Comically The Blacklist

The Blacklist comic is a true extension of the television series.  It tells new stories and gives new dimension to the existing characters.  The series opens with a six issue story arc. 
Written by Nicole Phillips, drawn by Beni Lobel.  

Issue 1:  When the FBI is framed for the public killing of a political activitist at an open-air rally, Reddington recognises the hallmarks of a dangerous, media-manipulating Blacklister, known as Leon Kiklinski, aka The Lobbyist. So begins the latest case for the FBI's covert counter-intelligence unit codenamed The Post Office. But is this new Blacklist member working alone or is there a mysterious puppet master behind the scenes orchestrating a planned series of attacks against the FBI for his own nefarious purposes and if so, what is his connection to the Concierge of Crime, Raymond Red Reddington?

Issue 2:  As Kiklinski escalates his one-man terrorist war against the FBI, Liz and Ressler race to save FBI Assistant Director Cooper's life from a massive bomb attack. Meanwhile Raymond 'Red' Reddington discovers that behind the scenes may be a long-rumoured urban myth, called The Gambler, who is manipulating events for a group of super-rich gamblers to bet on. 

Issue 3:  As Liz struggles to deal with catastrophic events, the noose tightens on terrorist-for-hire Kiklinski, as his mysterious employer, The Gambler, unleashes legendary assassin John X to silence him before he can be apprehended by an FBI Task Force.

Issue 4:  The deadly game played out on the streets of Washington takes a dramatic turn when Raymond 'Red' Reddington finally tracks down the true mastermind behind the attacks. Now the race is on to stop an assassin with a 100% success rate from claiming his next victim. 


Kodiak said...

This is great!!!!
Chompstick, do you mind if I repost some older comments of mine here? That are about the comic, of course.
Thanks for making it!

Chompstick said...

Go right ahead. I always encourage people to cross post if their comments are relevant.

Tabasko said...

Ok, I have gotten away from this, but is anyone else reading the comic book? I got behind but I got up through Issue #5 tonight, and there are some themes that have come up pretty recently in our discussions in there.

Charmed said...

Tabasko #3

I would be happy to see more of TBL comics. Thanks sweetie!

Let's check out those themes.

Tabasko said...

Charmed #4: I really like the book. It seems they have it planned where 5 issues cover one big arc and because you are reading, of course you can see all the little background hints without having to freeze your DVR just so. LOL. I read two more laster last night so I am caught up on all 7 so far. 8 comes out in the next few days, I think the day before 3.17 airs.

Some things they have hinted at:
-Red is as we mostly think....he has his own plan for ??? and is not above committing some major questionable acts to see it through, but is a decent person at the end of the day.
-There's been a little ballerina theme floating around the last few issues. Liz seems very interested in ballerinas, subconsciously.
-Red has some deeper connection to the FBI from before he disappeared.
-Of course, Red wants to protect Liz and he has a lot of belief in her as a person.
- There is a big part of the story that has to do with a person losing their entire family as a result of something the FBI did, and a whole story about the Cabal having the power to eradicate information from FBI files. Perhaps leaving tracks, though. These are both other characters, but they could be parallels to Red's story as well.

I want to quote some of those scenes, as I think the idea has a lot of parallels to the TV show.

Charmed said...

Tabasko #5

Thanks Tabs. Those are some great hints and parallels to our comments. Please quote any of the scenes as you are able. There are always those of us willing to learn more about Red and his background. Maybe Liz had a Ballerina music box when she was small. I loved mine.

I'm going to start reading as soon as I get a chance. I'm so excited about Thursday's episode!

Kodiak said...

Hey, thanks for picking this back up, Tabs! I can see I had good intentions......only 5 months ago, lol. Time flies!

I have been reading them all as they come out. It is cool how they can expand the time frame and locations so much. A lot easier to do that outside of the constraints of the actors' ages and their travel budget on in real life. The one where they are in Germany is really cool from an artistic standpoint.

I think I see similar points to what you do. When they finished out The Gambler arc, I also thought it exposed some possible ideas that feed into the TV story. The government was supposed to protect The Gambler's family and failed. They were all killed. He was former FBI and was on a mission at one point that was to discredit other agents falsely that were causing problems. And yeah, that the Cabal and in particular The Director seem to have some power to eradicate things from general records. I have always suspected that kind of thing was behind the seeming lack of info about the fire and/or Red's disappearance story.

Sorry to being up an ancient story, but thinking about ballerinas made me go back and watch that part of "Mako Tanida" for what might be the 10th time, lol! The scenes are kind of intermixed with the part where Ressler gets Mako's head and Red's note.

Anyhow, it gets said a couple of times in those scenes that Red's daughter danced in it. His face looks very emotional in those moments. Goes back to where I think he lost a daughter. At any rate, his words to Ressler certainly speak of some loss.

Back to the comic......Liz indeed seems to stare at both the ballerina figure in the window and the performance going on later in the episode when they are living/hiding in a backstage. It's like she was taken in but did not know why.

One Paul said...

What did you guys think about the voice calling to Liz out of that little bit of fire before Solomon appeared with her? The one saying "Masha." Was that Solomon?

Tabasko said...

One Paul #8: I think that was "The Arsonist" guy as he kind of appears in the last frame, and whatever Liz did set off the fire. Probably whatever he set up. When Solomon comes in, he comes down some stairs on the other side of the room.

The other thing I wanted to bring up from that issue was Liz sitting the reading a book called "The Yellow King" while Red is out. It is interesting as a choice.

One Paul said...

Tabasko #9
Yes, you are right. Did you read the new one that came out today? The Arsonist guy that was calling Liz "Masha" from the shadows. He incapacitated Solomon so Liz could escape and says "Run, little one" to her.

And he is a guy who sets fires for The Cabal to totally erase buildings and evidence (like houses?) with some special chemical. But they say he has turned on the Cabal.

So he knows Liz. Did he perhaps start the fire? He has major burn scars.

Also, Solomon mentions Bonn again. There must be some kind of Cabal headquarters there for sure.

Tabasko said...

One Paul #10; Yes, I did read it just now!

I was a little floored! This guy The Arsonist, I have to look back for his name again, they gave it, he was calling "Masha" out and yeah he called Liz "little one." That is interesting!!!

You have to think this guy had something to do with the past. Whether this makes it to the show or not, I can't figure out how they are handling that. But she did not mention it to Red when they got back together.

On the story side of the comic, I bet The Cabal had set that Arsonist guy up to die in that last fire and that is why he turned.

Anyway, would make a lot of sense if the Cabal had hired him or a guy like him to wipe the fire house out like the buildings this man destroyed in the book. Like it never existed.

One Paul said...

Tabasko #11
Yeah, Ethan Donovan is the real name.
I had the same thought, that the Cabal tried to kill him and now he is trying to knock them off. Anyway, he let Liz escape, in fact wanted her to and knew who she was. Very curious to see where it goes.