Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Blacklist Hiatus - Sail or Snail?

Welcome back fellow addicts! I hope everyone had a merry, safe and restful holiday season. The question is ... did the break from our favorite show sail past quickly for you, or creep by like a snail? It flew by for me and I can't believe the show resumes tonight. The break was so much shorter than last year.

Other than spending too much, eating too much, and watching too many made for TV Christmas movies, I spent the break binge watching the entire 8 seasons of House M.D. - 177 episodes (!!!!).

It is my all-time favorite show (yes, far more than The Blacklist, sorry). Taking into account Christmas and other days that I spent with family, I estimate I used 30 days to watch the series. That's an average of (gulp) 6 episodes per day. Pathetic, yes. And that is the sole reason I was absent from the Blacklist Support Group and my beloved friends here. I am so looking forward to good times with you again.

So how were your holidays? I would love to hear about how you filled your break.


Honey West said...

I didn't binge watch anything. Too busy! Contented myself with the Monday Boston Legal mini-marathons on Ovation and this past week with season premieres of Downton Abbey and Doc Martin. Hope everyone had a nice holiday season with friends and family!

Tabasko said...

I watched nothing as well. Well, Christmas cartoons.

Too much other stuff and work. Hope all is well with everyone. :)

Kodiak said...

Hello! It sailed. I started a new position and went back to school. Hopefully, I can keep up on the episodes. Enjoy the show, all!

Ines said...

I went home for christmas and returned today! Spend some time with friends and family!
Tomorrow is back to work.

I rewatch all Parks and Recreation..I started by showing to a friend and then couldn't stop. Also got my fix of Blacklist with some episodes and got catch up on the last movies!

And off course connect to BBC one and saw the Christmas special of Sherlock in the 1st day of the year!! Such a awesome way of starting! And such a great (mind twisting full of references) episode.

Honey West said...

Yeah, Ines, I liked that Sherlock episode, too. It was a mind-twister!

Anonymous said...

I DVR every House episode that I can and it is my go-to when there is nothing to watch (often). "House" is one of the best tv series of all time, Hugh Laurie is amazing. I saw him in concert at the paramount theater where I live a few years ago, and he is a tremendous musician in addition to his acting skills. But back to The Blacklist, finally! Great episode- I loved the Director's "ballerina" reference when Lizzie was in the box. (Not that I am less confused but I love that the writers bring it up.)

Iowa Watcher said...

I'll add "House" to my list.

I was given the "X-Files" on DVDs last year, and I've been watching those as time permits. There was some very good writing in the early seasons. I hadn't seen a lot of those episodes because I was working evenings at the time.

I'm glad BL is back, but I wish it were back on Monday nights.

Charmed said...

Congrats Kodiak on your new position and going back to school. I hope you will find some time to visit with us, flex your muscles, so to speak. Lol

"House" has always been a favorite of mine too, Chomps. I also watched some Christmas movies and cartoons. I'm positive I didn't watch as many cartoons as you,Tabs. I needed some help with the fun part of the Christmas spirit this year.

Ines, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Did you have to travel very far?

Kodiak said...

Charmed lololol!!

I have no time for my squats!!! Haha, no Ressler butt for me.......

JBiltz said...

House is one of those shows that I just can't stand to watch, by 20 minutes in its like fingernails on a chalkboard. I was at a friends house who was watching it and it was like torture. I can't stand the main character. Among other things if he is such a good doctor then why doesn't he know how to use a cane. I will say I watch no medical or lawyer shows.

I binged a bunch of shows during the break. I rewatched all of Blacklist, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Justified twice, Penny Dreadful, Sherlock and the first season of True Detective. 3 seasons of the Wire did not care for the last two. I watched all six of the Star Wars movies to get ready for the new one and decided after that I was too burned out on them to watch the new one.

fangirl said...

So glad to see you guys again! I loved reading about everybody's holidays! Mine was comfortably snail-ish because we didn't have our Festivus until Dec.30th, so plenty of time to gear up.

Did anybody else see the new Star Wars movie? Fanman and I drove into the city to the cinema on Christmas Day, so our Christmas dinner was movie popcorn and Coke -- the perfect holiday meal! :)

There were huge crowds of Star Wars fans at the cinema, and they were all in a really good mood. All the showings were packed. It's so much fun to see a movie with appreciative fans. It's not often that we get to experience crowds in a positive way.

The movie was WAY better than the past 3 have been -- it had the same look and feel as the "classic" Star Wars. As usual, I questioned some of the casting choices! The story and dialogue were "just ok" -- but the VISUALS -- omg, really stunning. So gorgeous and imaginative.

Anyway! Glad The Blacklist is back, and enjoyed the season opening episode. Now we know for sure what was in that briefcase!

They did a good job disguising Megan's pregnancy, but some of the action scenes worried me. I guess the big question still remains, are they going to write a pregnancy for Liz???

Tabasko said...

El Chompo: I love House, MD! Hugh Laurie was fantastic on that show.

I was very familiar with his comedy work prior to House and I was always so taken with how well he did drama.

Anyone a fan of his from way-back BBC stuff.....Blackadder, various seasons, or Fry and Laurie with Stephen Fry?

It goes way back.

Honey West said...

Tabasko #12 - I loved Blackadder! Of course I am also a big Rowan Atkinson fan as well as Hugh Laurie. Fry and Laurie was good, too and I loved them both in Jeeves and Wooster. I remember the same thing when House premiered - Hugh Laurie in a drama and with an American accent?? But it worked out, didn't it?

Fangirl #11 that sounds like a great way to spend Christmas! I still haven't seen Star Wars, yet. I was waiting for the holiday crowds to go away, but I'm planning to go see it while it's still at the local IMAX theater.

Tabasko said...

Honey West #13: Oh, cool!!!!! Oh, yeah. Jeeves and Wooster.....that was great.

And yes, Rowan Atkinson, for sure! Love that guy. One of my Christmas watches is always The Blackadder Christmas special, where he has the reverse Scrooge story. Ha!

fangirl #11: We saw Star Wars, too. I felt the same, the visuals were incredible. Amazing how much more can be done not only in effects, but in other things like the costumes, makeup and sets. But yeah. the story fell a bit short to me.

I decided to dine on Sour Patch Kids, lol.