Friday, January 30, 2015

Interview With Jon Bokenkamp: What to Expect the Rest of the Season on The Blacklist


The Blacklist ended its fall finale with a reveal that Reddington (James Spader) and Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) have some sort of connection. What exactly that connection is remains to be seen -- but sorry, fans. It won't be revealed in the Super Bowl episode. As star Megan Boone succinctly puts it, "Tom's been on the back-burner while we Super Bowl it."

"The Super Bowl two-parter is -- I like to think of it as sort an event movie," executive producer Jon Bokenkamp expounds on that with Zap2it during a call with the press. "It's large in scope. If it had a movie poster, it would be a summer action movie.

"Because of that, the time frame is very compressed. It all happens almost in real time ... so there is no time there to drift away to the story of Tom."

But Bokencamp reassures viewers that the Tom-Red relationship will be a major storyline in the rest of Season 2. "Tom and Red, the nature of their relationship and what Elizabeth Keen does or does not know -- or is in the process of discovering -- about that relationship is certainly something that we're going to be getting into in the back half of the season."

Something the show is also going to explore is the complex nature of Elizabeth's feelings for her ex-husband, who betrayed her so severely but whom she still let go after holding him captive for information. Boone says that Liz letting Tom go doesn't mean she's suddenly in love with him again. It's much more complicated than that.

"[Liz] has got a really strong feeling for [Tom], but it's a very complicated dynamic at this point," says Boone. "I think once a relationship goes past the line and becomes abusive or sadistic in any way, there's just no going back to pure true love. It already has violence in it, it already has mistrust. So I always felt like it's an over-simplification to say, 'Oh, she still loves him.'"

Bokencamp echoes Boone's opinion of the Tom-Liz relationship, adding that their story is far from over. "I think you never say never and anything can change. That doesn't mean [love is] where that relationship is going, but I do think like any break-up, like any marriage that falls apart, it's messy ... so the best answer I can give to that is it's incredibly complex, and I would say that the story of the two of them, whether it's a love story or not, is not over. There's still a lot of mileage in that story."


Harry said...

Spoiler Alert [Comment on Bokenkamp Interview]

Bokenkamp "reassures viewers that the Tom-Red relationship will be a major story line in the rest of Season 2..."
"There's still a lot of mileage in [the Tom-Liz relationship] story."

Oh no !!!!!! That's like my dentist "reassuring" me I'll have root canal done on all of my teeth over the next four months. And what "mileage" is left in the story? Tom is a dupicitous, murderous, boring schlub. The only mileage left should be how far Liz has to drive to find him, run over him, and back over him a few times to make sure he's squashed like Phil Leotardo at the gas station in "The Sopranos."

Chompstick said...


"...I would say that the story of the two of them [Liz and Tom], whether it's a love story or not, is not over."

This makes me want to vomit. I want to see a strong Liz, not one who lets the bacterial pool of pond scum back in her life.

Tabasko said...

Ditto ditto.

It felt very off to the rest of the show at that point to have him live through what I imagine was to be his original demise, And to show up Behind The Door.

Maybe he will just get dropped like a multitude of other loose ends, but I doubt it after those comments. I have interest in absolutely nobody's relationship with Tom.

Chompstick said...

Harry you are so funny!