Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Longevity Initiative Discussion Page is Now Open

The Discussion Page for tonight's episode, The Longevity Initiative, is now open.  Look for the debut of The Blacklist Support Group's Fedora Awards rating system tonight after the show.

The results of last week's poll - Is Red Lizzy's Dad - are in, and the vast majority say Yes! (At least for now.)

  • Exactly half of the 46 respondents agreed that Red is Liz's father.
  • 13% of voters said Red is an unrelated criminal who rescued her from the fire, while another 13% think he is an unrelated non-criminal who rescued her.
  • With 2 or 3 votes each were Uncle, Family Friend, and Adoptive Father
  • Finally, several BSGers chose their own selections - an unrelated criminal who killed Liz's biological father and saved liz from the fire, the enemy of her father, and Liz's mother (this is a serious vote by two people and explained in comment #28. Possibly the most accurate guess of all, Darth Vader

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