Friday, April 22, 2016

The Blacklist Spinoff - Plus 23 Episodes to Air in Season 3

Written by Tabasko

The Blacklist is having another baby! In the form of a potential spinoff, that is.

Ryan Eggold and Famke Janssen filming scenes for the spin-off pilot
The spinoff, set to air as an embedded pilot in Episode 22 of The Blacklist, will star Famke Janssen (X-Men, GoldenEye, How To Get Away With Murder) as "Susan 'Scottie' Halstead/Hargrove" and series regular Ryan Eggold as "Tom Keen".

Ms. Janssen will be introduced in Episode 3.21, currently titled Susan Hargove airing on May 5th.

The spinoff is set to be a "backdoor" spinoff, which means the story and characters will be fully introduced and seen in a plotline together during Alexander Kirk, episode 3.22, as part of a regular Blacklist episode.

Backdoor-type pilots usually test the premise with audiences, and a decision whether or not to send the pilot to series is made after the airing.Janssen's character and Eggold's have been described as having a relationship similar to the Reddington/Elizabeth Keen relationship. One of them may be bringing cases to the other, or Scottie may even have some information about Tom's own past.
Shooting schedule for Episode 3.22 Alexander Kirk
Scenes with pilot characters shown

The main news for The Blacklist fans will be the inclusion of Eggold's Keen and Edi Gathegi's "Mr. Solomon" in the spinoff. It is not known what their relationship in the pilot or spinoff will be.

The pilot will also include the new character Nez Rowan, played by actor Tawny Cypress. Nez has been described most recently by the show as a "mercenary with a mysterious employer" and played a role in the attack on Liz and Tom's wedding by Mr. Solomon.

It is unknown what the plan is on when the spinoff would air, if picked up.

Additionally, The Blacklist will have 23 episodes this season, rather than the usual 22, presumably to accommodate the additional material. It is also thought that Alexander Kirk will be a 2-parter, encompassing episodes 22 and 23.

The pilot has been conceived and is being written by The Blacklist creator/executive producer Jon Bokenkamp and executive producer/showrunner John Eisendrath and will be directed by Michael Dinner.

No announcement has been made on the role of Hudson in the pilot. A large oversight, to be sure.

Sources: Deadline Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, IMDb, NancyJo/Tumblr


Charmed said...

You did a great job on this article, my friend!

BL Mom said...

Thanks, Tabs!!!

Nice to have this all in one place. Old BL was getting confused.

I am very interested in how Solomon works in.

And Hudson! Lol.

I am glad it will be in the episode then, instead of the whole thing. That makes more sense.

Nice work!

Lake Girl said...

Thanks Tabs, great job! It is my belief that Hudson is hanging out with Red's cat in that curious little apartment ;)

Charmed said...

In the spin off?

Orange Sardine said...

I am a Ryan Eggold fan and I think this is a great idea for him to continue the character and solve what to do with him in the regular show. I hope it gets picked up.

Charmed said...

No Way! Hudson needs his exercise. Any sightings of Hudson should him running on the beach with Tom in the spin off.
Protecting baby Agnes, while Tom, is swimming, then walks out of the surf. Yep!
Then Hudson can return TBL whenever Tom shows up. That's bound to be more than we ever saw In 3 seasons!

Charmed said...

5 Orange Sardine

Welcome from anotherTom fan. I'm sure lots of viewers feel the same!
Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, if you haven't already.

Chompstick said...

A thoroughly enjoyable and informative article, Tabs. I'm excited to see what's in store for my man Tom.

Orange Sardine, are you the original Orange we had here from the beginning?

We have among us a few rabid Tom/Ryan fans, including yours truly and my partners in crime, so I am very much hoping the series succeeds. I posted this on Le Nouveau Spoiler Page but it's more applicable here do I'll repeat it.

I believe TPTB* backed themselves into a corner with Tom/Ryan Eggold and thus the spin-off became their best viable option. The audience's feelings for Tom have been all over the map during the 3 seasons, but have grown to be solidly positive this season for the majority of viewers. At this point, it's fair to say the character is wildly popular with many viewers. Furthermore, Ryan Eggold is extremely likable. Try to catch any of his Today show interviews or ones where he plays the guitar.

Anyway, TPTB now face the quandary of having two men with "lead actor" characteristics and likability. They can't have a secondary character like Tom threaten the popularity of Red, so the choice is to 1) turn Tom bad again, or 2) get rid of him. Either scenario will infuriate and alienate Tom fans, so really the only decent option is to move Tom off onto his own show.

I'm not suggesting that Tom/Ryan could or would surpass the popularity of Red/Spader, but in this age of social media and instant feedback, TPTB do respond to what the viewers want to see. Not entirely, of course, but showrunner John Eisendrath is on record saying that Tom's story arc was changed due to viewer input. So there is now an expectation that if there is a groundswell of love for Tom among fans, that he will receive more airtime and integral storylines. And that's just not possible without disrupting the overarching theme of the Red and Lizzie show. It can't become the Red and Tom romance show.

If the spin-off tanks, it will be interesting to see if and how they bring Tom back. Surely they don't want to let that cash cow go. So much depends on the casting of Famke Jannsen and her chemistry with Ryan. We already know we have a superb actor in ED-i-gath-EG-i (lol).

* TPTB = The powers that be = the show creators, executive producers, and showrunners, namely Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath.

Orange Sardine said...

To Chompstick. No I found this article. I don't think I have posted here on anything before, but I might have. I look at a few things about the show on Fridays.

Your comments are very good on the why's.

Lake Girl said...

Charmed, that's right. I forgot we had the original Hudson running along the beach with Tom, Liz, and baby Agnes. I have no mind today! Lol

Tabasko said...

Thanks, everyone!

Lake Girl #3: LOL! I like that idea. They are finishing the jigsaw and listening to Red's albums and cooking with his fancy copper pots. LOL!

Lake Girl said...

Whose to say Hudson can't be on both? You have figured out that he is a secret agent dog, right? Lol. That is why there are big chunks of time where he is not around. And also why he is different breeds. Secret Agent Hudson ;)

Tabasko said...

Lake Girl, that is too funny! Ha!

One Paul said...

Nice job, Tabs! I agree, it is great to have the info all together. I am excited there are 23!

Your pictures are too funny. I like the pilot, lol.

Chompstick, I like very much your rundown of reasons for the spinoff. Great add to the article.

Chompstick said...

That is supposed to say Red and Tom bromance, not romance! Darn autocorrect.

Kodiak said...

Nice, Tabs! Lol to Hudson and a backdoor pic.

Thanks for setting me straight on that stuff. I am looking forward to seeing it, honestly now.

Chompstick, I also admire your post to the comments. Well put.

Are you sure Red and Tom romance is out? You had me going there xD