Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Where the Heck Did My Support Group Go???

If you were up early this morning and tried to start your day off with the most important thing - breakfast  coffee  The Blacklist Support Group - you may have been panicked to find the WebPageOfDoom (dun dun duuun) < ---- click for actual music , the page that says "This page may be available for sale."

Imagine my delight at waking up to that unexpected sight on my site assaulting my eyesight. And this before my box o' donuts!

Alas, all's okay. The domain auto renews, but this year, the credit card account in their system had been closed after an employee at our local Dominos stole our number and charged $200+ worth of pizza to our card. We never thought to contact the domain service. Thanks for the warning, domain service!!

So I apologize for any inconvenience, and for any heart attacks suffered by anyone fearing the loss of their support group. Reddington will cover your medical costs.

As I've mentioned before, if you come across an urgent problem like this, you can email me at Chompstick@yahoo.com, Tabasko at Tabasko2u@yahoo.com, or Charmed at Charmed.bsg@gmail.com. For less urgent questions on operations, we check the FAQ Page daily.

Have a grand day, friends.

~ Chompstick


Iowa Watcher said...

Good! Glad everything is okay. Another site I used to follow went POOF! a few years back. The site owner, different from the board owner, ran out of money but didn't tell anyone, which I thought was really, really rude. Had posters known, they could've agreed on where to meet or at least swapped private emails. I hate to admit it, but there are some folks I know only through a board, not in the real world. I've tried to keep that to a minimum for security reasons, but it does happen (and I am in my 50s, not a teenager!).

Honey West said...

I did see this late last night, but I didn't worry. I knew our fearless leader would have it all fixed and back to normal right away. Thanks, Chompstick!

Actually I have a website myself so Ihave gotten that same thing and for the same reason. Although mine didn't involve Dominos, just oversight on my part. Oops!

Chompstick said...

Iowa, among other reasons, one reason I created BSG was because the site we were on was threatening to close shop without warning, which would leave us all without any way to contact our co-addicts and find another place to play. I would be bereft without all my online friends.

Lake Girl said...

Chompstick, I just want to thank you for creating this wonderful site. You, Tabs, and everyone else involved are doing a marvelous job! I'm so glad I found this support group :)

Iowa Watcher said...

Another thanks from me for doing that! It's take a lot of patience and time to run a site. I know that I couldn't do it. Maybe when I retire. (HA!)

DZ731 said...

Chompstick - Add my thanks to the the list. This is a wonderful site and I really appreciate all you do to make it supportive and fun!

Rori said...

Holy Cow am I glad that I missed the panic hour when hyperventilating would have had me calling Nick's Pizza to send an ambulance and take me to the nearest warehouse/nightclub.

(And oh, by the way, Chompstick, what a bummer 'bout the card being lifted! Sheesh.)

Tabasko said...

Lake Girl #4: We are glad you are here!

And everyone else, hahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...


Charmed said...

Anonymous #9
Welcome and thanks for sharing these photos with us. If you're new to BSG, please choose a user name to be used consistently on this site, as we don't allow anonymous posters. The Frequently Asked Questions page will help answer many questions.
I hope you will join us and enjoy the camaraderie. :D

If you used this user name in error, please let us know in a reasonable amount of time as Anonymous posts are deleted.

Tatiana said...

Chompstick - I did not realize how much you put into making this site (and our addiction!!!) alive. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I love this site, everyone is so creative, intelligent, funny, positive.

Did I say Thank you yet?

You're awesome :-)

Chompstick said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words! xoxoxo

Honey West said...

I second (or third or however many now) what Tatiana said!
Thanks for all you do!