Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Addiction to The Blacklist has been Cured

Dear Friends of the Blacklist Support Group,

It is with great sadness that we announce the closing of the Blacklist Support Group effective October 12, 2016. Charmed, Tabasko, and I have all had difficult summers dealing with personal issues that have consumed a great deal of our time, and more importantly, our mental energy.

As many of you know, my 52 year old husband had a heart attack three weeks ago. This was followed a week later by a terrible tragedy that befell his family.  I now need to shift my focus to the significant lifestyle changes we need to make for my husband's well-being, including an attempt to reduce his stress while providing ongoing, long term care for his family in another state.

As you can see, The Blacklist can no longer be a priority in my life, as I'm sure you can understand. Significant Real Life challenges continue to face Charmed and Tabasko, too, so it was a unanimous decision to close shop..all for one, and one for all.

We have decided to leave the site up until it needs to be renewed in April 2017,  but it will be converted to read-only. You will be able to view the existing contents but not make any comments. You will have through October 12th to chat on the blog and make future plans, if you like, to find another forum to meet up on.

It has been a great pleasure providing a home to other Blacklist fans, and we have enjoyed the past 3 years immensely. I feel like I have made so many friends, and I feel sorrow for letting you down. Our sincere thanks to each of you for helping us make the Blacklist Support Group a wonderful place.

And who knows ... maybe when Redemption premiers ...

You know I can't resist my
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Chompstick, Tabasko, and Charmed


Colleen P. said...

Please know how grateful everyone is for giving us such a wonderful gift in this site, for giving us an opportunity to befriend others with similar interests, and for all the time and effort you've given us with open arms. Have faith that you will get through these difficult times and are in our prayers.

Chompstick said...

Thank you so much, Colleen.

Iowa Watcher said...

I'm sorry to read the place is closing, but I totally understand! Real life can get amazingly complicated in the blink of an eye. I, too, appreciate everyone's efforts to make this such a great site!

Kodiak said...

Oh, no! Me, too. Sorry I haven't been around much, but I guess I'm in the same boat. And I was just going back to work next week and looking forward to goofing off here. Lol.

But, I also totally understand. I'm sorry about your husband, Chompstick, and for anything else that's complicating life for anyone. Certainly, a TV show pales in comparison there.

Thanks to the 3 of you for everything. I would not mind if you change your mind. You all have really added a lot to my life! I don't think I could migrate anywhere else. :(

Chompstick said...

Kodiak, I do have a final blog post in your honor so check back today or tomorrow.

Tatiana said...

Chompy, Tabby, and Charming,

I am so terribly sorry for all the trials the three of you are facing. Each one of you have brought such levity, cleverness, and spunk to our real lives. Muchos Gracias!!!

Please know that real life is all that matters. TBL, blogs, stories, they give us a moment to take pause and pleasure so we can dive back in when times get tough.

I am sure Red and James Spader would say, get off the internet! There are things to do and real life to live! In one interview he said he had a smart phone. Which he uses as a phone. (lol)

I digress.

Thank you. I know that this has been a commitment of time, energy, and creativity, along with the drudgery of screening comments.

I will so miss all three of you. I think if I lived down the street from you we'd have lots of crazy hat days and coffees and Bunco ;-) and somehow we'd all get through it.

I wish you each healing and wholeness as you go through such trying times.

Blessings - Tatiana

Chompstick said...

Thank you Iowa and Tatiana. Wouldn't that be fun to have coffee and bunco?

There will be a regular discussion page for tonight's episode.

Laocoon said...

Many thanks to all of you, Chompstick, Tabasko, and Charmed, for the great experience. I appreciate your efforts in making the blog a truly great place for intelligent and thoughtful people to discuss the show, as well as to make new friends who have brought different perspectives every week.

I am saddened to hear of your joint and several woes, and my heart goes out to each of you and your families. These life challenges seem to go in waves, and you all seem too young to be beset by so much at once. I empathize with the demands on your mental energy. It's an invisible drain to others, but a terrible drain on you.

I'll be thinking of everyone as I watch every episode with my rescued Golden Retrievers beside my chair!

Warmest regards.

lara1 said...

Dear Chompstick, Tabs and Charmed,

Chompstick - I am so sorry to hear of all of the troubles you have had. It is very difficult to manage such things, and that must take priority in your life.

Tabs and Charmed - Also sorry to hear of things being difficult for both of you. Everyone needs to focus on the priorities that they have in the real lives.

I would like to thank you all for maintaining such a wonderful site, ensuring a friendly, funny and respectful place for us to discuss all things Blacklist. I have enjoyed immensely sharing intelligent observations, ideas and theories with my fellow Blacklist obsessed pals and getting to know each of you a little bit, virtually. I think we are a great group!

Chompstick, Tabs and Charmed: I wish all of you the very best, always! Thank you again for all of the hard work that went into this site. I will miss all of our conversations as well as those with the others in the group.. But real life must come first.

Honey West said...

Dearest Chompstick, Tabasko and Charmed,
I think of you as the Three Blacklisteers. I read the notice this morning but didn't have enough time to compose one of my typical lengthy replies so I had to wait until this afternoon when I got back to town.

Thank you so much for giving all of us a fun, safe, wonderfully put together place to come to visit to escape from our Real Lives! I was so happy to have discovered all of you last summer as we waited out the seemingly interminable hiatus between seasons 2 and 3. The discussions here are lively, well thought-out, and incredibly respectful of one another. This is truly a special place that you have created and maintained and I am so glad to have found it and all of you and all of the posters that we have here. I will miss Us.

I wish the three of you the best. I know we will all still be "out there" as we watch our favorite obsession week after week and I will probably be thinking "I can't wait to read _____'s take on this!" I hope we can all get together again sometime, but I really think this was someplace so special it will be difficult to ever recreate it. Either that or we can find an old abandoned warehouse and build a nice, new playhouse inside of it. :-D

I agree with Laocoon about the real life stuff coming and going in waves and I hope you three find calm waters again real soon.

Meanwhile we will still keep posting our comments until the bitter end and I hope we can somehow stay in touch. I wish I wasn't so far out West here, otherwise we could all go out for Chinese food at Wing Yee's or something! LOL!

Peace - Homey West

Tatiana said...

Chompstick, Tabasko, Charmed:

Is it possible one of us could monitor the site? I would be happy to do so at least for a few months.

Please let me know if this might be possible. I have the time now and I would love to do it.

Kindly - Tatiana

Tabasko said...

Thanks, everyone.

I am feeling very overwhelmed. Thanks for the kind comments. Although I am none too surprised, coming from this group of wonderful people.

Tatiana, thank you for that very kind suggestion! The 3 of us will discuss what that would involve and get back to you, hopefully tomorrow. :))

Perhaps we can leave a weekly discussion page open for the time being.

Rori said...

There are no better words than those that have been written by many loyal TBLSG contributors. I am utterly verklempt yet in complete solidarity with you all as you do precisely what you need to!! I cannot tell you how many times this summer I thought of your boat mishap, Chompstick, and now you have had trials and challenges and concerns piled on--not to mention whatever Tabasko and Charmed are facing.

In the realm of web anonymity I know that we are limited in sending on actual tokens of our profound gratitude for all you've done for *us*. But I know that my compatriots would join me in sending each of you virtual baskets of treats and fabulous, Red-worthy bouquets of flowers and equally Red-worthy days (heck, let's make it a week!) at a world-class spa!! Short of sending these tokens in 3-D, we all revert to the very gift this site has given us: words.

For now my words are as simple as THANK YOU and as profound as THANK YOU. Though I will also say Bless you and know that my prayers are with you all, with true gratitude, as you three particularly focus on your RLs. Verbose creature that I am, I will surely get back on here before 10/12 and write something else.

Sending also virtual BIG HUGS!!!

Iowa Watcher said...

That would be great if a weekly discussion page could be left open, at least until the end of the season. Tatiana, thank you for volunteering to be a "cleaner." (:

It doesn't take that long to watch over one discussion section. It's having to monitor an entire blog, plus post photos that can really eat up the time.

I'm sorry that I'm not internet-savvy enough to offer other suggestions. There are about 15 free forums where one can build discussion groups, but I haven't built anything like that since the early 1990s, and I know the techniques and web editors have changed drastically.

Iowa Watcher said...

Yes, Chompstick. I wish we all could sit down for coffee in the real world.

Tabasko said...

The discussion page for tonight's episode is now available.

The Blacklist - "Miles McGrath #65" Episode 4.3 Discussion

Tatiana said...

I would be honored to step in and facilitate at least a weekly discussion. If I get snagged on some techie thing I can ask my hubby to assist :-)

Thanks so much for considering it Chompstick, Tabasko, and Charmed! You all have done such a fantastic job with this site I just think it's the least I can do to help out :-)

Big hugs you three... you will get through this.

Lake Girl said...

Chompstick, don't ever think, for even a second, that you have let us down. You, along with Charmed and Tabasko, have given all of us an amazing site to come together on! Thank you for all the hard work! I can't begin to imagine how many hours you three have put into this site.
Chompstick, Charmed, and Tabasko, I'm so sorry for all the troubles Real Life is throwing your way. I hope you can find some comfort in the knowledge that all of us are here for you, praying for you and your loved ones, wishing there was more we could do.
Tatiana, thank you so much for volunteering to keep up with the weekly discussion page. I have very little skill when it comes to computers :/

deadskie13 said...

There's always about a bazillion things to say, the second that there's a chance there won't always be the time to do so. And so I should like to take this small amount of remaining time, and place it in my hands, like a bit of glitter, blowing it all about, in a twinkling shower of thanks and more thanks.

First off, to Chompstick, Tabasko, and dear sweet Charmed! I think it's safe to say we all know everyone's personal life has priority, always, and you ladies have done more than enough. Once upon a time I recall each of you stating how you appreciate the quality of people that come here--and that's always been because of YOU. I hope you guys realize just how much you've done for all of us. And I hope things get better for each of you, and soon. I've enjoyed conversing about super-cute puppy dogs, and snazzy songs, and this most amazing show that we all happen to love so very much. :D Please take care, and more care than that--and all the care that you could possibly need.

Second of all, as a severe introvert with a lot of anxiety and depression issues that are always bubbling just beneath the surface, it can be a bit of a challenge finding the right group of people to join. This is one of the best groups of people I've ever found. Thank you, everyone, for being amazing and decent and kind and good--and then more than amazing, really. ^-^

And thanks again, Chompstick, Tabasko, and Charmed; thanks for giving us a place to call home. Farewell, with much love and gratitude. ^-^

P.S. I have a gmail account under this name, if anyone and everyone should like to stay in touch, in some kind of way. :D Please take care, everyone.

Honey West said...

I'm not peeking at the episode discussion page, but I wanted to say also that I have a gmail account for my Honey West avatar. So stay in touch, y'all! And I'd also like to say that if Tatiana takes the reins for a bit that if she needs help, I can help some. I have no idea what to do, but if there's anything, let me know!

Colleen P. said...

I only joined this site a few months ago but really enjoy everything and everyone who are a part of it. Tatiana, my webpage skills are from 20 years ago, but I'm willing to learn and would love to help you carry on the wonderful creation.

eastcoast said...

Chompstick, Tabasko, and Charmed,

So sorry you are all going through so many things. Family is the most important, so as much as I/we will miss this place
you must do what is right for your family first.

Thank you so much for all you have done and allowing us to be a part of such a Nice place to make friends, play and
share our thoughts and ideas!

lara1 said...

Tatiana - that was so kind of you - offering to help continue some part of the site. :)

Patter said...

Thank you for everything!

Tabasko said...

Honey West #20: Thanks, also. Your participation and input here has been very important to us. Maybe we can figure something out.

Honey West said...

Tabasko #25 - :-)

DZ731 said...

I was out of town this week and just saw this. It makes me sad, but I understand your real-life obligations. Thanks so much for providing such a safe, supportive place for Blacklist fans. I've enjoyed the site and everyone I've met here.

Charmed said...

Hi Friends,

A few of y'all have helped make this "my happy place" since BSG's creation. But ultimately, over time, each of you added so much more!
I can see from your writings, that it has been as I thought, a happy place for many of you as well.

Some of your comments have made me tearful, but most comments just made me happy to have been a part of this forum since its creation. It is so unlike the BL forums that came before this one, because there is still a piece of each one of us embedded in the laughter, sleuthing and care we have for each other. It shows on every page.

I've been Charmed.

Lara1 said...

Tabs, Chompstick and Charmed,

I just wanted to add to my post above that if there is a way to keep the Duscussion page open - thanks again to Tatiania for offering to be the page "cleaner" as someone else mapentioned - id like to throw my hat into the ring as well to offer my help to keep things going

We all bring such wonderful thoughts and ideas to the table, different perspectives, focus on the details, knowledge and sometimes observations that others have not made. Such a rich tapestry. I have enjoyed my time here so much and I'm happy to give back in some way Thanks again for considering this.

Rori said...

Dear Alls
Just FYI, I tweeted out to the principals that this site was going dark and Haryy Lennix gave a "like" to the tweet. :-)

Tatiana said...

Rori - Aw, he's so sweet to notice us :-)

eastcoast said...

Chomspstick, Charmed and Tabasko,

I have offered to keep the timeline and Blacklisters page up to date since I keep a record of that for myself and to watch for the trolls! lol

Rori, #30,

That was very nice of him to take note!

DZ731 said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that Tatiana, eastcoast and others will be allowed to moderate some discussion pages! Waiting anxiously for a final decision.

Tatiana said...

We will DZ! We'll continue the discussions. Of course, I can't hold a candle to our founders, but we'll keep the door open and the lights on! LOL :-)

DZ731 said...


Iowa Watcher said...

Great news! Makes my day! Thanks for your efforts!

Patter said...


Chompstick said...

hi all,

I am sorry to turn your day sour, but ...

after careful consideration over the weekend, we think it's just not in our best interests to continue. Because Blogger, the host of BSG, is not foremost designed to be a forum, it is convoluted and complicated in the way moderators are used. It would still require the involvement of at least one of us on a daily basis, no matter how many people helped us.

As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. The blog will never be out of our sight if we keep it open, so it will never be out of mind. And our minds are badly needed elsewhere.

We are touched by the many of you who volunteered to help; in fact, we became nostalgic and contacted Honey West and Tatiana to help us. It wasn't well thought out on our parts, though, and we let emotions take over. Any discussion on the forum about us staying open was, at the time, based on truth.

We will proceed with our original plan to close the site late tomorrow (Wednesday). We hate to say goodbye, more than you can imagine. Perhaps we will be able to stop by Blacklist Exposed or Facebook or wherever you end up and enjoy ourselves without the work. Many of you have our emails (FAQ page), so please contact us if you land elsewhere. Or, contact us to continue our friendship. :)

Finally, I am leaving the door open to reopening BSG or a new site when Redemption begins. In fact, when the show was announced last spring for the mid-season schedule, I grabbed the domain and a space on blogger. So check back to see if my life has settled down some and allows for some free time.

Again, thanks to every one of our members, past and present. The Blacklist Support Group could never have been successful without all of our like-minded family members.

On behalf of Tabasko and Charmed,

Forever, Chompy

Chompstick said...

I will have one more fun post here on the front page tomorrow so check back!

lara1 said...

Dear all, I've very much enjoyed my time on the site connecting with all of you. I have a gmall account on google if any of you would like to connect, swap comments on the upcoming episodes, let me know where you will now be posting, to discuss a new venue or just to say hello or keep in touch. I would love to hear from you! I'm not sure myself where I will be ending up.

Chompstick, Tabs and Charmed: thanks for looking into whether there would be a way to continue the discussion page but understand that its not possible, and wish you all the best. I'll be thinking of you and everyone as I settle in for Episode 4 on Thursday, glass of wine and box of cookies in hand!.

Blacklist Obsessed

find me at @gmail - my gmail name is:


(LOL!) I certainly do!

xxx to all

DZ731 said...

I'd love to hear from all of you in the future.

My email account is

tuxie400 on gmail.

Tabasko said...

Hi, all!

I am very sorry we cannot continue here, and I have enjoyed talking with you all about the show so much, both to our current and past members. Thanks, again, for all of the wonderful comments and fun and friendship.

For now, I have set up a VERY rudimentary forum, The Blacklist Refugees (LOL) that you are all welcome to migrate to, if you do not find another forum of your liking right now.

It could become permanent and run by Honey West and Tatiana if they end up wishing to do so. They will moderate if it ends up working well. Eastcoast had volunteered to maintain some historical pages, so that may be good as well. Thanks, Eastcoast!

The Blacklist Refugees

It's a little different in format and you do need to register with an email. When it asks for your date of birth, it just wants to know you're over 13, so feel free to make one up. Like February 7th, LOL.

I hope this is helpful for a start. At the very least, you can discuss with the same folks without fear of trolling, shipping, etc. : )

It is very simple for now, but could grow if you all want.

DZ731 said...

Tabasko - Blacklist Refugees - that name cracks me up. Thanks a million! I'm hoping as your life settles down, you'll be able to check in with us refugees. Wishing you some calm in the storm of Real Life.

Chompstick said...

Eastcoast, Tabs mentioned you might maintain some historical pages. You are welcome to copy and paste anything from BSG. Also, remember that BSG will be here as a read-only reference until the spring.

lara1 said...

Tabs - thank you so much! And thanks to eastcoast. I went on the new site The Blacklist Refugees" (LOL!) and I think it will work great as a forum to discuss the episodes - and I see the we are all set up for Episode 4!

And thanks to everyone else involved.


One Paul said...

Hi, all.

I am SO sorry to hear about all this. I, too, have been tied up with some real-life stuff and haven't been able to even watch the show until today, when I finally caught up on 1 to 3 and stopped by to see what was going on.

I totally understand how these things go. I wanted to say keep in touch to you 3, and anyone else who wants to:

Good luck. Thanks, Tabs, for the new site. I'm sure it will work fine and I hope to check it out.

Chompstick said...

One Paw! Hello! I was beginning to think that you couldn't take another Blacklist kidnapping and were off the show. So ironic, and fortuitous, that you stopped by today. I have been meaning to email you anyway to check on you and give you the news.

It is so annoying how real life gets in the way of our virtual pursuits, right?

Take care, I'm sure I'll be over at the Refugee site occasionally.


Did you see that Kodiak had a baby cub?

One Paul said...

Hey, Chompstick #47

Im glad I made it in before the end. But,I am sure we will keep in touch via email or The Refugees!

Yes, real life can really drag you away from the fun!

I did see that about Kodiak. Good news!

Charmed said...

Don't forget me, y'all!
Keep in touch.

PS We missed you One Paul