Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Blacklist Poll: The Decembrist 2.08

The winner of our last poll  What Episode Do You Feel Had the Most Disturbing Scene? was, by a small margin, The Stewmaker Disolving Bodies in Acid with 22%. Second place was Milton Bobbit Removes His Nose with 18%, notable for being a choice recommended by a BSGer.  View full results here.
Red's future is all about The Fulcrum. Is it Liz's also? BSGer Fergy suggested a poll to determine who among us believe that Liz IS the fulcrum!!

Please take time to comment below the poll to explain your answer.


Tabasko said...

I think she is or at least has something very direct to do with it. Like it's embedded in her scar or something.

Laocoon said...

Can't say yes or no, I don't know. I agree with Tabasko that it's possible there is something embedded in Liz. It's clear that she is protected and being kept alive for some reason.

Harry said...

I don't think Liz is or has "the fulcrum"; I figure it's just a plot detour to fill up the rest of the season and then get tied up while introducing another detour/mystery for next year. I think we won't get the reveal about Liz's significance to Red until the final episode of the final season.

Richard said...

She has enough already that she's about. The Fulcrom seemed like an inanimate object with the words around it. But can't say it is for sure. But, it's an asset.

Liz seems more like a liability than asset.