Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are You Suffering From Withdrawal Symptoms Yet ... ?

Beware of these symptoms:  crankiness; depression; permanent depression in the sofa cushions from couch potato-ing while waiting for January 7th; weight gain from not moving off the sofa; temper tantrums; carpal tunnel from constant use of the remote searching for reruns and more.

Symptoms may be caused by withdrawal from the following:

1. The Raymond Reddington Monologues

2. The Obvious - all things Tom Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt-KeenMannheimPhelpsWainwrightBuckley

3. Aram's and Cooper's increase in breaking the rules

4. Samar Navabi wearing tank tops

5. The hope that Dembe will beat his record of 43 words per episode

6. More appearances by the Cleaner Extraordinaire, Mr. Kaplan

7. The reappearance of everyone's favorite TV canine, Hudson

8. Red's unusual food cravings

9. Outrageous quips from Glen The DMV Dude

10. Action-packed, shoot 'em up, kill the bad guy scenes, including, but not limited to, car chases in Mustangs and Mercedes

11. Interesting stuff that I can't think of about Liz and Ressler

To help you pass the time, we now have a Winter Hiatus Discussion Page!


One Paul said...

Those are really funny, Chompstick! Mr. Kaplan really amped it up for the holidays, huh?

BL Mom said...

That's a great ensemble!! Chompstick, I hope that's how your cookies are delivered this year.

Tatiana said...

You are so clever!

Chompstick said...

#2 BL Mom - No kidding!

James Cherry said...

I resent Ressler being type-cast as a nutcracker ;)

Tabasko said...

Chomps, LOL!!

I have a cold and my eyes are blurry, but are there 2 Lizzes?

James Cherry, hahaha, me,too! Who will win now if a gnome comes by?

Chompstick said...

James, I never thought of that. I hadn't thought of Ressler being a nutcracker but perhaps it is fitting!

Tabanana, there's just one Liz. Who do you think the second one is??

Tabasko said...

Oh, shoot. The reindeer is Samar. Duh. I switch to glasses at 11pm. Really helps to see! At least I didn't think she was holding the cookies.

Honey West said...

LOL! Too bad you didn't turn Ressler into a Christmas gnome!

fangirl said...

THANK YOU CHOMPS for setting up the Winter Hiatus page!!!!

Ines said...

Love Red Santa! ;) Thanks for this and for the WInter Hiatus page.