Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Vanessa Cruz Discussion Page is Open

The discussion page for tonight's episode, Vanessa Cruz, can be accessed here.

The average Fedora Awards rating for episode 2.17, The Longevity Initiative, is ... 3.96 .  The chart is skewed toward the higher end, thus the median score is higher at 4.25.

Last week's poll results:

Are You on Team Tom or Team Get the Heck Off My TV?
Or what I expected to be a more popular choice, Team Tom Teeter-Totter?  This is how BSGers feel about The Blacklist's most polarizing character...

50% - Team Tom

27% - Anti-Tom Brigade

23% - Team Tom Teeter-Totter


Harry said...

So only half of voters really want Tom on the show. That's hardly a mandate.

Tabasko said...

I think the Team Tom count may have been padded a little somehow!

Chompstick said...

T, weren't you on T.T.T-T.with me? I thought there would be more of us.

After this week, I would knock the ambivalence out my ears and vote firmly in the Tom camp. You get a free spin around the block in Ryan's new Stang if you swing that way. I mean if your vote swings that way.

Tabasko said...

#3 Chompstick: Yep, way on the TTTT here. I liked the German bar scene and story line and Tom's disturbed background. The TTTT got robbed.

Wow!! Totally Team Tom Toboggan then? I am so excited to see it if it changed your vote.

Inlaws finally went to bed... yay!

Tabasko said...

#3 Chompstick: I was wondering what knocked you off the ol' TTTT and firmly into the Team Tom mustang. Anything in particular?

I don't think he is going anywhere for awhile unless the Germans and Sarah/Mark Hastings gets dropped.

Harry said...

I still view these results as an indication that at least half of voters are not impressed with Tom and his contrived story lines. And I still maintain that one or two crafty Tomophile voters figured out a way to vote multiple times.

If I were Al Gore I'd demand a recount.

Chompstick said...

Why would anyone care enough to go to the effort of figuring out how to vote multiple times? It's just a tv show.

#4,5 - TabaskoToboggan, eh, I don't know where I am, thus the teeter-totter. My feelings are very fluid on Tom. Currently I think he's important to the show and I enjoy the character and the actor. And I enjoy looking at him.

Harry said...

4/9/15: The reported percentages of the Tom/Anti-Tom/Teeter Totter poll appear to be inaccurate or obsolete.

Team Tom is 42%, not 50%
Anti-Tom aka Astute Viewers is 36%, not 27%
Teeter-Totter is 22%, not 23%

Our crack statisticians therefore report that only 2 in 5 respondents are in favor of Tom. Three out of five could take him or leave him, or want him booted off.

Say what you want Richard, but that's what the numbers mean (the way I spin them).