Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Tribute to Poor Tabasko and Other Misspelled Names

Welcome to the Blacklist Support Grope ...

We are a blog and discussion forum operated by Chompstork, Taboatski, and Chummed for fans of The Backslit, a crime thriller created and produced by Jon Brokencamp and John Eyesadrift. The series is set in Squashington, BC, where a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal, Rid Riddington (played by James Crater), surrenders to the FBI to work with (and weasel his way into the life of) Elizabath Clean (Megan Bone).

Riddington works with a special black site task force run by Director Harold Pooper (Hairy Lennix), and agents Donald Wrestler (Diego ClapperOff), Aroom Mushroompie (Amir Bearison), and Sitar Navabi (Mohawk MarnĂ²). He fights/causes crime with the help of his silent bodyguard, Dembe Zumba, and his cleaner, Mr. Kaplint.

In season one, Liz is married to bad guy spy, Tom Spleen (Ryan Leghold), and together they have an on again, off again relationship with their dog, Spudson. Mainly off. Rid and Liz hunt dangerous criminals such as The Shoemaker, Gina Zanytacos, Frederick Barnacle (the great Robert Prawn Leopard), Anslo Garrote, Mudeline Splat, Milton Boob-it, and The Pavlov-lick Brothers.

Season two begins where season one left off - with the mystery of Berloon (magnificently portrayed by Peter Stormcloud). Tom is all-out wicked this season. Rid and the FBI track down the DecemberWrist (Alan Flinch), Luther Braxton-Hicks, The Ear Hunter, and Vanessa Crud, and search for the Fulcrumb. A favorite character among fans this year is double agent, Mr. CarGas. Tom turns into good guy Jacob Smellps.

In season three, Rid and the task force hunt The Troll Farter, Eli Hatchet, Sir Crispix Cracker, The Dijon, The Phlegm,  Mr. Solomoon (the talented Eggy Gatheggy), Spottie Fartgrave, and Alexander Kook.  Liz has baby Angus with the help of Dr. Nuk, then dies, then reappears, ala Days of Our Chives. Notable recurring characters this season are The Director (David Strayhair), Pez Rowan, and Cynthia Pancakebaker. Tom's latest identity is Christopher Heartthrob.

This fall, don't miss the new spin-off The Blacklist: Regression - a story about a man on a quest to discover his 2 year old self, Christopher Heartthrob.

Of course, MSG BSG wouldn't be a success without our lovely, loyal members, including those who have been posting most recently:

Homey West
Lisa Pale Bones
Iowa Splotcher
One Pool
BL Meme
Internal Pamnation
Cake Girl
James Cheery
Bng Red
Sliver My Head
Girl in the Tuba

Oh, and it's A B A S K O !

Which are your favorite names above?


Chompstick said...

Some of my faves are Lisa Pale Bones (one of the best), Tom Spleen, and Dembe Zumba (all ideas from Tabs), and Robert Prawn Leopard, Homey West, BL Meme, and maybe my favorite, Luther Braxton-Hicks.

Kodiak said...

Lololololol!!! Oh my girlfriend made me leave the room because I was literally laughing out loud, way too loud!!

Proud to be in The Blacklist Support Grope!!!

Tom Spleen is such a well developed character. Don't cut him out!

Poor Tabby.

I think it's a tie between Tom Spleen and Mr. Kaplint.

Chompstick said...

I love Blacklist Support Grope.

Tabs and I thought these up yesterday and today through a series of 318 texts! (No joke) Probably a third of the texts were something like, "OMG! I can't breathe" and "lolololol my stomach hurts, I'm dying!!!" and "Bwahahahahahahahahahaha". There were a few names not fit to print, too. Let's just say we had a lot of fun!

Honey West said...

Oh that is the most hysterically funny thing I've read in a long time - well, since the spinoff contest anyway! I had to stop and find a Kleenex in order to continue reading. Scared the cat right off of my lap, which was better than yesterday when I broke my toe and scared her with lots of bad words spoken at high volume.
I don't know which names are my favorites because they are all way too funny, especially the Backsplitters.

Chompstick said...

HW - Ouch, sorry about your toe. Our poor cats ... I scared mine and he fell off the bed. Homey refers to a type of person, like home boy, not comfortable and cozy, btw. Tabuckaroo was hysterical over that.

Tabasko said...

My personal favorite is Berloon. It's just a funny word.

Yes, this is my excuse for not commenting on the actual show much yesterday and today. Texting goofy names to Chompstuck from a Charbucks.

Rori said...

YOU are teh funniest peeps!! Among ALLLL the other reasons to laugh, I lol'ed because just last night, in my research for my Grand Theory that I hope to have the courage to write and post this summer, I re-watched Luther Braxton and was thinking that show was prophetic in presaging Liz/Megan's pregnancy...because I kept thinking Luther Braxton-Hicks.

I love that Kodi-YAKS and I ROARi. deadflea13 made me laugh!

I was also thinking that the name in the past 3 years I have MOST had to pay attention to was jbILtz and try not to write jbLItz. And I am always amused by the names you moderators come up with for one another!
When I read "Squashington, BC" my brain thought it said, "Sasquachington, BC"...LOL. Made up that homage to Big Foot in my own tiny head.
Riddington is ridding the world of evil villains as Wresler's help pinning them to the mat and his trusty cleaner keeping a cap on the lint. (yuck yuck yuck)

BRAVA for all the FUNNIES!! made my day!

Tabasko said...

I also enjoyed Chomps' choice on the show name, which used to air on Mondays as we know, last year replaced by "Blindspit."

BL Mom said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is so funny!!!!! I cannot stop laughing! Rid Riddington! Lol!!!

I think if I had to pick, it's Harold (silly) and Frederick Barnacle (prawn=2 jokes)

Lol! I guess I will have to look up what a meme is now.

Honey West said...

Yeah, Chomps, my homies thought that was real funny! One of our favorite skits on the old In Living Color show was when Damon Wayans played Homey the Clown. "Homey don't play that!" LOL!

Honey West said...

And I'm not certain my toe is broken, but it is sore and back and blue. That usually means broken toe. I have it taped to its neighbor and it feels much happier that way. Plus it was a great excuse to sit in the recliner with my foot propped up on a pillow with a bag of ice yesterday.

Tatiana said...

Chomping at the Bit: you are so creative, edgy, and crazy! You, TabAskAlot, and Charred Bricks keep this place hopping for love of James hotness-in-Spades and all his Croonies!

One Paul said...

My peals of laughter cannot possibly be transferred to this page!!! My goodness! Good thing I was sitting down.

Tom Spleen is a hoot. No way I can pick just one!

Tatiana, and a very funny post!

You all forgot SUV Glen.

Kodiak said...

Tab #6: Time well spent, lol!

One Pool #13: xD and don't forget Tom Spleen's fake brother Craigslist Spleen.

Chompstick said...

One Pool #13 - We purposely left some characters for you to rename. I love all the ones everyone is creating!

Raccoon said...

Laughing so hard my mascara is running. Who could choose?

Honey West said...

Yeah, you left off my favorite episode "The Cat Taker". And another fave "Parakeet". And now I had to change my avatar again.

Chompstick said...

Honey #17 - lol! Nice avatar. A bit scary though, I must say.

Honey West said...

Only if you are afraid of clowns, Chompstick #18!!!

Tabasko said...

Homey West #4: Ouch! I hope your toe gets better. I just did that myself in the fall. The bruise lasted quite awhile!

LOLOL, "The Cat Taker" and "Parakeet". Hahahaha!!! #10: Homey the Clown was a good one. : )

Tatibanana #5: Ha, that's funny!!!!

Kodiayak #14: Bahahaha! Craigslist Spleen.

Chompstick said...

I jsut added this in the article; I wish I had thought of it sooner.

This fall, don't miss the new spin-off The Blacklist: Regression - a story about a man on a quest to discover his 2 year old self, Christopher Heartthrob.

Lake Girl said...

Lolololol!!!! Laughed so hard I couldn't breath XD. Too many great names, can't pick a favorite.
Homey the Clown West, I'm so sorry about your toe! Hope it heals soon!

Charmed said...

What a fantastic article to start the summer on The Blacklist Support Grope.
Bravo for the laughter and our Groper's own hilarious input!
I loved all the names, but something about Ryan Leghold brought back such memories. Remember the S.S. Dammit Liz?
Here I must confess to watching "Shades of Blue" and JLo's Harley Leghold added to my nuttiness.

Give us more. What are some other good takes on the names representing TBL and those who love it? It's fun and I am a Charred Brick! :))
My name is hard to play with. Good one Tats!

Honey West said...

And I always thought that one episode was The Beer Hunter. And the Monarch Butterfly Bank, was some sort of preserve to save the butterflies, probably through genetic manipulation. And I didn't even want to think about what The Cyrus Agency might be about.

My toe is much happier taped up to its neighbor toe. I may go to my aqua dembe zumba class tomorrow morning with tape and pool shoes. It's not the little toe it's the one next to it. How that one got the most damage I have no idea!

Honey West said...

Chompstork #21, LOLOL!!! I almost spit out my Cheerios with that one!

Charred Brick #23, I watched Shades of Blue, too. You weren't the only one. It often delayed my Blacklist re-watch until the next day.

Chompstick said...

I apologize to one of our members, Girl in the Tuba, for leaving you off our list. You have been added above.

Tabasko said...

Nope! Let's not forget Girl in the Tuba!

Honey West #24: LOLOL!! I was thinking of "The Deer Punter" but I like yours better. Be careful, it is addicting once you start, and you find yourself thinking of:

The Salchemist (he only works on the DNA of people named Sal)
The Cabbage (the vegetarian wing of the Cabal, who were also formerly know by another name, The Appliance.)

Chompstick said...

Good ones, Tabs!

Where's Iowa? She would be good at this.

Kodiak said...

Girl in the Tuba!!!!!! XD

Baby Ruth Kipling, aka "The Fudge."

lara1 said...

Very, very, very funny! Hard to choose just one as they are all clever in their own way, but I did really like:

"This fall, don't miss the new spin-off The Blacklist: Regression - a story about a man on a quest to discover his 2 year old self, Christopher Heartthrob." !!!!!!

By they way, did you perchance leave out Chopstick? (!!!) (I think I have been guilty of auto correct on that in at least one post, LOL!)

deadskie13 said...

Gah! I wonder why I've been itching to death! Last summer is when I decided to start being a creeper, so I remember the infamous summer page. ^-^ Great job all around, Chips, Taps, and Charcoal! :D

Charmed said...

Deadflea 13 #31
I bet your itching soon after you sent that message. We are so glad you stopped creeping, ha, and became a groper instead!

I doubt our auto-correct will get over this deluge anytime soon, but I love the names you are all creating. Charcoal is lighter to carry and light up than a charred brick. I'll take that one too. :))

Charmed said...

FloraLouisiana and FanningGirlie need to join the fun. Where is Iowa Splotcher anyway?

deadskie13 said...

(Charmed 32: Charcoal is one of my favorite mediums to work with!) :D

Charmed said...

Of course and we do it so well, if I say so myself. It must be nice to be so gifted, wacky and sweet. You do my heart proud.

I was going to put something like "I hope our crystal ball and Tarot card therapy is really helping". But my humor has been a bit off lately, so
I decided not to chance it.

Iowa Splotcher said...

Oh, my stomach! I needed that laugh! Great job!

Charmed, Iowa Splotcher was buying and using rubbing alcohol on her splotches. There are bugs in her garden. They bite after dark. A lot. Whatever is in Deep Woods Off isn't Deep Enough.

Now I don't have to worry about getting one of those wash-off tattoos for summer: I have several circles of raised bumps. Maybe I'll take a marker and connect a few of the dots.

Or maybe I should go to bed. My mistake was in having decaf coffee after dinner with my friend and forgetting that she doesn't serve decaf anything.

Happy Memorial Weekend! If you're going anywhere, please drive safely!

One Paul said...


Girl in the Tuba? Baby Ruth, aka The Fudge? The Appliance?

Laughing to tears again! Lol!!

Iowa Splotcher, that is a good one!

Chompstick said...

Kodiak #14 - Craigslist Spleen lololol

Marie said...

I've been thinking.......
How about Irock (Candy)Cane, Ryan Headcold, The Phlegm, General Elmer Fudd, CarrotCurd, The Blacklist Support Hose, Peter Catoctopus

Marie said...

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Frederick Barnacles, Gina ZanyTacos, and The Gin Fizz send their regards.
So does Martin Luther Toni Braxton.

Chompstick said...

Great ones, Murrie! Happy Memorial Day to you, too.

Tabasko said...

Marie, hahahaha!!! CarrotCurd and The Blacklist Support Hose- great!!!!! Hahaha.

Nice to see a post from ya.

Charmed said...

So good to see you on the fun page! You've got some good ones.
The Blacklist Support Hose! Ha! Remember the good old days. LOL

Charmed said...

Kodiak #2
I'm so glad you weren't at work while reading this! Imagine the looks you would have gotten.have gotten.
Your poor boss, where could he have hidden you after this!

I agree about Tom Spleen and not cutting him out! Oh my, I loved that one. He must spin out on Regression!
It's too bad about his fake brother Craigslist Spleen and his splat through the winner.

deadskie13 said...

Charmed 35: I can't possibly imagine anyone ever finding you less than charming, and so by all means toss out the Tarot cards and crystal balls. (Although usually I can be summoned by reciting my name 3 times.) ;)

Charmed said...

deadskie13 #45
Thank you ever so much for the perfect compliment!

"Reciting your name 3 times". I love that!
Is it instantaneous or does it take a while, according to distance?
I'll be super careful not to cause you any problem!

deadskie13 said...

Charmed: According to BeetleJuice lore, it should be instantaneous! But I may be a bit out of practice! ^-^