Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fedora Award Ratings for The Blacklist "Sir Crispin Crandall" 3.06

Please check off your rating from 0 to 5 fedoras (5 hats being the best) 
and discuss in the comments if you like.  As you saw last week, I started grouping 2.0 and below together. It is very rare to have a rating below 2. If you are voting and feel that you would like a rating below 2, feel free to provide your accurate rating in the comments below. 

Week 3 Poll Results for "Arioch Cain"
Fifty six percent of the votes were for 5 Fedoras!
Average Fedoras = 4.7

Thus far our ratings are 
Djinn (3.04)  4.6
Eli Matchett (3.03)   3.9
Marvin Gerard (3.02)  6.2
The Troll Farmer (3.01)  4.5

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