Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Fedora Ratings for The Blacklist Season 2 Finale: "Tom Connolly" ep 2.22

Please check off your rating from 0 to 5 fedoras (5 hats being the best) 
and discuss in the comments if you like.


Carolina Girl said...

I gave it a 3.75. I just didn't think it had all the makings of an exciting season finale. It could just be that we here on BSG have hashed over most of what we thought would happen so when it does, it just sort of eh. Also the first 45 minutes was boring. Just waiting for something to happen. i would have liked to have had more about her mom, unless I missed something. I loved the scene with Liz and Red at the end but as touching and well done it was, for me, I am not sure it settled anything other than why he blocked her memory. We really have no idea who the man was she killed. He could have been the real Raymond Reddington :)

Tabasko said...

It's a 5 for me. I think really these last few episodes have all been great.

The show will really benefit from the change in direction. Couldn't be happier than Liz and Red are finally starting to understand one another and their relationship, whatever it is, is moving forward. The back-and-forth Red and Liz should be over.

Chompstick said...

I would be interested in (not critical of) the reasons why someone gave the episode a 3.0. What was it you didn't like?

BL Mom said...

I feel sorry for Liz. Her life is completely in ruins. I see nothing but a parental bond of some kind between Liz and Red.