Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Blacklist Support Group Poll: Who Is In "The Car" In The Blacklist "Mr. Solomon ", ep. 3.17


Iowa Watcher said...

I think the person in the car was whomever sent Red the painting.

I hesitate to vote KR because Red clearly said she was dead. I don't know whether he's lying or really doesn't know. I hope the writers give us some insight about that next week.

If reCAPTCHA shows me anymore chocolate, I'm going to go eat some!

Kodiak said...

Iowa Watcher #1 I agree it makes the most sense it's the person who sent the painting. And I think that is someone other than Katarina. Mostly because I think Liz's instincts will be off, lol. Well, maybe not mostly, but that's part of my reason.

Anyway, I went Mystery Guest.

Tabs lol!!! You know Hudson is the mastermind behind it all, eh? #1 on the list, that will be the big twist ending. ;-)

Chompstick said...

I want to vote but I've been so out of the loop I can't even guess at this. And I'm too embarrassed to ask all the questions I have. I can't (won't) tell you how many times I had to text Tabby during the show last night with Who's that? What's happening? Why? How? Where's Hudson???

Now that I think about it, around 9:30 she told me she was going to bed, but I later noticed she was still posting here. Hmmm. Avoiding me, dear friend? winkwink

Tabasko said...

LOL, Chomps! My phone did omit some light steam there.

Just take a shot! Or a stab. Or whatever

I think I said I was eating some bread, not going to bed. At 9:30? Hahahaha.

Iowa and Kodiak, those are both good thoughts. I agree, Iowa, that the painting sender would make most sense as the car occupant.