Friday, May 13, 2016

The Blacklist Support Group Poll, "Alexander Kirk", ep. 3.22

As next week's episode synopsis tells us, there is a betrayal of some kind coming in the Season Finale.

"As Reddington and the Task Force close in on the person responsible for Liz's death, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own."

*if you choose other, please indicate your choice in the comments*


BL Mom said...

As Honey West said on the episode page, and several have said on the Spoiler page, if they show Ressler with a gun near Red, it surely won't be him, Lol! Plus when you look at the pictures or even freeze the promo, he appears to pointing outside. Now, I would love to know what they are pointing at. Kirk?

Does anyone know if Scottie is done now, or will she be back again next week? I am thinking that was the whole pilot and she is off now because they got what they needed.

It might affect my answer.

Tabasko said...

BL Mom #1: I think the thing was this would be the embedded pilot and those characters are done now, except for Tom, or course. Then that story of Tom and the rest picks up on the spinoff. They will need to handle Tom/Agnes next week somehow.

They laid down a huge story for Tom here, so they must be feeling pretty confident the spinoff will get picked up.

So anyway, I don't think Scottie is on again, but you never know.

Chompstick said...

So far we have Panabaker (interesting choice) and The Writers (hahaha) as "Other" write-in options.

Iowa Watcher said...

I voted for Panabaker, but as I was eliminating characters, there are actually three who might fit the profile:

1. Panabaker could be mad because she found out "someone" (Tom) was taking photos of her, so in order to save her career and get Red to surface, she sells them out, and they end up having to rescue Cooper because he gets kidnapped from the AJ's office (or some such).

2. Red might look as if he is selling out the task force. The evidence here is the camera staying on Cooper when he says, "Red has his own agenda" when the oil turns up missing. In pretending to sell them out, perhaps he again loses control of the situation, and they end up having to rescue Cooper, same scenario as above.

3. Tom might just disappear. That's how he ends up in his new show. He drops off Agnes somewhere safe and then buys a boat and ends up somewhere on the Great Lakes because he can read a map as well as he swims and can no longer afford a GPS unit.

Scottie finds him in Chicago harbor bar, trying to figure out how to get back to the ocean.

Iowa Watcher said...

Scratch that.

If I wanted to have some fun, I'd have Tom end up at a Lake Erie Island called Put-in-Bay, which boasts the world's longest bar. I don't know whether that's actually true, but it is an island resort where people get really really drunk and really stupid, at least on Friday and Saturday nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

I'd have Tom sail through a rain storm. Music: "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerold" and when he washed up on the island, the music would change to something from Jimmy Buffet.

He would be wandering around the island in search of a phone and something to eat. After wading through assorted drunks in strange swimwear (the weird 70s fringed bathing suits came here to die!), he'd steal someone's bejeweled purple phone and a non-working credit card, but someone brings him a free plate of Lake Erie perch (ugh! And it's free for a reason).

Tom gets rescued when he runs into Scottie who was trying to get to the winery on the next island over (Kelley's) but the weather is too rough so the boat docks. He and Scottie end up taking his boat, but since he can't sail that well, they end up west, in White Fish Bay. Scottie drags him ashore to Duluth. He sells the boat to a runaway Amish furniture-maker apprentice who is in Duluth looking to stowaway on a freighter bound for Germany (maybe because he speaks the language?)

Scottie steals a plane at the Duluth airport, and they end up back in NYC.

Tom decides that his boating days are over.

Kodiak said...

I chose Panabaker, also. There were some good arguments for it on the Spoiler page.

Chompstick said...

Iowa, we really need a 4,000 word essay contest for you! I love your ideas.

Iowa Watcher said...

Thanks for your kind words, Chompstick. Make it late July or early August. The kitty and I are stuck inside under the a/c because it's peak ragweed season, and I'm too cheap to go get us steroids.

Tabasko said...

IOWA! #5: LOL! You are talking about The Beer Barrel Saloon!!! I have been there a number of times! Hopefully, not acting too stupid!

I wonder if Lake Girl has been. I also liked The Roundhouse. My old boyfriend used to sail a boat from Sandusky over there. I remember Brandy Alexanders......

I have too many coincidences with you!!!!

And you are funny!

Iowa Watcher said...

Thanks, Tabby! I couldn't remember the name of the Beer Barrel Saloon and was too lazy to look it up.

My memories of wandering around the islands are rum-soaked.

Lake Girl said...

Iowa Watcher, love your scenarios! If Tom is in the Erie area and needs a place to sleep... ;-)
How's this for a twist: Ressler IS the betrayer. They have all agreed to work with Red to kill Kirk. After Kirk is dead, Ressler attempts to shoot Red. Instead, he shoots a member of the task force, let's say Samar. She sees what Ressler is about to do and tries to get Red out of the way, but ends up taking a bullet for him. TPTB usually trick us with the promos they show. What if this time it's a double trick. They show us Ressler knowing that we'll think its not Ressler then, when it really is. My brain thinks weirdly when its tired!
Tabs, nope. Never been there. Maybe one day.

Iowa Watcher said...

Yikes! Poor Samar. Yeah, that would be quite a scenario.

Aram would be so upset.

Charmed said...

Iowa Watcher
Maybe you and Tabs could show us all around the island. It sounds like a good place to people watch. We can start a Go Fund Me to pay for your steroids. Great scenario.

lara1, great idea about If Ryan needs a place to stay...
We probably have him covered in quite a few states, Canada and around the world. Right Ines? :))
I just don't want to see the fallout on Dateline or 60 Minutes.

Iowa Watcher said...

Charmed, if you're seriously interested and don't want to leave your chair, there are various youtube videos of Put in Bay, some better than others. (:

Charmed said...

Iowa Watcher
Thanks. That sounds like it would be fun after the finale and a little more time spent examining RL (the fun side, please).
I may have to check back with you for any rum or brandy soaked videos.