Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fedora Award Ratings for The Blacklist "Marvin Gerard" 3.02

Tonight, by special request, the ceiling of the poll has been raised to an all-time high of 6.43 fedoras.  This move is not unprecedented; Leonard Caul was a 6.0 poll.  So please check of your rating from 2.0 and below to 6.43 fedoras (6.43 hats being the best).


Chompstick said...

I would be interested in the reasons why someone voted 4.75. Certainly not to argue or heckle or anything else, just genuinely interested to know what specific types of things you found lacking. You may have picked up on things others didn't, and I think we all agree that tossing around conflicting views is how we work together to move forward in our theories. So do tell!

I promise no rotten produce will be thrown your way, but I give permission to answer my question anonymously, if you prefer.

BL Mom said...

I had to take off just a smidgen because of Mr. Solomon and Dembe. I guess these plot points are necessary, but hard to see. At least he gave baby Elle the antidote.

Tabasko said...

BL Mom #2: I hear ya! That gave me a stomach ache briefly. I went for the full highest count, even though that was a tough scene. The episode was so well constructed and delivered.

Chomps #1: Yes, I hope more people do share the thought behind the rating. It's much appreciated to see other viewpoints about it.