Screencaps and Other Photos

Rings of Mr. Kaplan  and Katarina Rostova
Kaplan, left: KR, right
Mr. Kaplan's is wider, flatter and lacks writing

"Alexander Kirk" - Episode 3.23

Liz in chair at end of episode 

Left; Boscoe when Tom entered truck
Right; Boscoe when driver re-entered after visiting "Seymour Buns"

"Alexander Kirk" - Episode 3.22

Statue behind Kirk #1

Statue behind Kirk #2

Kirk's lamp

"Susan Hargrave" -  Episode 3.21

Red in his airport "disguise'.

"The Artax Network" -  Episode 3.20

Framed art above Dom's piano.

"Cape May" - Episode 3.19

Close up shots of the necklace Red purchased from the beachcomber at the end of the episode.

Photos by Tabs

"Gregory Devry" - Episode 3.11

Red's Map Of Doom


Hideous Fish said...

That first photo - Ep 2.19, Photos from the Flat, is Georgy Zhukov (1896 - 1974), the most decorated general officer in the history of the Soviet Union and Russia. During WW II, he played the most pivotal role in leading the Red Army through much of Eastern Europe to liberate the Soviet Inion and other countries from Axis occupation, and ultimately, to conquer Berlin. He's regarded as a military hero, whose important contributobs to significant Allied victories during WW II were recognized by Dwight Eisenhower and other famous military leaders.

The screen cap photograph is identical to one of the images of Georgy Zhukov if you Google his name.

Red herring (excuse the pun) or important clue?

Tabasko said...

#1 Hideous Fish; That is a WOW. There is no way that is an accident.

He would be a tiny bit old to be Red's father in most cases.

I can't say I'm sharp enough to even begin to guess at what it means to the story of the show yet.

Chompstick said...

#1 - Harry, that's a pretty amazing catch! They can't possibly intertwine a fictional story with historic fact, such as making Zhukov a relative of Red's. Maybe it's another reinforcement of the Russian theme? Definitely intentional though.

Carolina Girl said...

Could the second guy be Sam in his younger days?

Does anyone have the other photos, like the one on the swing and the one with the two children? I just have to wonder if Mr. Kaplan isn't Red's older sister since they showed her kissing him about the time Liz was in the apartment!!

Chompstick said...

I'm thinking she's probably a sister, also.

Lisa Dale Jones said...

If you look down the Wikipedia article on Zhukov, it says he had four children - the youngest was a daughter born in 1957: Maria Zhukova. Masha is a Russian nickname for Maria. Could the writers be trying to hint that Lizzie's mother is Maria Zhukov? And therefore Lizzie's grandfather is General Zhukov?

C Fergy said...

Hideous Fish: I just googled Georgy Zhukov and it looks similar too him but it is not him. Georgy has a cleft chin, Red's picture does not, eyebrows are different, nose is different etc. The uniform is the same so it is definitely Russian though. Good Catch on that.

I think the second picture looks like a police officer not a military uniform. The guy with the mustache? Maybe that is an early picture of Red's Dad.

The high school graduation picture looks just like Megan Boone's real High School graduation picture, so I am sure it is meant to be Liz. The one on the swing I am sure is Liz and her mother.

Chompstick said...

I agree, police uniform not military.

Hideous Fish said...

C Fergy @7. My eyes aren't what they used to be (lurking in a darkened underwater cave will do that. ) I had to scroll down the Googled images a bit, but the one I saw of Georgy Zhukov looked identical in every respect to the screen cap. However, I'll defer to someone who's --- less hideous, as Red would say. Those blind fish he described probably see better than I do.

I haven't been able to figure out if the other B & W photograph -- of the young, handsome mustached man -- is a police officer or military person. I've tried to enlarge the insignia on his hat, to no avail. Too blurry. I don't think it couid be Sam though. I would think there would be enough pictures of a young William Sadler floating around to photoshop him into a uniform if they wanted to. He's 65 now, but he's been an established character actor since the '70s. He played the bad guy in Die Hard 2 (1990); the Grim Reaper in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991); one of the prisoners in The Shawshank Redemption (1994); and the President in Iron Man 3 (2013). It would be nice to see him again as Sam on the BL in flashbacks, or even old photos.

Hideous Fish said...

C Fergy: When I Googled Georgy Zhukov and clicked "image, the picture I was looking at is on the left, twelfth row from the top. There's another copy (?) of the same picture two rows further down. I even compared and counted the medals, ribbons and insignias on the uniforms in the Google image and screen cap photo.

Couid all be an optical illusion on my end though....

Hideous Fish said...

C Fergy: What I meant to get at is that, as you mentioned, the significant clue (if there is one) is that there's a framed photograph of a decorated WWII era Russian General in the flat, regardless of his name.

Which makes me wonder:

Who would revere a Russian WW II war hero from 70 years ago so much that he or she would keep his framed photograph on a mantle ? I figure either a now-elderly veteran who once served under him, or a family member/descendant.

Even though the photograph appears to be of a pre-Cold War general of a US ally, it still seems weird for someone to display a picture of a Russian General in an apartment in Bethesda, Maryland.

I hope this is like Zoe's Russian scarf -- a genuine clue -- and not a misdirection or random household item.

Lisa Dale Jones said...

That apartment just doesn't seem like the kind of place Red would live in voluntarily. My guess is that it's where his parents or parent lived - and the older photos are theirs. It's also the only place he could safely have photos of Liz hanging around.

Chompstick said...

Lisa - yes!

Hideous Fish said...

Lisa Dale Jones @12: Yes!! That would explain it. Especially with the other screen capped photo of a mother, father, son and daughter from what looks like the early 1900s or so. Reminds me of old photographs in grandparents' homes of their families from Eastern Europe (from the clothing).

Strange that aside from Liz (and whoever is behind toddler Liz on the swing), there are NO pictures of any people from the modern era. What about all of the intervening generations after the folks from the 1900s? No other relatives since then who warrant a picture?

Tabasko said...

LDJ #12: I thought that, too. Apartment belonged to the family, yes!

Is anyone living there now is a question, as I would not leave a cat in an empty apartment long-term . Even if someone was checking on it.

Whether the pic is that particular Russian or not, that's yet another Russian connection. The hat guy, I immediately thought Air Force for some reason, but police is certainly possible.

Did Red live is this apartment at some point? Is he in any pics?

Hideous Fish said...

To anybody with better eyesight: Are we sure that's a woman behind the little girl on the swing? The arms and flannel shirt of that adult could be a man's, and I cannot make out the face because of the glare or background sunlight.

Another question: Is it possible there are no better pictures of toddler Liz with her mom because family heirlooms and photo albums all got destroyed in the house fire?

Tabasko said...

HF #16: Charmed posted one in Spoilers a few days back that was slightly more clear of the swing pair. Again, could be wrong but looks like a woman behind the girl in that one. No, not sure though. But in Charmed's link the woman looked like Liz.

If it's a man, the face shape is pretty feminine and the forearms are small.

Hideous Fish said...

Lisa Dale Jones@12: I've got to tell you, when I read your comment:

"That apartment just doesn't seem like the kind of place Red would live in voluntarily"

I could not suppress a chuckle. It made me think back to Red's line in the pilot when he said something to Cooper like, "Save your Starwood points Harold. The Sheraton's not my scene." Then, after Red is led into a suite in a luxury hotel by the concierge, he turns to Ressler and says, "Tip the man, Donald!"

So you are absolutely right. That apartment is definitely not Red's scene either.

Tabasko said...

Chomperina, thanks for posting these. Like everything else here, this is great! It evens me out on my no recap, haha.

I hope your 5 iron didn't leave a mark. :))

C Fergy said...

Dembe did refer to it as Red's flat when he told Liz about it and told her she cannot ever tell Raymond that she had been there.

Also Red said to Dembe, you must go to my flat and get the case, Dembe said I am on it.

Maybe it is a place that he goes knowing that nobody would look for him there.

It does not look like it is some place that Red would live but didn't he get a message to Madeline Pratt or Naomi in a cat magazine?

C Fergy said...

Hideous Fish, here is the link that I found to Georgy Zhukov, he very distinctly has a huge cleft in his chin. You can click view image and enlarge it if you need to, since your type of fish are blind from being banished to a cave for so long. LOL!

C Fergy said...

Also the picture on the shelf to the right of the swing picture....I have a picture like that on my desk of My grandparents and my father and most of his siblings from 1914. I am around Red's age so it is not uncommon for him to have that picture there. In fact my Grandmother is sitting down and has her hair up in a bun with a long skirt and ruffled blouse. LOL! One of the children in the picture could have been Red's parent.

My picture was taken in Scotland in 1914 so the one in Red's flat could be European as well.

Hideous Fish said...

C Fergy @21: I cut and pasted the link you provided and it directed me to some photos on "WikiArt"; those do not include ANY of the Google search images I looked at and compared to the screen cap.

Maybe I can impose on our resident Screen Cap Wizard (Tabasko) to cut and paste the Google search images if it's not a hassle. I don't know how to do it, or even how to hyperlink to the Google images, or I'd do it myself. If anyone can tell me how to do it in a few simple steps, I'll give it a try.

Anyway, the last thing I wanted was to bother anyone or spark a debate about Georgy Z's picture. I think we can agree that whoever it is, the photograph is of a WW II era Red Army general with lots of medals -- which in and of itself is either an intentional clue -- or a red herring.

Hideous Fish said...

C Fergy @22: Yes. That's about the right date and ages of the folks in the photograph. I too had relatives who came over from Europe in 1910-1920, and their family photographs had people in them dressed, groomed and posed the same way as the people in Red's mantle photo.

Mir Donnel said...

Hi! I'm new here. :)

Did anyone else notice that whenever the picture of Graduation Liz is shown, the picture of Hat Man is shown with it, and he's looking "at" her photo? Could be nothing, could be something, I don't know. Thoughts?

Also, when it first shows all the pictures, there is a picture of Sam and kid Liz near the end. It's one that Liz has a copy of too in her box of things from Sam.

Hideous Fish said...

Tabasko - About my @23, 2nd paragraph: I was able to save a Google image to my cell phone, but cannot figure out how to link it, for comparison to your Screen Cap photo. ONLY if this is something you could explain in a couple of short sentences, could you tell me how it's done?

Or, if you've looked at the same Google image I did and compared it to the Screen Cap, maybe you can tell me if my eyesight is really shot, or if CFergy is looking at a different Google search image (I admit I don't have updated software or IOS on my cell phone, so maybe I am pulling up different images when I search a name. )

Charmed said...

#23 HF, Chomps should be back soon. She can make the decision on the screen cap images. You don't want me giving instructions on hyperlinks! Sorry. :)

Charmed said...

Mir Donnell, Welcome to BSG. I didn't notice that it was a photo of Sam and Liz. I did notice in the picture, the Hat man was turned toward Liz's graduation picture. The writers are always dropping hints, so this could be "someone" watching over Liz.

What attention to detail you have. We can put you to work here. lol Don't forget to drop by the Leonard Caul page to comment on the episode and we also have an Off Topic Page.

Tabasko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hideous Fish said...

Tabasko @29: Thanks! I will email it over the weekend , but I want to make sure I am not inconveniencing you in any way.

I'm just curious if that screen capped photo is really Russian war hero Georgy Z, because it might mean something.

Charmed said...

Tabasko, You won't need to post on the Off Topic page, unless you want to teach a class on hyperlinks. If so, may I attend with HF?

Tabasko said...

#30 H Fish: No problem in the least
Just can't type out the how-to @ present.

Is H Fish ok? I get sad for Red typing out Hideous.

Tabasko said...

#31 Charmalicious: Thank you and if needed for certain!

Charmed said...

Tabs, ha ha. You just don't know how technically challenged I am. I don't know why you thanked me, but you're welcome.

Tabasko said...

Just for your general niceness and responses :)

Chompstick said...

Does anyone bother to read the FAQ? I have a whole tutorial on hyperlinks that's been there for almost a year!

It is not possible for anyone but the administrator - Me - to post images.

Another page I would recommend reading is the Reference page for Online Links. There you will find links to and Springfield!Springfield! for hundreds of images. That's where I got the last few I posted. Springfield gets theirs up very quickly; Screencapped is a week behind but they are usually better quality, they have more, and it's easier to navigate the site.

Chompstick said...

#25 - Mir Donnel, Welcome to BSG and thanks for joining us! Charmed is right ...Good catch on the photos.

Hideous Fish said...

Tabasko @32: HF or H Fish (or Underwater Darkened Cave Lurker) is fine. I just loved the hideous fish story so much when Red told it that I had to adopt the screen name.

And how appropriate: the NotaBot is asking me to select seafood.

Tabasko said...

H Fish: Thanks! I love that story, too. Since I think Red isn't hideous, though, I feel bad. Hopefully, Red will be back on his feet and spinning some good ones soon.

Is this your image?

Looks like the same dude to me.

I love when the show has real references.

Mir Donnel said...

Thanks for the welcome!

Charmed - That's what I was thinking too. I really wonder who that is.

Tabasko said...

#25 Mir Donnell: Oh, wow. I missed your post earlier. That's great, I missed that pic of Sam.

A hat wearing man watching over Liz, too? That sounds like a clue and familiar.

Tabasko said...

#41 fix. Donnel. Sorry for the 2 L's. My spellchecker has a new name to learn.

fangirl said...

I'm still wondering, who actually pulled the trigger? Here is a screen cap from SpringfieldSpringfield (I'm a huge fan of the site owner, Steve!). Does the guy standing behind the Director look familiar?

To me, he looks like Motel Man. But maybe he's actually just an unnamed extra. I'd love it if he's Motel Man!

Mir Donnel said...

From what I can tell on IMDB, he's listed as "Associate" and he's only in last night's and next week's episodes.

Hideous Fish said...


Yes, I read the tutorial on hyperlinks but still couldn't do it. Call me the Anti-Aram. I am a confessed tech moron.

I never intended to post any image - even if I knew how. The image I saw on Google is already posted anyway -- it's the same as in the screen cap of the framed photograph from the flat, "Courtesy of Tabasko." There'd be no reason to post the same picture twice.

I was just trying to figure out if the framed photograph in the screen cap on this screen cap page was the same exact picture of Georgy Z I saw on my Google image search, because another poster's Google search image link (CF@21) apparently turned up a different set of photos for the guy.

Sorry about the confusion.

Hideous Fish said...

Mir Donnell@25. Who's Hat Man? Drat! I don't have the episode recorded so I can't go back and look at the Lizzy Flat Snooping scene.

Oh, and whoever commented that Dembe intended for Liz to look around must've been right.

Mir Donnel said...

Hideous Fish #46 - Hat Man is just the name I gave the picture of the mustached man in the hat up there in the photos.

Can you watch online? and hulu both have it up. That's how I have to watch it every week.

Hideous Fish said...

Tabasko @39. YES!! That is the link to the image I saw in my Google search of Georgy Zhukov! Thank you! I copied the link below if anyone wants to look.

While I'm unable to look at the screen cap of the framed photo and the Google image side by side, I switched screens back and forth, compared every facial feature, and again counted the number and type of medals, ribbons and insignias, and where they are placed on the uniform, and every detail looked identical.

I'm relieved that you concluded: "Looks like the same dude to me." I was afraid I was losing my marbles or my eyesight.

The basic questions remain: Why was a framed photograph of a decorated Red Army WWII General on the mantel in Red's flat in Bethesda, Maryland? And who actually lives in that flat and owns the Cat in the Flat? Who's the obscured woman (?) behind toddler Lizzie on the swing? Who's the young guy with the policeman's hat in the other picture? And if these are family photos, where are pictures of intervening generations between the early-mid 1900s and the present, other than Liz? Is Russian Masha = American Liz?

Google Image Link =

Chompstick said...

#45 - Harry, my apologies for sounding snippy. That was not my intention. It's been a long day.

If anyone ever feels there is a good photo to put on a page, you can email it to me, and if it's relevant, I can post it at the top of the page.

It is Blogger that doesn't provide the ability for commenters to post photos, not a BSG policy. That might not have been clear from my remarks. While restrictive, it is beneficial in that it blocks spam photos, and blocks commenters from posting dozens of photos, one after another. And can you imagine if X-rated photos suddenly appeared from a troll??

Additionally, if the photos are large sized files and there are lots of them, they will slow down everyone's browsers.

Again, my apologies for any perceived attitude.

Tabasko said...

Hideous Fish: Yay! You're right, that is definitely Georgy Zhukov. My link was from a reference on him and a pic from Getty Images. Comparing it to the show's pic in the frame, it's the same guy. So that's Georgy Z in Red's home.

I went Bowling tonight, so it made me say dude before. Really.

I and most people reserve photos framed in our homes to family of good friends. Mantle spot would be family.

Hideous Fish said...

Mir Donnell@47. Thanks for the clarification. So the handsome mustachioed young guy with the policeman's (?) hat is Hat Man.

Which brings me to what I think is referred to on the internet as a new "tin foil hat" theory. (It's my understanding that term means the same thing as whacked out speculation.) I'm plagiarizing, in part, from other theories I've read on this site. Here goes:

1. Hat Man was a Russian intelligence officer or former policeman who hooked up with Red's little sister in the late 1970s - early 1980s. Red's little sister was em either an American spy living in Moscow under the alias "Masha" or was an innocent, unwitting young woman living in the Washington DC suburbs with her big brother Raymond.

2. In any case, Hat Man and Red's sister have a Romeo & Juliet-type, Capulet-Montague Soviet-American forbidden romance, producing Baby Liz.

3. The Cabal is formed at the height of the Cold War, ostensibly to keep the peace while publicly, Communist and Western leaders engage in saber-rattling and nuclear brinksmanship. Before long, however, the members of the Evil Club get corrupted by their own power and view themselves as omnipotent rulers of a world government bound by no laws or oversight. Only the most powerful politicians, intelligence directors, and billionaires get invited into the Evil Club; as members die or are "terminated", new ones are invited in.

4. Somewhere along the way, somebody maintains ie compiles secret records of the Evil Clubs' members and its assassinations, massive corruption, bribery, and other crimes they commit with impunity under the guise of "national security" or "economic necessity. "

5. Even "moderates" like Fitch have no compunctions about killing their own citizens and agents just to "prove a point" or to demonstrate their own omnipotence. (Like the Post Office incursion in Anslo Garrick.)

6. At some point, one or both of Liz's parents gets ahold of the Evil Club's records as an insurance policy against being terminated. It works - for a few years.

7. When Liz is four or five, one parent absconds with her for some reason; or one parent betrays the other; or somehow they're discovered by KGB or CIA bigwigs who do not look kindly on Soviet-American Cold War romances, especially when one or both parents are supposed to be intelligence operatives.

8. The night of the fire, armed intruders -- maybe led or joined by Hat Man - invade Red's home. In the ensuing pandemonium and gun battle, fire breaks out and at some point Red's little sister is killed. He blames himself.

9. Red fights back and takes out a bunch of the intruders before being shot and left for dead in the burning house. He is severely burned but is able to regain consciousness and rescue Liz from her hiding place in the closet. Red doesn't know who the intruders are or who sent them, but knows he's got to get Liz somewhere safe, shield her from the trauma of seeing both if her parents arguing, fighting each other, and being killed -- and keep her away from himself, since Red now has a bullseye on his back. So he takes her to Sam, changes her name, and makes sure she's protected from the megalomaniacs and murderers in the spy business and criminal underworld in which he has to navigate to survive.

10. I don't buy Red's recent "explanation" for coming back into Liz's life. As of Seaaon 1, it was about seeking redemption, and as he told Liz at their first meeting, "if anyone can give me a second chance, it's you."

.... My tin foil hat is collapsing. I'll have to finish this some other time. ...

Tabasko said...

#50 correction: That's people generally have photos of family OR good friends not family OF good friends. Big difference, LOL.

A central place like that on the mantle featuring a head shot, for moist people that is a family member's photo.

C Fergy said...

Tabasko & Hideous Fish: That picture that Tabasko posted the link to IS the EXACT same picture that is in Red's flat. Same angle of the face, same stars and stripes on the uniform....EXACTLY the same! That is strange that the writers used the exact picture of him that could so easily be found on the internet. Either they are saying something with it or it is another misdirection of some sort.

Although with so many Russian references throughout the series I am willing to bet it was intentional.

I also believe that Dembe intentionally sent Liz to Red's flat so she could see the pictures. I still don't believe he is her father but he obviously does believe he is responsible for the loss of her parents in some way.

C Fergy said...

I agree Tabasko....I don't think someone would have a framed picture of a military figure just because they believed in their cause. It must be some sort of family member.

However, if someone other than Red was living in the flat....where was that person when Liz went there and how did Dembe know that nobody would be there when she got there? More questions. :-)

Tabasko said...

I know this is Jimmy Stewart, but does his hat look anything like our Mystery Hat Military Man's hat?

I think this is why in my mind somewhere I was thinking Air Force.

Charmed said...

Tabs and All, I was also thinking of Air Force (maybe WWII) because of his neck wear. Do any of these look like the one Hat Man is wearing? Sorry Tabs, I haven't looked at your link yet.

Google airman's cap name WWII and look at the pictures as my link didn't work correctly. No surprise!

Charmed said...

I also ran across this, although it is a little off topic. We are such pet fans anyway:'s%20cap%20name%20WWII&f=false

Yeah Chomps, I'm going to re-read the FAQ page on Hyperlinks again soon!

Charmed said...

Testing link's%20cap%20name%20WWII&f=false

Tabasko said...

Charmed #57: Interesting story. Thanks for the link to read.

Tabasko said...

C Fergy #54: Yes, great question. The cat around tells me someone has to stay there, at least some. Where was the person and who is it? I guess Dembe knew no one would be there, or he could have called them up and just asked for the case, lol.

Maybe Red stays there occasionally, for nostalgia reasons? Maybe he grew up there. Maybe that's his mom's pillow!

Tabasko said...

Charmed #56: Yes, totally agree. Looks just like WWII airmans cap

Hideous Fish said...

Tabasko, Charmed @56-61: it's hard to make out the cap's insignia on the screen cap photo, but the shape and band of the hat look like the one Jimmy Stewart is wearing. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll search "Army Air Corps hats" later...

PS. Russian spy femme fatale falls for handsome American pilot at the height of the Cold War; together, they run off and start a new life together ...until their pasts catch up with them in the form of KGB goons and CIA spooks as they struggle desperately to protect themselves and their young daughter:
Sounds like a good opening premise for a melodrama to me.

Then the story picks up 25 years later with the now-grown daughter and the abrupt surrender and appearance into her life of a brilliant former Naval intelligence officer turned master criminal with a mysterious connection to the star-crossed parents she doesn't remember, a lifelong undisclosed friendship with her adoptive father, and a host of secrets about her past that are so dangerous he refuses to share them with her.

I can see how Sony executives would green light a show like that with a charismatic actor to play the master criminal and an unknown ingenue to play the confused daughter.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting fact. Zhukov had a daughter named Masha. It can't be a coincidence that Elizabeth is called Masha and a picture of Zhukov is sitting on Red's mantle.

Tabasko said...

Here is a more zoomed-in shot of the swing pic.

Tabasko said...

This is a quote from the NBC site about the episode. Of course, details are occasionally wrong there.

"Liz looks around Red's secret apartment in wonder, especially when she spies her graduation photo, a photo of a soldier and a blurry photo of a woman with a little girl"

I thought our view was just blurry, but someone has a blurry photo in a frame?

It does also say "Red's,,,apartment" but that could just mean he owns it, not lives in it.

I think someone lives there, though.

Jay O said...

Tabasko Nos. 64 and 65: That does appear to be a woman in that shot. Maybe.

Maybe a blurry shot is all Red had left after the fire? That is a little unusual, I agree.

Brainstormer said...

Re: Hat Man - It appears to me to be a US Army WWII era officer's uniform. The Eagle on the officer's hat was different than it was for enlisted personnel. The Air Force did not exist at that time. It was a part of the Army as the US Army Air Corps - which Jimmy Stewart was an officer in. The man in the picture could be US Army Air Corps or from some other branch - infantry, armor, intelligence, etc... I believe Lizzie is too young to be the daughter of a WWII vet.

I think the conclusion to draw is that whoever owns this flat has links to both the US and Russian military, at the officer level, dating back 70 years. This would fit with any of the theories involving a forbidden USA / USSR love affair.

brainstormer said...

PS - the same officer dress uniform was used by the Army through the Korean war - 1953. I am not sure if the Air Force switched to dress blues when they split from the Army in 1947.

We shouldn't get too deep into it. These are the same writers who used a WWII era C-47 to transport Berlin from South America to the US and shot it down with an F-14 that has been retired since 2006.

Historical accuracy is not necessary to the fantasy spy genre.

Tabasko said...

Brainstormer #67, #68: I think The Air Force was established right before Pearl Harbor. This article kind of lays out the situation.

But the uniform looks like Jimmy Stewart's in that film so Air Corps is probably right in this instance.

Since the other picture turned out to be an actual person, I was just thinking maybe this one is, too.

Good point on the historical accuracy. Not necessary.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to general Zhukov image on the web

Brainstormer said...

Tabasko #68 - OK, I see what you're saying- in 1941 the name changed from US Army Air Corps to US Army Air Forces. In September, 1947 it officially split into a separate branch called the US Air Force. Within US Army Air Forces there were separate commands known as air forces - 6th Air Force, 8th Air Force, etc... It was still part of the Army and used Army uniforms and rank. It's impossible to tell from the picture because no unit shoulder patch or lapel insignia can be seen. The brown Officer's dress uniform from this era could be infantry, air corps, intelligence, or any other of a number of branches of the Army. My dad was in the infantry in WWII and had a picture in the same uniform except the hat badge and lapel pins are different for enlisted personnel than for officers.

Tabasko said...

Brainstormer #71: Super interesting! I don't know why I find all that so fascinating, but I do. Thanks for all the info. Right, there's a lack of evidence in the photo that makes it hard to determine. Cool that your dad is a Vet. It reminded me somewhat of my dad's Army photo, too (Korean War, though.)

That pic sort of looks like a cross between Clark Gable's Air Force photo and George Preddy, if you have heard of him.

It will probably turn out to be a photo of someone related to a show employee, lol.

fangirl said...

Until Chomps has time to decide about posting the screencaps, I'm happy to share with anybody who wants them. There are eighteen total in jpg format.

fangirlzerofour at gmail

Tabasko said...

fangirl #51 on Leonard Caul discussion page:

fangirl said "The only thing I can think of is "family". But the St. George slaying the Dragon is probably Red, good versus evil, the whole war/adversary theme?"

Yes, I absolutely agree. The main Dutch painting and the painting within the painting; both have a mother and child.

Having read up a little, St. George was an important icon to Russians and I definitely think it is a some sort of allegory to Red. The mantel man, Georgy Zhukov, also won something called "The Cross of St. George", a medal named after the same St. George.

I can't get any more detail on the other wall stuff yet. :(( I will keep looking at it.

I agree with you, also, on the pots. Red would have very particular ones.

I loved your arrow pointing out the kitty scratch post! And your icon is awesome, BTW. I just noticed that. LOL!

Tabasko said...

fangirl, also. The one on the wall, maybe it's a walking stick? The one that has the open round part at the top. It's in your Beach #2 of photos.

The items on the walls, and some of the other art off to the sides (like the possible furniture piece wall hanging or the angular bottle or vase on a table) would easily be associated with Red's wotld travels.

Tabasko said...

Haha Batch #2 not Beach. I guess I must type beach a lot. Wishful thinking!

Tabasko said...

fangirl, last one. The one item you asked about, I couldn't get a shot of it either that wasn't blurry. This is a very wide guess, but it looks ivory to me and might have an image of a seal carved into it. It looks like a harpoon :( or another similar tool.

fangirl said...

Thanks sooooooo much Tab. Really interesting. And that's a great idea -- maybe the stuff is sort of emphasizing that Red is a world-traveler, intelligent, cultured, etc.

lol re beach versus batch.

Bonnie said...

The photo of Georgy Zhukov is the exact one of him in 1944.

Tabasko said...

Bonnie #79: Thanks! A couple of people have posted links to that photo of Zhukov, but nobody (me included) mentioned the year. Could be significant!

fangirl said...
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fangirl said...
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Tabasko said...

I don''t know for sue about 1944, except the Russians finished driving the Germans out of the country that year.

"Zhukov was tasked with driving the Germans out of Russia, and in the summer of 1943 he destroyed the last remnants of Nazi eastern offensive power at Kursk. Then, in 1944, following up on his success at Kursk, he launched Operation Bagration which knocked Finland (a German ally) out of the war and out of the Baltic States. He drove his Russian armies into Germany and captured Berlin."

Bonnie said...

Anyone think there's any significance to why "Berlin" chose his name? Odd that a Russian would choose that name as his operative name. Surely it was well after Zhukov was dead, but perhaps there's some connection to Zhukov's military exploits.

Brainstormer said...

Ok. I was able to find a copy of the July 31 Life magazine on google books. This photo of Zhukov is the cover photo. There is an article about Russia's generals. I couldnt read much as my phone kept crashing. It seemed like a general overview. 1944 is the height of the war in Europe.

Tabasko said...

#85 Brainstormer: Cool! I couldn't find exactly what you did, but I found a small bit.

First, Life magazine cost 10 cents in 1944.

This guy was in the Red Army and received tons of awards, including one called the Order of the Red Banner.

I am fascinated with all this Russian stuff.

Signed, Tabaskov

Tabasko said...

#84 Bonnie: I have wondered about the "Berlin" name for ages! That character started back in The Dark Days, before I read comments on BSG, so I am sure it has been talked about here. But, I think there could be a new connection from G. Zhukov.

Zhukov captured the city of Berlin and I'm sure any Russian person would know who he was, right? Can't be a mere coincidence.

Tabasko said...

Marie asked me on the Spoiler page to share a couple of images of Jasper's tongue's, um, final resting place. She made en excellent guess while we were talking about it before the episode!

Here you go, Marie! Box screencaps. And if anyone else wants to see, too. I did not include the tongue.

Neat box.

Marie said...

Thanks Tabasko!
Very cool box!

Tabasko said...

Liz Mother Ring

In case anyone wants so see/guess on this.

Tabasko said...

fangirl, the more I looked at it, the more that ivory-looking thing on the wall looks like a dagger to me.

The one you refer to in your pictures as to the left of the bookcase.

Smart that you thought to get a pic of the clock....turned out to be important!

Tabasko said...

These are from fangirl. She has taken a lot of nice photos of Red's flat from the last 2 episodes. Some new ones from Quon Zhang are here.

Red's Flat

fangirl said...

Thanks Tab! I couldn't figure out how to post the updated link!

fangirl said...

So the ring worn by Liz's mother in the blurred photo -- was the ring visible in the Leonard Caul episode? Or did they only make it visible in the Quon Zhang episode?

About the ear box -- WOW! Very cool and strange. Are those snakes? Or what?

The set decorator team really did a terrific job with all these fascinating details!

Tabasko said...

fangirl #94: I don't think the ring was visible before. The photo is so blurred/blown out from the flash or whatever, I certainly couldn't see it until this week when it was zoomed in on.

Thinking more about it, it wouldn't make a lot of sense that it could be a ring that KGB members wore. I mean, it would sure make it a whole heck of a lot easier to pick out who is in the KGB if they all wore the same ring!

But, Tom did make a particular point that Berlin wore the same one. And I still think it's odd that she wore it on her index finger instead of a ring finger.

Tabasko said...

On the box, I haven't looked at it too closely, but it would be cool if it were snakes, maybe red cobras or something. Just to give it a little extra meaning.

Tabasko said...

Screencaps related to the Red Ring on the night of the fire:

Naval Academy Ring Red Stone

Man with Red Ring with Liz

Comparison of Red ring hand to James Spader hand

Kodiak said...

Map Of

Kodiak's Russian co-worker says that some of the script looks a bit of what you would call "Faux Cyrillic", like when certain letterings are used to evoke Russian lettering in signage or or other types of media, but aren't the official characters. SO they look more recognizable to people who do not know Cyrillic. So either the engraving was not Russian, or, more likely, just a way for the viewer to know it was in Russian to show it was Katarina's.

Also that "papa" in Russian is simply "nana" and the person who engraved it could have been just not been Russian or not using Cyrillic or a blend or something like that.

Please no one ask how I started this conversation, LOL.

I forget who said something about letter 'p', but I don't see any on there.

Anyway, like Tabs said on the episode page, the point is that is is KR's from her father and what Red read off of it is probably the more important ides.

Tabasko said...

Kodiak #98: Thanks! Nice info. LOL, I have a lot of those conversations under my belt! That is a very likely explanation.

Mr. Tabs is from Germany, and he has said a few times other countries try and make things sound German by just sticking a "Der" in the front and an รถ somewhere. xD

BL Mom said...

Haha, thanks, Tabasko! I can see the little circles in the glasses if I blow it up a bit.

I do like the glasses/beret look!

BL Mom said...

Hi, Tabasko! If you are in a mood to make another screencap, I was wondering if you had the picture that was of the mom, dad, and little girl from FIre Night. I wanted to compare it to the one the was in Kataarina's box or stuff.

I know that was up here at some point. Thanks :-)

Tabasko said...

BL Mom #101: HI! Sorry, i was not ignoring your comment. I was under the weather or quite a few kinds if you saw Chomps' very funny post on Theories. But I do have those and I should be able to get them up soon! : )

Charmed said...

BLMom #101
We usually suffer in silence, but wChomps had an amusing announcement for Tab's this time.
As Lake Girl said Tabs was hit by every weather event, except lightening!

Colleen P. said...

Just re-watched Eli Matchett last night. The shipping container where Red and Liz stayed - the St. George Slaying the Dragon painting is the same one that was in Red's apartment! Either Red owns a duplicate or the painting was important enough that he brought it with him.

Honey West said...

Good catch Colleen P! My re-watch over the weekend was "Leonard Caul" because I wanted another look at Red's apartment after checking out Dom's house on the Blu-ray. I had forgotten about how many art books were on that one shelf. Lots! Seemed to be mostly about American art.

lara1 said...

Colleen P and Honey West - St. George and the dragon; another story about a maiden and a lake; then there is General Georgy Zhukov, a photo of whom is also in Red's apartment. Zhukov also had a role in the Battle of Berlin. I can't quite thread these all together to come up with any meaning; but the thread has a loose kind of stream of consciousness connection! LOL! I've often wondered about that painting….

Chompstick said...

Colleen, welcome to BSG! It's always a plus to have another sleuth among us. The painting is a great catch! Thanks.