Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Blacklist Poll - Season 2 Finale - What is Your Favorite Scene?

Please choose your favorite scene from "Tom Connolly", the season 2 finale. If there is a scene you prefer that is not among these 8, enter Other and list the scene.

Not pictured - Liz's Flashback


Chompstick said...

I voted differently than most of you probably think I did. Yes, I'm crazy about Jacob but I had to give it to Harold and Harry Lennix's outstanding acting this week. He deftly portrayed a wide range of emotions.

Laocoon said...

My second choice was Cooper in the car with Liz but the scene with the doc was great drama. Agree, fedoras off to Harry.

Tabasko said...

Hands-down, the scene with Harold and Liz in the car was my favorite. Usually, my favorite is something with Spader, but not this week.

I'm really interested to see what happens with his character going forward and glad he isn't leaving the show.