Saturday, September 26, 2015

Interesting Tidbits from The Blacklist Season 2 Blu-Ray

Written by Chompstick

I have not viewed the Blu-Ray from Season 2 (available on Amazon), but a few of our BSG regulars have reported the following interesting tidbits from the footage. 

Remarks are directly from the Blacklist Support Group Official Spoiler Page.

​From Tabasko: 

  • Paul Reubens had an actual concern about seeing blood in reality and they wrote that into the Mr. Vargas character. The clothes and hair were Paul Reuben's idea.
  • They show Bokenkamp and Eisendrath working through constructing the story of "Luther Braxton."
  • D​iego Klattenhoff ​and Mozhan Marno​ talk about what it was like to film it partially at a NYC sewage plant. 

  • The writers, producers, editors, directors, prop people, actors.... all seem like really amicable and smart people. They seem to really enjoy making the show.
  • They used black licorice for some cord in the scenes in "Luther Braxton​"
    ​ ​and Ron Perlman ate a lot of it, LOL!
  • The man who makes James Spader's suits for the show is a Concentration Camp survivor. He's made suits for US Presidents.
  • The clarity of the Blu-Ray enabled Honey West to almost see the writing on the old Red Ring on Closet Man. So I took it and blew it up and sure enough, you can see now it clearly says “United States” across the top. You can’t fully see the bottom, but there are letters that come from Naval Academy there. So LOL after all, it is probably some United States class ring. BluRay clarity!  ​I have to give it up to Chomstick who was the first to insist it was a USNA ring!​ 
  • From "Tom Connolly" commentary: It was an incredibly hard choice to take Reed Birney's part out of the show, similar to how they felt taking out Alan Alda. Hav​ing​ to make story choices where​ the characters can't come back is very difficult, but part of the territory making this kind of show.
  • They had the idea that Red was covering up a sin of Liz's for awhile. 

  • They do have contracts with Ford and Mercedes to use the cars a certain amount, hence the Ford Mustang.
  • There is a sentence talking about the parent-child type of relationship Red and Liz have and that they wanted to expand into other types of relationships for her in "Tom Connolly," with Tom. Tom is her love relationship.
  • They let Harry Lennix know about midway through the season that he wasn't going to die.
  • They also said that Liz gets so angry trying to stop Connolly and save her team, she felt driven to kill Connolly. The shooting would cause a revelation about the past.
  • They mention that fire scenes are really hard to shoot.
  • They say there were answers given about what happened that night and what Red was trying to hide from Liz, but there are new questions and new problems.
  • From "Leonard Caul" commentary:  Mr. Kaplan takes care of Flat Cat.
  • Liz's friend, Ellie, the one who took care of Tom, really is a med student paying her bills by substitute teaching and selling real estate. TPTB originally wanted her to come back and be the one who operated on Red, but she was doing other work, so they made up Nick.
  • They thought about having Mr. Vargas show up and kill Nick, but Paul R. was doing the Pee-Wee movie, and then they realized it wouldn't fit due to the blood thing.
  • Mr. Kaplan is name​d​
    ​ ​
    after Kaplan in "North By Northwest" which I think we guessed way long ago.
  • They retell the story that James Spader really felt Red would kill Tom. He used to ask about it over and over. But it's been decided that Liz's love for Tom prevents Red from killing him. So he is fine with it now.
  • One of the deleted scenes:  Fitch's bomb gets disarmed and he has a drink with Cooper. So they considered Fitch living at some point.
  • Red tells Zoe a tale of a shore leave where he meets a famous musician.

From Honey West:
  • I also like that it appears that they have a beginning and an end for the story with a few signposts along the way that they want to show (like the Liz & Red wanted posters together), but they are still quite free to change up things and improvise along the way.
  • Cooper called Red “Ray” on one of the deleted scenes. We all like to notice those Rays.

From One Paul:

  • Another small bit I noticed in the extras that I don't think got mentioned. Bokenkamp and Eisendrath mention they get a lot of questions about Dembe not saying much. The character and actor are both excellent, but they explained that's part of his character. He's quiet until it's very important or when he thinks Red may not be doing the right thing. Then he speaks up.


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Tabasko said...

Chomps, so you know, I actually did read the whole thing, because I read EVERYTHING and your addition to my list is my LOL of the year. Yes, I do have to give it up to you for insisting it is a USNA ring. L.O.L. You were right and I was wrong!


Honey West said...

Great gathering of the Season 2 DVD/Blu-Ray comments, Chompstick! I look forward to reading more of your posts as we get into Season 3!

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Nice to see these all gathered together. And I am proud of my tiny contribution! Thank you for including me.

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Lots of people read the recaps and commentary here! They are very well done. Louise , U.K. Fan of Red and Tom

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Welcome, Louise! I'm glad you enjoy the recaps. We have had several commenters from England in the past. Are you 3 weeks behind us this season?

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Thank you, Chompstick! We don't even have a set premiere date yet. It is supposed to be sometime in October. So I will definitely be lagging.

The network here is replaying all of Season 2 starting next week over consecutive nights.

I know several people on UK discussion boards will be searching for clues and spoilers.

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