Thursday, April 9, 2015

A New Page for Our Blacklist Spring Break Rerun Discussions

My fellow The Blacklist fans ... we suffer together through withdrawal during this spring break unfairly imposed upon us by The Powers That Be. During this unbearable fortnight, the Blacklist Support Group offers you refuge on this new Spring Break Reruns Discussion Page.

The Scimitar

The Decembrist

The Scimitar airs tonight  April 9th.

 The Original Recap for The Scimitar, written by Chompstick,  is available to read in the blog post following this one.

The Decembrist airs April 16th.

I will have last week's poll results and a new poll this week in separate posts.

1 comment:

fangirl said...

FANtastic!!! Thank you, Chomps, for setting this up!!

PS I love the way you phrase everything -- so funny and intelligent.