Monday, November 16, 2015

Ready for an Animated Discussion? Check Out The Blacklist Comic Books!

The first The Blacklist comic book was published by Titan Comics over the summer and there are now four issues.  

Many of our Blacklist Support Group members are enjoying reading the books, so I have created a dedicated discussion page called Comically The Blacklist.  The page is listed near the bottom of the Topics List, just above Off-Topic Discussions.

The comic series, written by Nicole Phillips and drawn by Beni Lobel
, is said to be a true extension of the television series.  It tells new stories and gives new dimension to the existing characters.  The story opens with a six issue story arc.  The new discussion page provides a summary of each of the four issues so far.

The books are available in paperback or as ebooks.

In April 2016, The Blacklist Volume 1: The Gambler will be published in paperback, including the first five stories plus a new one. It is available for pre-order from Amazon.


One Paul said...

Thanks, Chompstick! Great idea!

Kodiak said...

Thanks again, Chompstick!! This is a great idea to have a dedicated place to talk about this.

Ok, well, the plot of these so far didn't do much for me until #4. Now it's really good and I wish they could do it on the show.

As we have discussed, this #4 goes back to an adventure Red had in 1991, so during his 4 year absence. He seems to be building his network and says something along the lines of not having quite enough power for certain things... yet.

He has a criminal friend who's planning a murder of government agents, who he thwarts the actions of, which causes a falling out. This friend wears a trademark fedora, and appears to have been killed (not) And Red takes the Fedora!

It's a cool origin story and I think shows some additional info about Red's character.

Tabasko said...

I will have a lot of chiming in here. I agree, Kodiak, there have been some interesting insights in the comic that, at the very least, back up some good theories about Red's motivations and actions.