Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Blacklist Characters: Crack the Code

Since everyone had such a good chuckle from the silly names in the
A Tribute to Poor Tabasko and Other Misspelled Names article, I've taken it one step further. Can you crack the code on these picture puzzles? They depict characters, actors, and a few others thrown in.

As an example, let's look at #1. We have Pez dispensers + a row boat + Anne Frank. Referring back to the previous article, you'll notice Pez Rowan, the parody name for Nez Rowan.  Pez + row + Anne = Pez Rowan! The goal is to guess the parody name depicted, not the real person or character.

Once you do a few you'll get the hang of it. I hope you have as much fun solving the puzzles as we had creating them. A special prize* to whomever solves #17 first.

THIS is why I'm sooo behind on the comments!!

Good luck ~

* The prize is my hearty applause, hee hee.






















    Sir Crispix Cracker


















Which are your favorites? Which were the hardest?


One Paul said...


Nice work, Chompstick!!

Can we solve them here or wait until more people see em?

Chompstick said...

I guess solving them here is fine. Presumably others will attempt to solve them before reading the comments. Whatever you'd like to do, 1 Pool.

Iowa Watcher said...

I don't understand what I'm supposed to do.

Do the photos make a word or a phrase?

I don't see how Muppet Pez containers relate to rowing or to Anna Frank. One example would greatly help!

I've never seen a puzzle like this.

One Paul said...

Well, #22 is the funniest picture, but I have no idea what it is!

I also cannot get #21 or #17 or #6.

#4 and #7 are the best! ROFL!

Too funny.

I am really "No Pool", which I wish I had one, as it got very hot today!

One Paul said...

Iowa #3
I think you put them together to make one of the jokes from the other article.
Like the first one is "Pez Row Ann". Pez Rowan. Or #27 is General Fudd.

The ones Chompstick and a number made up before from the parody names!

Iowa Watcher said...

I'm totally confused, One Paul. Who or what is Pez Row Ann or General Fudd? I'll Google it.

I guess I'm not the intended audience.

It has been in the 90s for the last couple of days, no a/c at work, and I only have a bedroom a/c. I've dragged my computer in the bedroom, along with the TV. I guess I'm cranky.

One Paul said...

They're joke names for characters, IW. I can't get all of them, but they were in Chomps' other post. Maybe she or Tabs or Charmed can expect better than me. I was in the sun all day!

Sorry about your a/c!

Chompstick said...

Iowa, you are most definitely the intended audience. These are tricky, but once you catch on, you'll get most. A few are very hard. I probably need to edit the introduction above to better explain the process.

They refer back to the "A Tribute to Poor Tabasko and Other Misspellings" article with all the silly made up names for characters, actors, and BSG members. You, for example, we're Iowa Splotcher. You need the article for reference unless you have a good memory.

The Muppet Pez dispensers depict Pez Rowan, the name we gave Nez Rowan. So pez + row + Anne = Pez Rowan.

#6 is one that stumped No Pool. Plant mister + cap + lint = Mr. Kaplint, the parody name we gave Mr. Kaplan.

Chompstick said...

Pool Man, you cannot imagine how much I've wanted a pool since I was a little tyke. It's on my bucket list!

#22 is Sir Crispix Cracker (Crispin Crandall). Admittedly, it's a real stretch, but the picture, found by Tabs, is so hilarious we had to include it!

My favorite is #28. Seriously, what are the odds a picture of a baby cow in a crib would exist????? Again, thanks to Toe-bask-o.

#17 I believe is the hardest, as it's a bit abstract. It's the name of someone on the task force, but it is different from the one in the original article.

It sounds like you're having fun with it.

#21 is one of our favorite Blacklisters, played by an actor who starred in one of tv's great comedies.

Iowa Watcher said...

Okay. That makes a lot more sense. I'll try again when I've had more sleep.

I looked up this type of puzzle and one example was the word "aid" typed four times with an arrow pointing at the first one. The answer: first aid.

I make these things too hard. My initial impression with the first one was that Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, is dead, as is Anna Frank (and I think both died in June), so my tired, hot, cranky mind was trying to connect dead people with the rowing guy, and all I was getting was River Styx (Greek Mythology - River between Earth and Hades), and then I starting humming "Come Sail Away" from the band, Styx. And then I got annoyed with myself.

Tatiana said...

oh oh oh!!! Can I guess? Can I guess?

I love puzzles!!! There's a wonderful for grown-ups puzzle book called "Games" and "World of Puzzles" that has these kinds of puzzles. I don't even know if the magazines are published any more, but they were quite clever. Moonlighting, ChompChomp?!

I'm just answering a few of them, because the fun will be when everyone plays!

1. Pavlov + lick + Brothers = Pavlovich Brothers :-)

6. Mister + Cap + lint = Mr. Kaplan

7. Mill + Ton + Boob + IT = Milton Bobitt

12. (cute!!!)

16. ... be creative with the sounds and it will come to you!

18. Chomps! How could you leave this character so far down the list? He's integral the entire show! lol!

30. HAHAHA!!! You are clever!!

#30 is my fave. Love the pooper cat! Where on earth did you get all these photos? Clever lady you are! Thanks...

eastcoast said...

so far this is what I
I am out of time!

1, Jon Bokencamp
2, Pavlov brothers,
3, Scottie Hargrave
4, Aram?

7,milton Bobbit,
8, Hisham Tawafig,
9, Fredrick Barnes
10,James Spader,
12 Donald Ressler,
15, Dr Nik
16, kings of the highway,
17, Samar Navobi, Marno
18, Hudson,
20, Susan Blommaert,
21, the Decembrist,

23,reven wright,
24, Djinn,
25, Karakurt,
26, Ruth Kipling the judge,
27, general Ludd,
28, baby Agnes,
29, tom,keen

31, Ryan Eggold

33, Monacrh Douglass Bank
34, Samuel Aleko

Iowa Watcher said...

You're awesome, Eastcoast!

Tabasko said...

One Paul #4: Hahaha! Yeah, I loved that pic myself.

I found #14 to be the most difficult. I had to have Chompuzzle tell me that one when she sent it!

Iowa #10: Your story of where your mind was going with the pics has totally cracked me up!

Tatiana #11: Ah!!! Great job!!!!
I have to admit the pooper cat one is mine! I won't explain my mindset, LOL!

eastcoast #12: Oh, you're good! Awesome!

There are a couple Chomps snuck in I don't even know, so I think I will try to crack them myself.

Chompstick said...

Tabs, I think #6,8,16, and 20 might be New to you. I have to give you props for the toilet cat, the cracker dog, and baby cow. You're the Google queen for finding those pics!!!

Honey West said...

Is 14 the Food Samar Itt Ann?

One Paul said...

Chompstick #11
Lol. Ok. that is good. I was going for Spritzer Hat Fluff.

Honey West #16
Good job!!!

Chompstick said...

HW, yup...Food Samaritan. Cousin Itt cracks me up.

Paul, lol! Spritzer hat fluff!!

Chompstick said...

Tatiana, we can always count on (and appreciate) your enthusiasm.

No worries with #18. His placement on the list doesn't connote a lesser importance. He just wanted to be closer to #22, and they both had a keen interest in the item pictured in #34!!

Iowa Watcher said...

Tabby, my mind isn't cooperating at all! I got James Crater for #10 and then it immediately wandered off into this weird Area 51 story that I should probably write down before I forget.

There's a cold front headed this way! It's 71 degrees less than two hours east of me. Yes, the winds are coming from the east. Yes, there will probably be violent t-storms with power outages. Ask me if I care! (-;

Ugh. 90s be gone! It's not August. In August I will go to Duluth. I will go to Ely if necessary! It rarely gets over 80 that far north. They train sled dog teams in these cool wheelie carts in Ely in the summer.

Chompstick said...

Good job so far, Eatcoat. You only got a few wrong - # 1,4, and 24. Plus, since 17 is so tricky, I'm looking for the parody name, not the actual name of the person.

eastcoast said...

Chomp #21, number 1 was a joke to see if anyone was paying attention, lol
but I did think the tuba girl #24 was from the add in the paper that Dembe saw in Djinn. but is se what your saying.
I think I got all but 11 figured out??

Tatiana said...

Yes, Tuba Mouthpiece was my guess.

Tatiana said...

4. Dembe Zumba

Chompstick said...

Oh my gosh, Eatcoat you are sooo funny!! I laughed hysterically now that I know it was a joke. I stared and stared at #1 thinking how the heck did you get Jon Bokenkamp from THAT???

The Girl in the Tuba is just that - The the name we gave to BSG member Girl in the Tundra. It was in the comments on the original article.

Chompstick said...

I was just looking over the list and realized I left out 4 other pictures, so now you have more puzzles to solve.

eastcoast said...

Mmmm, I got all but 38,

Tabasko, you got mail

Charmed said...

I could hear the laughter when we arrived at my street! My iPad was quaking with laughter, just waiting for me. Great puzzles and some fun guesses for the crazy puzzle pieces!

Y'all warm my heart!

Chompstick said...

Charmed ... Lololololol! I'm so glad your iPad enjoyed the puzzles.

lara1 said...

Chompstick - wow lots of work to think up these puzzles and find the pictures! I'm absolutely hopeless at solving this sort of puzzle, but I have enjoyed reading the answers and then going back to see how they got worked out! clever! haha.

Chompstick said...

Lara, thanks! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the puzzles even though you weren't able to solve them. I'm sure you had just as much fun doing it the way you did.

Lake Girl said...

Love the puzzles :D. Was able to figure out the easier ones, like James Crater and Spudson, for example. I will admit I cheated and looked at some of the answers posted by others. Have to see if I can figure out the unsolved ones.

Lake Girl said...

Ok, I figured out all except #20. Hey eastcoast, tell me what you got for #20 and I'll tell you what #38 is, lol.
My favorites are Baby Angus and Director Harold Pooper :D. Those pics are the funniest!

eastcoast said...

#33, Lake Girl, I got Susan Blommaert for 20.

Lake Girl said...

Thanks, eastcoast, I see it now. I got Jon Brokencamp for #38.

Nelson Music UK said...

Love this! Without reading any comments, here's what I worked out...

3. Spotty Fart Grave ("Scotty" Hargrave)
6. *clever!* Mister Cap Lint (Mr. Kaplan)
12. Donald Wrestler (Ressler)
16. Kinks (Kings) of the Highway
21. December Wrist (The Decembrist)
25. Carrot Curd (Karakurt)
27. General Fudd (Ludd)
29. Tom Spleen (Keen)
30. *my absolute favourite* Director Hair Old Pooper (Harold Cooper)

Chompstick said...

Nelson Music UK - welcome to BSG! As someone with many friends in England, I'm always happy to see UK folks here. Good job (so far!) on your answers. I appreciate that you didn't peek at anyone else's ideas. #30 is a great one. I wish I could claim that as my own, but the very clever Tabasko came up with it. The cat alone is priceless. Keep on going!

(I just listened to the Dee Jay Sessions youtube videos - beautiful!! That's you on the keyboard/guitar?)