Friday, October 9, 2015

The Blacklist Poll - "Marvin Gerard - What is Your Favorite Scene?

This week's poll is going to be a challenge - choose your MOST favorite scene in the Marvin Gerard episode.


Tabasko said...

I need 2. I have to pick Ressler taking the Russians out. That was a great action scene and I love those. Good job, Andrew McCarthy!!!!

As a scene of just sheer beauty, man style, Jacob showing up in the hallway to Ressler.

One Paul said...

Shipping container. Unexpected, beautiful, emotionally complicated. Kind of a metaphor for the new direction of the show, going outside of the box and into new territory.

Chompstick said...

This really is a very hard vote. I like so many of the scenes a great deal. My runner up would be the shipping container, but my first choice has to be the one that you would all expect, the one that shocked my socks off. Really, what kind of obsessed fan would I be if I didn't vote for Jakey? :-D

Kodiak said...

Cool list! Tough choice for sure. I am going for Liz going nuts. I am really into her bad side seeping through! Not completely I hope.

2nd choice: Jacob/Ressler meet up. That was shot great.

JamieF said...

Great episode. These first 2 have been excellent. The end scene with Red and Liz was amazing.

BL Mom said...

One Paul #2, I like that!

I am stuck between the appearance of Jakey :) and Ressler and his moment. I am do glad he has more to do.

Decca said...

Still trying to avoid spoilers but just checking in to see if you're all enjoying season 3 so far, very pleased to see you are!

I'm very excited, even more so I now know S3 will start on 30th October in the UK so we won't be too far behind you.

Looking forward to catching up on all the discussion, episode by episode, in a few weeks time, just going to try not to see spoilers but it's so tempting, haha!

Tabasko said...

Hi, Decca #7: Nice to see you! We will be more than happy to catch up with you when you start back up there. This week's was a big hit, as you can see.

We have all pretty much agreed some spoilers are good, but too many are not, so stick with your resolve if you can! : ))

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Kodiak said...

Hi Decca #7 enjoy season 3. So far it's amazing!

fangirl said...

Exactly what One Paul said! "Shipping container. Unexpected, beautiful, emotionally complicated. Kind of a metaphor for the new direction of the show, going outside of the box and into new territory."

Precisely what I've been hoping for: "new territory" indeed! That scene was so unexpected, poetic, gorgeous, surprising. I adore whichever writer or whoever it was who thought of it.

FINALLY the action -- and the leads -- have escaped the same old/same old -- DC, and it's about time!

Did anybody notice the name and country of origin of the cargo ship? Would that tell us where it was heading? Or maybe not. It could of course have dropped off/picked up cargo in DC and was headed to some other temp destination, not returning to home port. Just curious.

Anyway, GREAT, fun scene! The freezer elevator comes in a close second. Loved it + want one! lol

Tabasko said...

Fangirl, that was a good comment from One Paul!

Trelliswires was able to figure out for us at #81 on the Marvin Gerard Discussion Page that the ship was heading east. Although we really don't know what will happen next. Will they get where they're going, further get derailed?

I can't make out the writing on the ship. I do remember catching a glimpse. so I will try and go back and look!

I want a freezer/elevator, too! That would be very handy when relatives overstay their welcome.

fangirl said...

lol Tabs re freezer/elevator! Oh that's cool that Trelliswires figured that out! I haven't managed to read that forum yet but am headed over there a.s.a.p.

There's an excellent screencap of the ship at SpringfieldSpringfield, but even brightened and highly magnified, the writing on the hull is blurred, I assume intentionally. Here's the link:

One Paul said...

fangirl #10 Tabasko #11

Thanks! There were a number of analogous and metaphorical scenes in this one. I think they're all listed in the episode page now.

fangirl, I looked a few different ways at that ship name and harbor name, and I think there was possibly a number. I couldn't make anything out.