Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spoilers - Luther Braxton Conclusion Photos

Six more photos after the break. In the first photo on the next page, 
Liz is with a little girl labeled as "Young Liz".


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Marie said...

Awesome Chomps!
Finally tonight. I cannot wait.
Did you see my post about the contest? You should enter if it is down by you. I still cannot drive. Hartford is too far away for me also.

Redravenous said...

I'm curious about the last two pictures, Braxton talking to the "Clandestine" guy and is the little boy in the last picture Cooper's son?

Chompstick said...

Sorry guys, I just saw your comments now. I am confused by a number of the photos, too. I did expect that it was Red doing the hypnosis of whatever to Liz. I thought it would be Braxton. Did I miss that in the previews Sunday night?

The idea of the little boy being Cooper's is fascinating. We would finally find out how Cooper and Red are connected. I wondered if the guy holding the boy is the same as the one of Liz being hypnotized, but I think they are different shoes. If it is the same guy then we know the kid picture is current, not a flashback or memory.

Interesting pic of Big Liz reaching for Little Liz.

And why The Director and LB are in a church together .... I couldn't begin to have a theory on that.

Harry said...

From the preview photos, it looks like the guy holding the little boy (Cooper's kid?) is the same guy dead on the floor near the wall in the photo with Red + Liz on reclining dentist chair thing. At least the culprit's blue clothing looks the same as that on the bloody body

Harry said...

You know what? Maybe the bad guy in blue forces the reluctant doctor (guest star Gloria Reuben) to perform the memory extraction procedure on Liz by threatening to harm her son.