Friday, July 8, 2016

The Saga of Hudson: The Ever Changing Keen Family Dog

This is a sad, cautionary tail: 
Cosmetic furgery does not guarantee Hollywood success.
You still may be Blacklisted.

The story of Hudson, as told by Chompstick. 
This is a long story, but worth the read to get the real, never before revealed scoop. 

Hudson 1 - September 23, 2013, Pilot Episode

Most Blacklist fans were first drawn to the show because of James Spader. For dog loving fans, The Blacklist pilot contained an extra bonus:  Hudson the Keen Family Dog, a medium sized, non-descript dog with a wiry coat and erect ears. And a very unkempt snout! But then faster than Liz's sleight of hand, our hearts dropped because he was only on screen long enough to be publicly humiliated for peeing in the house. Concern developed, though, when many weeks passed without Hudson reappearing. 

Then a curious thing happened ....

Continued on the Hudson, Where Are You? page

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