Secondary Characters - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The Good:  (probably!)

Ressler, Cooper, Aram, Samar

The Bad:   

Red's People - Dembe, Mr. Kaplan, Mr. Vargas

The Ugly: 

Berlin, The Adversary, Fitch 

The Ugliest (or loveliest):  

All Things Tom Bond

 The Blacklisters 

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Jane said...

Here is a fabulous magazine interview wit Hisham Tawfiq (Dembe) :

Harry said...

Megan Boone making sense in a recent interview with The Hollywood

"I'm adamantly against Tom and Liz being together; I just think it would be really bad for all of womankind."

Amen. [Note: All of mankind too.]

Harry said...

Suggested Ressler Plot Line:
Ever since Anslo Garrick and Mako Tanida, Ressler has been relegated to an afterthought. The pain pill popping plot petered out quick enough. I was going that his parting words to Tom a white back, "I'm coming for you pal", would set the stage for a knock down, drag out brawl with Tom in the last episode. That didn't happen.
The BL ought to rip off "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" (2009) starring Nicholas Cage as a cop who injures his back rescuing a prisoner from a flooded jail cell after Hurricane Katrina. He gets promoted for his heroism -- but a doctor gives him an Rx for pain pills, and before you know it, he's raiding the police station's evidence locker for drugs; frisking kids outside nightclubs and stealing their drugs; and becoming "partners" with the local heroin kingpin.

Soon, the cop is out of his mind and out of control. That's when the fun begins.

It has a happy ending though. I won't give it all away, except to say that he encounters the grateful prisoner he saved at the beginning. They go together to visit an aquarium and sit down with their backs to a wall-sized fish tank. The cop turns to his new friend and asks:

"Do fish have dreams ?"

The End.

It's got all of the elements for a few BL episodes featuring Ressler as he spirals out of control -- and becomes more interesting. It's got a fish story. It's got vicious criminals and corrupt or junkie cops.

I've had my fill of Tom. It's time for The Donald to take center stage.

Harry said...

Correction to #3, 1st para: "hoping ", not "going"

Tabasko said...

Harry #3: What a great idea, hahaha! I am a little hopeful about more Ressler as he got a little time with Red last week and had a funny line directed at him: "When you open your mouth, hay falls out."

All of this time devoted to Tom (like, love, or hate him, he should have gone way undercover by now, like 6 feet undercover) has taken away from Ressler, Samar, Aram, etc.

Maybe there is a good Tom-Donald brawl still to come.

Harry said...

Jolene Fans & Jolene Haters: Rachel Brosnahan will be starring with Cote de Pablo (Ziva from NCSI) on Match 31 and April 1 at 9 PM EST on CBS.
Tune in if you like her. Avoid it if you don't.

Chompstick said...

I'll avoid. I seem to be one of the few who didn't like Jolene.

Harry said...

Tabasko #5: Tom "6 feet undercover." I liked that.

deadskie13 said...

I think this is the place this belongs. At any rate, I mostly want to tip my hat to the writers, more than anything. What I mean is, I'm reviewing the series, and I just finished up the episode with the Deer Hunter. In it, Red has a brief meeting with a cop, who slides in the car seat next to him, speaking about a small window of opportunity to converse with the fellow who helped Liz keep then Tom locked up. At any rate, the meeting concludes with the police man passing Red a brown paper bag with a pastry in it, from his wife, Lucinda. A lightbulb went off, and I scurried to watch the second episode of season three, and there it is--Lucinda is the name of the waitress at Chewy's restaurant, where Liz and Red have a stand-off, of sorts, with the FBI! :D She's the lady who Red says, "I'll get that dear," when she's getting ready to refill a coffee cup--he says her name just before the jig is up, and everyone is moving. At any rate, I thought that was a nice detail--and now I feel inclined to go back and pay more attention to such things the next-next time. This is also a reason why I love the show so much--I trust the writers; you know if they're paying attention to such minor things, that they definitely have control over the major bits.

(Speaking of jigs being up, I'm at work and it's terribly slow, and I'm in charge--but I still feel like I'm hiding in the shadows, waiting for the ball to drop.) ^-^

Tabasko said...

deadskie13 #9: What an excellent catch!!!!! It is so cool that the show runners do things like that. You don't necessarily need some of them to enjoy the show, but for those of us who like to catch those details, it is so fun!

Thanks for sharing that.

Uh, oh. Exactly how much are you in charge of, LOL?

I see your post came up here and another on the Eli M page. May I ask what you're posting on, computer, tablet, phone, etc? I hate for your comments to be missed. You've made some great comments here. I am sure we can figure the problem. You are using a Google account, so you can actually bypass the robot. i.e. not click on it and just hit "Publish Your Comment."

deadskie13 said...

I'm all about details and all about the show, so I imagine I'll watch them all again after I finish this go around, and see what else there is to find. ^-^ Haha! I'm the main printer in a fantastically small specialty photo shop--so I'm basically in charge of me. And maybe one other person for today. But I can give the stink eye to anyone promising things too fast--which is not happening today. XD

Currently I'm on my cellphone--before I was on my laptop at home. I'll try skipping the robot next time! :)

Tabasko said...

deads (hmmmm, I'm an abbreviator, but I don't know about that one. LOL)

Interesting. Yeah, it should give you a message if your post has too many characters or if you fall the robot for some reason. Like you can't recognize pick-ups trucks or pizza. ; ))

Sometimes if I post on my phone and then flip away to refer to something, Blogger does erase my posts before I enter them.

Try something short on the Djinn page and see what happens if you skip the robot, maybe. I wonder if there is a word or something that's triggering the spam thingie.

Like Chomps and I said, feel free to post your Djinn comments wherever and we can move them for you. Even if they double post, they can be deleted.

Sorry again! I hope you still have your comments somewhere if you tried copy/paste.

Sounds like a very interesting job.