Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Blacklist Support Group has Gone Six Figures!

This week the Blacklist Support Group surpassed 

100,000 page views!

That's a Well Done to all of you... our "members" who create our lively and thoughtful discussions with their comments, and all our readers who follow along quietly. We hope those of you who haven't chimed in will add your voice; everyone brings something new to the discussion.

We have readers from around the world. 
In the past week, our top ten countries for page views have been, in order:

United States     France     Canada     U.K     Spain     Germany     
Ukraine     India     Australia     Ireland

So here's a toast to the future growth of 

Blacklist Support Group!


Charmed said...

Congratulations Chompstick and friends. I'm pleased to see that number finally appear. I wish we could share this with some of the original BSG members and others we've enjoyed over time.

Our warranty is still good though, right?

Tabasko said...


I think those countries might be DMV Guy's wishlist travel destinations.

fangirl said...

So cool!!! HUGE congrats, Chomps!!!! You're the one who put in countless hours of hard work, countless sleepless nights, and the rest of us just get to enjoy the results! :)

So, bravo AND thank you!!!!

hey when's the party? This definitely calls for a party!!!!

PS lol re the "toast". Smarty :)

Laocoon said...

Awesome, Chomps!!!

Marie said...

Very cool, Chomps!
You've worked so hard. You deserve it!
Love the "toast".
Let's party!

Redravenous said...

Take a bow Chompstick. You've come a long way baby!