Friday, April 22, 2016

Something New Is Afoot at the Blacklist Support Group!

When Evil Real Life throws snowballs in your face, you can climb back into bed, pull the covers over your head, or my personal favorite, Join A Threesome. That's what I did! Um...wait, that needs some explaining...

I've had a bad year, which has pretty much coincided with all of season three ... the result being my minuscule presence on my beloved Blacklist Support Group. As you know, I am uber - no, I'm not taxiing urban dwellers about  - uber proud to have created what is not a large site, but arguably one of the most respected Blacklist discussion forums and blogs on the Internet. But with Evil Real Life causing havoc, things need to change so that I can once again enjoy BSG and get back to commenting, interacting with the intelligent, witty, thoughtful, kind members here, and return to the creative writing (and maybe, just maybe, recaps) that I enjoy so much.

I'm excited to announce a big change at the Blacklist Support Group: our ultimate addiction site is being restructured into a threesome, so I'm now tangled up with my two partners in crime - the always charming Charmed, and the saucy Tabasko.  We are now equal owners and operators of the site. Charmed and Tabby have become two of my closest friends - in real life - and I couldn't be happier about this development. And that is the ONLY three-way happening here!  What did you THINK I was talking about???

I'm sure some of you are scratching your heads thinking, "So what? Aren't Tabasko and Charmed pretty much already running the place?" And some of you newer folk are probably even thinking, "Who the heck is this Chompstick person?" Well, as mentioned above, I created BSG when I saw a need for a different kind of gathering place: a full site, not a recap with comments following it, but a complete discussion board with blog articles, polls, reference information, and FUN. (And a recap when I have the energy.) A place created by fans for fans, a place moderated so that it remains civil, a home that has grown into a family. We have over 80 different discussion topic pages (many are archived under specific seasons), and as of today, nearly 16,000 comments and 280,000 pageviews. We are proudly built upon one principle:  Be Kind, Be Respectful.  And a pinch of silliness never hurts!

Today's change is three-way: Tabasko and Charmed get the promotions they deserve; my workload is reduced so I can enjoy BSG again; and the change for all of you is that with the added help, we will be rejuvenating a number of existing features and executing several new elements.  Most significantly ~

  • Charmed and Tabasko will be creating a Blacklist Support Group Twitter account to connect with the cast and crew of the show, stay current on interviews and spoilers, and promote our site.
  • Spoilers - Our policy has changed. We are no longer using spoiler tags/alerts/warnings, and are now allowing spoiler conversation on any page of the forum.  The current (Ye Olde Blacklist Spoiler Page) has been archived, meaning it is still available to read, but it will be closed to further comments.  A new spoiler page (Le Nouveau Blacklist Spoiler Page) has been created to serve, first and foremost, as a reference. The top of the page will always contain the most current vital statistics on upcoming episodes:  date, episode name and number, synopsis, preview/spoiler photos and videos, and/or links to photos and videos. BSG members can add their own links in comments or discuss spoilers there, on the episode discussion pages, or any other page.

    We feel that the vast majority of our members are reading the spoilers anyway, so avoiding them is no longer a priority.  At this point, it feels as though the spoiler page has become a hindrance to discussion as we have to jump back and forth among multiple topic pages. The result is repeated comments, broken continuity, and a greater number of comments to be read. We apologize if this disappoints any of our members/readers, but we feel this new policy best serves our community.
  • We will all be writing more articles on various show related topics on a consistent basis.
  • You can look forward to creative polls more frequently.
  • We will be introducing some contests!  With prizes!!  Be on the lookout for one early next week.
  • A number of pages will be updated and better organized, including The Blacklist Timeline, The Blacklisters, and the Reference Page.

  • We will also be adding a new page that we are very excited about - it will be strictly for you to post links to articles, interviews, photos, and the like, so they will all be in one place, rather than scattered throughout BSG on various pages. This will be a reference page without commenting.
We are just getting started, so these changes will roll out gradually. We will keep you updated as we go along, of course.  You can reach any of us via email at:

Chompstick - 
Tabasko -
Charmed -

As always, thank you for your continued presence here.  The Blacklist Support Group would not be what it is without all of you.


Chompstick, Charmed, & Tabasko


Honey West said...

I love it! Good job, Terrific Trio! Looking forward to hearing more from Chompstick again.

IreneAdler said...

That is all good news! I especially like the fact that we can talk about spoilers everywhere because it really simplifies things. This site is really a great place to be and you 3 are doing such a great job at managing it. And all the people posting here are all so "kind, respectful and with that pinch of silliness", it's a community I enjoy being part of :)

Lisa Dale Jones said...

I love this. Thank you!! You're already a great threesome. :-)

Kodiak said...

Wow! I would never have pegged you 3 as moustache aficionados! But I am cool with that. Lol.

This has been a great, fun time since starting to hang out here last summer.

Tabs and Charmed and Chompstick, well done! Thank you! Such a great place.

I said this for another reason a couple of weeks ago, but you also have the best posters anywhere. (haha)

I kind of liked the little "secret room" of Spoilers, but it does make it exciting to discuss them all together.

Glad to be here!

Chompstick said...

Kodiak, I don't think I look quite so pimp-like in real life. And maybe we can find some reason to create a little bear den somewhere, lol. Little den, not little bear!

Kodiak said...

LOL, Kodiak's Bear Den. No one will want to be in there. xD

Lake Girl said...

Chompstick, I'm so sorry your having a bad year :( That really sucks! But I'm happy that you have such great friends and that y'all are officially a threesome ;). So excited about the changes! I can't even imagine the amount of work that goes into this page. Thank you Chompstick. Thank you Tabs. Thank you Charmed.

Lake Girl said...

Kodiak's Bear I consider myself a brave person, so I would visit. See what it was all about ;)

Kodiak said...

Lake Girl #8: LOL, you are brave! As you wish!

DZ731 said...

Thanks Chompstick, Charmed and Tabasko! The changes all sound good. Now I won't have to feel so guilty when I forget the Spoiler tag. I love hanging out with Red's Angels!

fangirl said...

Exciting news!! Talented Tabs and Charming Charmed are already the best mods any site could hope for, so promoting them to co-captains of the good ship BSG makes perfect sense!!

Best wishes to Chomps for better days ahead!!

lazy slacker formerly known as fangirl!

Charmed said...

Thanks Everyone! I love reading your reactions to our news.

We want to continue the community you enjoy and we definitely feel that you, all of you, are our greatest assets.

Into the bear's den we go with you, our friend! Lake Girl is brave, but our fangirl is scared of bears!
Did you have to say "As you wish" to Lake Girl quite so spooky? :))
Yeah, we decided to go with mustaches, instead of tattoos. That has been so overdone!

Red's Angels enjoy hanging out with you all too!

What a wonderful surprise on this big day. You have seen BSG grow since day one and your compliments mean so much. Quit being a lazy slacker and come by more often!

BL Mom said...

You 3 are wonderful. Thanks for creating a site that is so much fun. I think it's the best it's ever been! Thank you for all your hard work in creating this environment for us fans.

Ditto on fangirl's remarks. Long time no see there, fangirl

One Paul said...

Fangirl said "Talented Tabs and Charming Charmed are already the best mods any site could hope for,

Copy that!

Chompstick, you have created a fantastic, unique place. Congrats and the changes are perfect.

So glad I am working from home today and no one see a huge Red's Angels photo on my screen!

You are all brave. I am staying out of Kodiak's Bear area. Lol!!

Chompstick said...

Brave for wearing mustaches or wandering near the bear den?

One Paul said...

Hahaha. Well, don't go into Kodiak's Bear Den wearing false mustaches? Words to live by.

Tabasko said...

Thanks to Chomps for making such a great place and letting me be a part!

Honey West, IreneAdler, Lisa Dale, Kodiak, Lake Girl, DZ731, fangirl, BL Mom, One Paul, thanks for kind, kind words! We are glad you are all here, as well as anyone who did not have the chance to comment yet today.

Kodiak #4: We do have the best posters. LOL! Modesty is overrated.

Chompstick #5: Are you sure about that? Maybe give up the purple faux fur coat?

Lake Girl #7: That is nice and you are welcome!

DZ731 #10: Likewise!

fangirl #11: That is very nice of you to say. Nice to see you.

What, we have tattooed bears with mustaches in a den with Kodiak??? I am so far behind......

Iowa Watcher said...

Awesome! I love this news and totally agree about the new policy on spoilers. Chomps, I so hope that things get better for you!

I have to keep this short because real life is calling, but please know that all three of you have my best wishes and thanks for all of the work you do for this wonderful site!

Rori said...

Words cannot convey the degree of marvelous contained in this Threesome. THANK YOU for your attentive and great-spirited moderation of this forum!

All the changes sound fabulous! Thank you all for taking the time and effort to consider what kinds of things would be fun and interesting. (Sniff, sniff...all just in time for Lizzie Keen's funeral tonight.)

I hope that your service here comes back "on the wheel" to each of you in bountiful and delightful ways!

deadskie13 said...

I'm sorry everything has been craptastic, Chompstick--and so I do hope things get better and stay better and soon! With Tabasko and Charmed on board full-time, and Chompstick around more, I can't imagine this place will do anything but be more awesome. :D And as someone who tries to avoid spoilers, I can say that I've been doing the whole suck-it-up-buttercup for years, and so I'll find a way to survive. ^-^ Happy Blacklist Thursday, everyone! :)

Chompstick said...

I want to thank each of you for your kind words. I truly enjoy doing BSG because of the family we are. Knowing that what I do makes your lives happier in a small way gives me pleasure. :)

Rori, I've been waiting all day for you to post because I want to acknowledge you as THE VERY FIRST MEMBER we had here at BSG (other than the handful who helped me get it started, including Charmy). Obviously you're not being cured of your addiction! Thank you for your loyalty. But you only beat some folks out by a nose because we have a great group of long-time loyal followers!!

One more thing, Rori. Everytime I make a JibJab or photoshop something like the picture above, you are on my mind continually because you always seem to get such a kick out of it. Thanks!

Rori said...

Oh Goodness, Chompstick, I have only finally come back to this page after dedicating my entire evening to reading the episode discussion. So, here I check...and now I am all verklempt because of your kind comments and the bit of nostalgia...THANK YOU for writing about the "old days" of transition as well as the JIB JAB comments.
I do, indeed, find it hysterical! And to this day I go back and watch "Happy" to get happy!! HA!

You and you all made a brave choice to create TBLSG 2 (??) years ago (almost exactly, right?. I still have vivid memories of "life" over at WSJ, where I spent the first few months as an Anonymous. It was the first time I EVER commented on a forum...and TBLSB is my 2nd. If I could (time, energy), I would write an entire book telling the story and discussing the fascinating social phenomenon something like this is. And I KNOW that I only know the half of it, so to speak. More precisely the tenth of it.

As I wrote above, may you/all be blessed by giving such service to all who care to partake. It's a marvel in so many ways!!

Chompstick said...

Yes Rori, you're right, almost exactly 2 years. BSG was created 2 years ago this coming Sunday April 24th, but we didn't open to the public until May 4th. You posted the 3rd comment after Fluffy and I, and here it is ....

3 Rori said...

I Heart Fluffy and Chompstick!! TTTTHHHHAAAANNNNKKKK YYYOOOUUU! (I just broke the caps rule, oops)

May 5, 2014 at 1:33 AM

"Happy" was the original and best Jib Jab. That was a year and a half ago so many of our current members probably haven't seen it. I'll post it again soon.

lara1 said...

I've just seen this now ….
It looks like some very exciting changes in the works. I think you all do a fantastic job in managing the website, encouraging a healthy comment forum and positive environment, while providing reference tools etc It must be a lot of work and it shows. I'm very glad I found this site - though wish I had sooner!! LOL
Well a big thank you for all of your efforts!

Chompstick said...

Lara1 - thank you, and we're glad you found our site, also. We enjoy being able to offer reference sources and these types of areas will be improved and updated over the summer hiatus once the discussions slow down. I'll take this opportunist to mention that even during the summer and winter hiatuses, our discussions stay lively and quite active.

Now, we're expecting you to jump in and get involved by writing a short story for our spin-off contest! lol It's just for fun, and great writing skills aren't required. It's more about creativity and imagination, and maybe some humor. We're all about not taking ourselves too seriously here at BSG. Plus, you can win a great NBC Blacklist t-shirt.

lara1 said...

Chompstick 25: thanks for your comments. I thought of entering the contest, and I would love to, but its a bit hard to find the time at the moment to clear some space in my head for creativity. but I love the idea and will do so if I can! love the T-shirt too….

Charmed said...

lara 1
We are glad you found us too. Thank you for your nice compliments, it means a lot to us. It seems to me that your head is pretty clear every time you post on BSG. You have the creativity and your 400-600 words will just flow onto the page.

Honey West had a little quiet time while driving, changed one character and there was her contest entry!