Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Celebrate the Season Three Premier Tonight

Tonight's the night and we need to celebrate,
so enjoy the TWO videos below.

The Cast Celebrates! 

Click Here

(ignore the anniversary reference)

* * * 

Jacob and Liz's Special Video 

(note the 1:09 mark)

Scroll down and enjoy the next two blog posts containing great spoilers 
about season 3 and fun behind-the-scenes info from The Blacklist Blu Ray.


Tabasko said...


I won't spoil the 1:09 mark. Amazing how Ryan Eggold can keep such a relaxed face pulling those moves. He has dance skills.

I have to add I hope those are not Diego's and Hashim's new looks. LOL!

Good job, Chomps!

One Paul said...

Chompstick, very funny! Good way to go in to the evening.

Marie said...

That is absolutely hysterical! I love it!

Marie said...

OMG-the "Cast Celebrates" video-with red pouring booze into the punch. I almost lost it. And his face! LOL

BL Mom said...

Bahahaha!!!! That's really funny!

Chompstick said...

So what are your viewing rituals for The Blacklist? Some of us talked about this last year, but we have a lot of newer folks and others who didn't reply.

1. I demand that all family members are out of the living room and can't even walk through the room to the kitchen between 8:55 and 10:00.

2. No one can talk to me. Not.One.Word. If I have to pause the tv or rewind because someone was making noise, they know there will be heck to pay.

3. I sit on the end of the sectional sofa, the chaise, closest to the tv. The tv gets turned slightly toward me.

4. Blanket and glass of water at the ready. Remote on my lap for quick handed pause and rewind maneuvers for when a particularly attractive cast member is on screen.

5. Phone with ringer off (I might need it for BL related texting during commercials), and tablet, plugged in, for commenting during commercials.

That's it. I'm very militant about my BL viewing.

Tabasko said...

Chomps #6: All of that plus don't forget the super-sized bottle of Tums.

Chompstick said...

I can't believe I forgot one of the most important things: lighting. All lights in the living room, kitchen, and hallway need to be off, with the exception of one dimmer on low in the LR so I can see the remote, etc. Ok, now I'm feeling a bit OCD, lol! Just for BL!

Charmed said...

Thanks Chompstick, These were so much fun! I still remember your first Jib-Jab, so long ago. :)

BL Mom said...

Wow, Chompstick that is quite a set-up! I could never get away with that. ☺

I am just hoping for no interruptions. I usually end up on the end of my chair. Yes, everyone has to leave because I get too many questions. I need the remote for rewinding for something I miss, but I battle with the close captions. On or off??

Then I stay up late thinking about it. I think my most important ritual has become planning nothing on Friday morning!

Charmed said...

BL Mom, I would never get away with Chompstick's rituals either. I prefer low lighting and a cold diet coke over crushed ice in my bubba. I can't believe Chomps didn't mention her bubba!

Back to the show. I use the closed captioning feature and my remote leaves indentions in my hand. I prefer to start watching on my DVR 20 minutes late, but also watch while it's recording, for OMG comments. I try to have dinner before viewing, due to possible choking accidents.

Okay everyone, tell us your rituals. Are any drinking games involved? Of course, drinking games are more fun with friends.

Charmed said...

PS It takes me forever to go to sleep with my muscles so tense and the scenes that continue to play in my head. Help, I can't find the off switch!

Kodiak said...

That Jib-Jab is pretty good! I forgot to check my volume, so my office neighbors got a little surprise.

Let me see, I will let people in the room. My girlfriend isn't allowed to talk, though. No one can talk. I haven't tried a lighting change! Oh, and I make an announcement like you're in a movie. Everyone must silence all electronic devices, lol.

I get one beer and Twizzlers. That's good for nerves. Two beers for intense installments.

Charmed, what's a Bubba?!? I haven't tried drinking games. I can think of a few. Red's silent stare, Red saying Lizzie, one drink for every Cabal reference.

Chompstick said...

A bubba is a brand of insulated cup that Charmed and I both happen to have. It comes in many sizes. I have the largest - the 52oz mug in red - and it goes everwhere with me. I suffer from extreme dry mouth and have developed an addiction to water, so I always need my mug, that I have named Mugsy. (Go ahead, Tabasko...I'm ready for your onslaught of remarks!) I don't remember what size Charmed has.

Kodiak - I love the movie announcement! haha And the drinking game ideas.

Honey West said...

Well, I know one thing I will need to do and that is not look on here until it's over with. Out here on the West Coast I will be three hours behind most of you, I think. And I am going to follow Ryan Eggold's advice. I will check in afterwards, though!

Now for my Geek Report. I did do a test recording with the newly reconfigured DVD recorder setup and was able to successfully record a movie off of Showtime. The premium channels have been impossible to record due to copy protection for about a year now and this was a real breakthrough! I had been afraid I wouldn't be able to record season 3 unless I resorted to off the air broadcast recording, which is not always reliable in my area.

Woohoo! Happy happy!

Tabasko said...

BL Mom #10: Chomps does have the best set-up! I go along with all of you that demand quiet and everyone clear out. And I need my iPad and phone for comments/texting. I can neither eat nor drink during the show. My stomach is in a knot! (Thanks again to Tums for it's help.)

Hey, for new people, Chomps will put up a page for the episode and several of us, at least, will comment. Please feel free to join in.

Kodiak #12: That is a good idea! A movie announcement. I will try that tonight, LOL.

Honey West #15: Glad you are set up! I did ask you to move to the East Coast before today. Sorry you are 3 hours off!

Chompsicola #14: .......Mugsy!!! Oh my goodness. My little girl names things like that.....FIshy, Beary, Cheese about Ryan Eggmug or Diego Klattencup? LOL.

Kodiak said...

Tabasko lol.

I want them to use M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls" in a montage with Liz. That song would be perfect.

Charmed said...

Chomps, Admit it. We don't just happen to have a bubba, we really, really like them. You could have at least called your bubba "Reddington".
My bubba is deep velvety purple and stainless steel, polished like chrome. lol

Kodak, I enjoyed your comments. Beer and Twizzlers. Some of the bubba cups are almost the size of a half keg. These cups aren't made for games. You have a great idea for a Jib-Jab. What about Samar?

Honey West, So that's where you've been lately. WooHoo, I'm happy for the newly found geek in you and your new recording abilities!

fangirl said...

Love, love, LOVE!! your Blacklist JibJabs, Chomps!!!! Grinning from ear to ear! Liz and Tom's dance video is especially PERFECT.

Blacklist watch party ritual ... nothing fancy, just Fanguy and me and an occasional snack (Ro-tel dip with tortilla chips and root beer).

Charmed, I know exactly what you mean! After episodes of The Blacklist, or other intense/dramatic entertaining, we'll watch something funny like 3rd Rock or whatever -- just something silly.

Charmed said...

Tab, I'm glad for those of you able to make the above referenced demands, movie announcement and still enjoy the show. I wouldn't be quite so lucky. My dogs could care less. My husband would just come in and make remarks about Denny Crane and I would need more than Tums and Twizzlers to straighten-what gets out of shape!

Chompstick said...

Charmed, Mugsy is like my second child. Couldn't live without it. It gets carried from Tom to room, always with me in the car, sometimes waiting rooms, etc. Water is the only thing I drink and I'm a thirsty gal!

Chompstick said...

Tonight's episode discussion page for "The Troll Farmer" is now open.

Chompstick said...

Love Denny Crane! Love Alan Shore! Love Denny and Alan! Best show JS had been in (sorry) (ducking from rotten fruit being chucked this way).

Tabasko said...

Charmed #20: LOL. My dogs seem to like the show. They are quiet as long as they can share the couch. Hmmm...

I am so glad Mr. Tabs is from a place where football isn't popular and won't fight me for the good TV.