Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Blacklist Poll: The Mombasa Cartel, S2E6

The winner of our last poll What is Your Favorite Moment of Episode 4?  was City Dog Refuses to Fetch the Stick with 30% of the votes. Runners up were Red and Naomi say Goodbye with 25%, and Mr. Vargas Lectures Monica about City Dog, with 25%.  View full results here.

For this question, hundreds of scenes could qualify as most gruesome, so if your pick isn't on the list, select "other" and type in your choice. Feel free to discuss your answers in the comments below.


Redravenous said...

Have to comment on this poll choice .... I picked Red's killing spree and murder of Grey because although the other story lines were gruesome they are part of the weekly plots. The Good Samaritan episode totally changed my perception of the man Red is, from a wronged man who lost everything and had no turn to crime to survive and then turned himself in to take a new path toward redemption. Since that episode it has been clear that Red is a criminal and a killer and turned himself to save his own skin.

fangirl said...

I have to vote for the episodes about human trafficking and poaching, because these are real, and Raymond Reddington isn't.

Chompstick said...

You know, I meant to mention it earlier ... human trafficking is a HUGE problem in Montgomery County, Maryland, which borders DC. It is a largely middle class and upper class county.

Any choices below the first 6 have been provided by voters as "other" choices.

I chose the Stewmaker. I could not watch those scenes at all. Truly disgusting.

Redrav and fangirl - you both have thoughtful reasons for your votes.

Redravenous said...

Since the question for the poll was "the most disturbing scene to watch" I picked the episode that Red questioned and then killed the EMS woman and then his assistant Grey. Something about him killing her has stuck with me, and the suffocation of Grey was disturbing to me.

Had they shown any animals or children being hurt and killed it would have definitely been this episode. I didn't watch the goats and Dembe's family being killed because I knew what was coming. The subject matter is very disturbing to me. Last night after Chompstick posted the story about the death of the male rhino I read a number of related articles. In 2013 the numbers of poached rhinos was at an all time high, higher even than during the late 19th century. It is largely because of the Market in Asia to help ED among other things. Although they are protected in South Africa poachers cross over from Mozambique where poaching is barely considered a crime.