effort to protect their herds or prides. Which is why the male gorillas are in short supply and of weaker genetic makeup.

Redravenous said...

I am surprised that there are still no big fund raising efforts for private donations by celebs and musicians for this Ebola crisis in Africa. No matter what knee jerk actions politicians implement, if the disease isn't contained and controlled in West Africa the whole world will be at risk.

fangirl said...

You chose the perfect word, Redravenous: "disheartening".

Re the pneumonic plague in last week's episode, I've been thinking about the phenomenon of mass extinctions throughout history. Is the current Ebola situation going to turn out to be another of these extinctions? It's very sad to think about.

redravenous said...

Chomps I wanted to pass along to you, due to your love of the Rhinoceros, that World Wildlife Fund has an adoption program and with it you receive a precious little stuffed version of the great animal. Here is the link:

Chompstick said...

Thanks, Redrav. Adopted endangered wildlife would be neat Christmas gifts for my five conservation-minded nieces.

redravenous said...

Hi Chompstick, I just order one of the white rhinos for my grandson. It is cool that he will get a personalized adoption certificate. It is important to instill those values, of wildlife protection, early in life. So, I think the cute stuffed animals are a good way to capture their attention and hearts. And they give a tax donation receipt for most of the cost and it's delivered free to your door. Couldn't be better! I also ordered a beaver for myself. In Canada the beaver fun trade of the 19th century devastated their numbers and now development and competition with the lumber industry continue to reduce their numbers. It is because of the beavers that North America has so many small lakes and rivers and streams. I guess you can tell I'm passionate about wildlife conservation, especially in their natural wild setting, but I want to share this video and article with you about a rescued baby sea otter. It is heart warming and just precious. Hope you enjoy it.

and BTW I really appreciate that you include topics such as this on your wonderful blog.

Redravenous said...

Oh Lord! That is beaver fur trade, nothing "fun" about it.

Redravenous said...

Chomps - just a FYI - I got the white rhino from World Wildlife Fund in the mail today. It is bigger than I expected and I was pretty impressed with it. Hard to make a rhino look cute and cuddly but it hey did. It comes with a poster with information and as I mentioned the personalized adoption certificate all in a bright animal print reusable WWF bag.