The Blacklist Timeline

1960   Feb 7 - Red Born
1979   Dembe born
1979/1980  Tom born
1983   Graduated Naval Academy, possible
1985   Elizabeth Keen born
1985   Red ran point on an attack on the Beirut home of                                          Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.
1985   June - Gina Z born
1985   Jolene/Lucy born
1985   Dembe's family is killed in Sierra Leone
1987   Young girl Red recalls (daughter?) dances Swan Lake. Program dated March 22. 
1989   June - Red coordinated Operation Minesweep, which provided back office support and oversight for Naval Intelligence operations in Kuwait carried out by the 160th SOAR. Harold Cooper is involved in this mission.
1989   Late or early 1990   Likely time of Liz's fire and going to Sam
1990   Katarina Rostova disappears into ocean in Cape May, NJ, 2 months after Liz's fire
1990   Christmas - Red disappears
1990   Naomi and daughter are put in protective custody
1990   December - Date of picture of girl taken from Stewmaker
1991   Kursk bombling guts the Soviet hardliners opening the way to                                   the fall of the Soviet Union
1991   Red produces play "Mother Courage" by Bertolt Brecht with his                                 German friend, Greta
1993   Red and Fitch meet and come to an arrangement
1993   Dembe is rescued by Red
1994   Stolen “no foreign” documents are sold and linked to Red
1994   The Major recruits Tom off the streets at age 14
2002   Alexander Kirk/Constantin Rostov falls out of favor with the                                           Kremlin and goes into hiding
2007   Naomi/Carla's daugher Jennifer dissapears from Witness                                           Protection. It is unknown if she is or is not also Red's daughter
2006   Ressler joins the Reddington Task Force
2008   Ressler leads failed FBI hit squad to assassinate Red in
2009   Liz begins at FBI
2009   Red hires Tom through the Major
2010   Beirut Campolongo Incident
2010   July 9 - Liz meets Tom at cafe in Georgetown
2011   Red fires Tom
2011   Berlin hires Tom though the Major/Major allows Berlin to offer more money.
2011   Jan - Red meets Dr. Sanders in Lichtenstein
2011   Mar 12 - Tom’s Bachelor party
2011   November - Liz weds Tom
2011   Red purchases Paris apartment fot Josephine
2012   Jolene/Lucy skips parole in Sante Fe.
             Convicted felon Ag assault, robbery
2012   June - Victor Fokin killed at Angel Station. Tom and Gina Z. are present in photos. 
2012   Tom buys fake passports and Red hears about it.
2013   June - Jolene/Lucy faked her death in Dayton, OH
2013   July/Aug - Sam’s cancer returns
2013   Jolene/Lucy in Prague
2013   Summer - In Florence Red leaves Madeline Pratt which was supposed to be
 fresh start and way out.
2013   Sep - Red turns himself in to FBI, Liz is to start work at FBI profiling, Liz and Tom   
             to have final 
adoption meeting same day
2013   Oct - Red kills Sam


JBiltz said...

I moved Red graduating to 1983. He graduates by the time he was 24, is what Ressler said. So by his 24th birthday 1984 he had already graduated. I also added the the date Ressler started chasing Red by his “You’ve been 7 weeks, I’ve been here 7 years.”

The preparatory schools at least the one for the Army was for enlisted service members trying to get in to West Point. They do have this program. ” The Naval Academy’s extensive Graduate Education Program includes both immediate and delayed programs. Midshipmen who have completed Academy course requirements early through any combination of validation and overloading can compete for selection and begin work toward master’s degrees at nearby civilian universities, such as the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Up to 20 midshipmen can participate annually, starting graduate work during their first class year and completing their master’s degree programs within seven months after graduation from the Naval Academy. Fields of study are selected from Navy-approved graduate education programs leading to Navy subspecialty qualification.” Its important to remember Red would have graduated thirty years ago and things change.

JBiltz said...

Lucy had been on parole for awhile for aggravated assault and robbery. Suddenly in June she fakes her death and goes off the reservation. Why? We don’t have any idea but Red spent a bunch of Blacklisters trying to find out stuff about her. So it or she must be important.

Sometime during the Summer, Madeline Pratt said they were going to get out of the life in Florence and start over. Red did not disagree with her. More to the point, he let her figuratively beat the crap out of him all episode and a guy like Red would not let this happen because he can’t. At the time I was puzzled by this but when I put the timeline together it hit me. He was letting it happen because he had it coming and deserved it and she was telling the truth. So something caused him to come out and surrender to the FBI in September. The final item is Sam’s cancer comes back during the summer. Without Sam he no longer has any link or association with Liz and Tom is there with her plotting to adopt a baby. Then on the day of their final adoption meeting Red steps into Liz’s life like a 747 crashing into your living room.

And it happened fast, within say 2 or 3 months Red put together not only a terrorist everyone thought was dead on mission of mass casualty vengeance that law enforcement could not ignore and throw him into a DHS hole but some follow up Blacklisters to keep them interested. That is how I see it anyway.

Spaderlover said...

1:35 am October 30, 2013
SpaderLover wrote:
The painting which Red kept looking at is The Storm on the Sea of Galilee. Interestingly it was stolen from the Boston Museum in 1990 and the FBI now knows who they think stole it. So 1990 comes up again- the year Red went AWOL and the date on the photo of the girl that Red removed from The Stewmaker’s album. Is this significant or does the painting’s title just refer to the “storm” which is going on in the characters’ lives?

JBiltz said...

There are a few more dates to add to the timeline but I'm going to wait until we get the last episode because I suspect there may be more coming.

Chompstick said...

Thanks, JBiltz. I look forward to it.

Charmed said...

Liz and Tom met at a cafe in Georgetown 7/9/2010.

Chompstick said...

There isn't anything important from 2014?

JBiltz said...

I don't think doing current stuff is really helpful for a timeline. Its to get the events that leads up to the show. It makes sense of the past.

Chompstick said...

I got you. It's like a foundation for the show, the events working up to the premiere that are referenced to and form the backbone of the show? Not a recap of current events. Would that be accurate? I'll go ahead and post the changes.

Chompstick said...

The timeline has been updated above.

Redravenous said...

You can now add November to the timeline - the month Liz and Tom married.

Lisa Dale Jones said...

Has it been a full year since they celebrated their second anniversary with a recommitment ceremony?

Anonymous said...

Why would Tom's bachelor party come 8 months before they married?

The fire, when Lizzie was rescued by Red, occured 26 years ago at Christmas in December 2014.

Red's daughter dancing Swan Lake in March 1987 - she would have to be at least 10 years old to dance that part making her born in 1977.

How can Carla and Jennifer, who were sent to witness protection, be Red's wife and daughter, if he arrives home on December 24, 1990 to find his family dead?

Naomi (Carla) tells Red that Jennifer left home 7 years before in 2007. Jennifer must have been at least 18 (born in 1989 or earlier) and certainly couldn't be the same daughter who danced in the ballet in 1987.

Red and Carla's daughter is Jennnifer. The birth mother of the baby girl that the Keens were adopting was Jenny - coincidence?

When Red blew up his home, he told Dembe it was the place where he raised his family. Did he have more than one child as 'raising a family' would infer to more than one child, not a single daughter?

Harry said...

#13 [Anonymous] See my Comment #65 dated 2/6/15 under "Luther Braxton - Conclusion" Didcussion page. None of the different dates, daughters, families, wives, houses or events make any chronological or logical sense. The writers should win a Pulitzer Prize if they can make sense of all the (dis-)information they've spewed out.

Tabasko said...

#13: It's dizzying to try to work it all out. 3 houses, Jennifer, Ballerina Girl, Bubble Girl, etc. (see Harry's lengthy list of daughters)- you can't make any sense of it.

The Swan Lake thing really stands out. Wonder if that was a flub of some kind, but it was far enough into the series they are going to have to explain it.

Was is established for sure Jennifer is Red's daughter? I am so turned around on it, but I don't remember that for sure. We know he definitely has A daughter, or that's what he told Zoe anyway.

SpaderIsHot said...

So after the revelation of what happened in the fire, if it happened 26 years ago, that makes lizzie 30 at this time. Didn't she just say her age on a recent episode? The fire took place in 1989 then? That would indeed make lizzie 4 years old at the time of the fire. Right?

Tabasko said...

#16:There are definitely a few different interpretations in this, but I think the fire is 1988.

"Luther Braxton" aired early 2015, and we know the fire was around one Christmas. The closest Christmas would be December 2014. 2014-26=1988.

Liz is definitely 30, so born in 1984 if 4 at the time of the fire. She would have turned 30 in 2014 and would turn 31 in 2015 so that math would work out.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Brosnahan (Jolene/Lucy) was born in 1990. If we assume Red's age and James Spader's age are the same, maybe we should do the same with Rachel Brosnahan and Jolene.

Harry said...

Tabasko (Timeline) #19: I'm hopelessly confused about the year of the alleged fire: Do we know for sure whether it was in 1988, 1989, or 1990 (when he "disappeared" on his way to see his family for X-Mas)?

Also, I see that the Timeline says it was his "daughter" dancing Swan Lake in 1987. Do we know for certain that's who it was? Based on my Super8 Film, reel-to-reel projector Bubble Girl calculations, I don't think the 1987 dancer couid be Liz or her mother.

Maybe it was The Stewmaker's daughter.

Chompstick said...

Without JBiltz here, it's hard to know what some of theses dates are based on.

I know I should know this (at least I know that) .... do we know that the fire was at Christmas? (Don't humiliate me, I do enough of that for myself.)

I don't think there's any indication that the Christmas Eve Story and the fire are the same event.

Tabasko - I'm pretty sure the calendar said April 2005. It was in Dr. Maynard's fiance's home and my take is that nothing in the house has been touched since the accident.

Tabasko said...

Aaaaahhhhh! Add me to the humiliation list I thought I saw 2015 somewhere. Dang. Sorry.

Harry, as I see you haven't watched it yet, in the episode last night it is Liz's birthday and she talks about turning 31.

So, 2015-31 = 1984 for the year Liz is born. I used a calculator to double-check, LOL.

I guess I assumed the fire was at Christmastime or somewhere near because of Liz's memories in Luther Braxton. She had the memory of going to the Christmas tree lot and there were branches and decorations around that appeared to be burning when she was remembering the fire.

If she is 4 at that time, born somewhere around March 1984 would make the fire in 1988. She would be 4 in December 1988.

I'm probably not explaining it well. I don't know why I care about it so much!

Tabasko said...

Additionally, Chopstick, please feel free to delete my original, way-off #19 post! I won't be offended and I don't want to add to anyone's confusion.

Harry #20: No, 1987 would not work for ballet girl for Liz or her mother. I agree with the idea it could be Jennifer.

Chompstick said...

#23 - But Tabby, if I delete it we can't laugh at you. I don't want to be the only one ridiculed!

Tabasko said...

#24 Chomp: Hahaha! Well, I'm useful for that!

Chompstick said...

So if we know the fire was in 1988 (Liz born in 1984 + 4 years old when she got the scar), and Red disappeared in 1990, then obviously they were 2 different events (both at Christmas?)

Chompstick said...

Tabby, you're now clear from chuckles and guffaws - I obliterated your post.

You may have noticed that I apply nicknames to others (terms of endearment, or terms of deer excrement, either way) without first asking. Love it or hate it?

I started a new theory, my first broad theory. It's called "When Liz Was Just An Egg." I'll finish it tomorrow. If anyone steals this idea you will be blacklisted !!!

Tabasko said...

Chompstick #25: I think we can surmise that the fire Liz was in and Red's Christmas Eve disappearance
happened in different years, at least.

Unless the writers made a huge error, (that would never happen!) I don't think the fire she was in could have been in 1990 if she was 4 then and 31 today.

#26: Thanks! LOL! Current and future readers of BSG will appreciate it. no doubt.

I'm all about nicknames, Chompsita, so name away!

I will look forward to your theory!

Harry said...

Tabasko #21: Well, didn't Liz tell the Judge a few episodes ago that she was 30? That's how I had figured she was born ~ 1985. It's consistent with her saying she's now turning 31. Anyway, it's almost impossible for her to be Bubble Girl based on my calculations. Bubble-Headed Girl perhaps, but not Bubble Girl in the home movies Red was watching.

Harry said...

So, do we now assume 1987 Swan Lake Dancer Girl may be Jennifer -- or Liz's mom during a trip in Doc Brown's time machine? *

* If so, I'd like to see her travel to the future and stuff Tom and the Fulcrum into Mr. Fusion to power the Flux Capacitor.

Harry said...

Re: '88, '89, and/or '90 X-Mas? I may have said this before, but it seems like Red never has a holly jolly Christmas. If Liz's house fire (1988? 1999? 1990?) and Red's disappearance on his way to visit his family (1990) occurred in different years, he ought to rue holiday season.

On a related note: I've always wondered how Red's nasty burn scars would figure into the chronological equation. If he had been seriously hurt in a fire in 1988 or 1989, he couldn't just stroll back into the Naval Academy without treatment, or without anyone noticing. If the fire occurred the same X-Mas time he disappeared (1990), does that suggest he ran out of gas/abandoned his car on the side of the road, walked to Liz's house, got third-degree burns in a fire, hightailed it to Sam's house with 4 yr old Liz in tow, and then went on the run?

Since we know Red is impervious to pain (eg Anslo Garrick II). I'll assume he didn't have to go to the hospital burn unit.

Harry said...

Correction to #30: I guess Red had already graduated the Naval Academy by 1988, but wherever he was posted or working, someone would've noticed he was seriously burned. I don't think anyone so seriously burned, even if impervious to pain, could walk around with serious untreated burns like that without risking infection. Plus, it can't be much fun when your skin starts sloughing off and ruins your pretty Navy uniform.

Chompstick said...

(1 of 2) So if we know the fire was in 1988 (Liz born in 1984 + 4 years old when she got the scar), and Red disappeared in 1990, then obviously they were 2 different events (both at Christmas?) So what was it that happened to his family 2 years after the fire, at Christmas time (if the story is accurate), that must have been a situation caused by the fire?

Here's my "Red the Playah" theory.

What if Liz/Masha is Red's daughter by his Russian mistress? She either died in the fire or was made to disappear.

Red graduated from the USNA in 1983, at which time he was being "groomed for Admiral". Unbeknownst to almost everyone, Red was busy with a side job of baby-making with his Russian mistress. Liz/Masha was born in 1984. This, of course, did not sit well with The Groomers who knew any little smudge on Red's image would be disastrous to his career as an Admiral. They were going to make sure the story of Red's affair and illegitimate child never became public. 

Was it their intent to kill Liz and her mom in the fire so the "little blemish" was taken care of? Their house was burned down in 1988 when Liz was 4yrs. All proof of their existence was gone. Red rescued Liz, his daughter, from the fire but we don't know the outcome of his mistress - did she die in the fire? Was she made to disappear another way? Is she in deep cover for some reason? What we can assume is that The Groomers were not altruistically building up Red. He was to be the fall guy for their nefarious plans. Remember, this is at the end of the Cold War, before the fall of the Soviet Union, and also, Red disappeared in December 1990, shortly after the start of the Iraq War. (What is the Kuwait connection with Cooper?) Regardless, Red took Liz to Sam to be raised and loved, with no one's knowledge. It would be easy for the few people who knew of her existence to believe she died in the fire. This would certainly account for how badly Sam wanted to tell Liz the truth.

Chompstick said...

(2 of 2) Liz/Masha lived in the house that burned down, while Red lived in the Takoma Park house (kaboom house) with his family, Carla and Jennifer. Carla knew about the mistress and Liz, which explains her bitterness toward Red. His infidelity is what led to all the catastrophe in their lives. Jennifer must be Bubble Girl and also the ballerina(?) The new photos might help with all of this. It would figure, then, that the Takoma Park house* is the Christmas Eve Story** house: "And then, finally I got there. I walked, I walked through the door. And there was just blood.  All I saw was blood.  All there was, was blood. I can, I can still s-smell the nape of her neck, feel her little fingers on my cheek, her whisper in my ear."

So what happened to Carla and Jennifer that night that resulted in all the blood? We don't know if they were still in the house or not. Since they were put into protective custody shortly afterwards, we have to assume they were still home. My theory is that whoever was looking for Red was sending him a clear message by attacking his family. This doesn't explain Carla's "skills" when she was being held by Berlin.  The consensus on BSG at the time was that she is a trained killer.

* One of the problems with this theory is the real-life impossibility of the Takoma Park house being the CE Story house based on location:  "I ran out of gas. .. No traffic. No cars to come help. Just me and a car full of gifts. It was more than 20 years ago. I must have walked four miles five, maybe. It was so still. Just cold and white."  Takoma Park is very densely populated. It doesn't fit, but then again, 97% of the show is fantasy so it's probably irrelevant.

** Another assumption is that The CE Story is true. I believe it is. It was too heartfelt - some of JS's best acting - to be false.

Addendum -  we know that Jennifer is Red's daughter because of the conversation between Liz and Red in his apartment in Monarch Douglas (I think):

Red: Jennifer. What have you learned about Jennifer?

Liz: I confirmed your daughter was placed in protective custody with her mother in 1990. The Marshal service lost contact seven years ago. She is unaccounted for.

Harry said...

Chompstick #32-33: Well-reasoned explanation. However, I still suspect Red's bloody house story to Madeline Pratt was fabricated to make her feel bad for Red, and give him a viable excuse for blowing her off in Florence, and inducing her to reveal the Kongur Six coordinates. Yes, his speech was "heartfelt" -- but JS couid read aloud a physics textbook and make a woman weep.

My growing fear is that there will never be a way to reconcile all of the Christmases, daughters, mothers houses, and dates. Inserting Tom into Red's back story evidences that the showrunners don't care about consistency with the established canon. The "poor sympathetic Tom" recharacterization and Tom-Liz "love story" tells me that the showrunners are oblivious to the reason why the BL has been a success: JAMES SPADER as cocksure, witty, story-telling, one-step-ahead, self-assured Renaissance man Raymond Reddington. If they think people are tuning in to find out if Tom and Liz are really in love, then they are going to murder the show.

Speaking for myself*, only care about Liz's character in the context of Red's unexplained affection for her. Tom was revealed to be a bad guy. The apparent attempt to give him a redemption arc doesn't ring true. He should've been written out of the show a long time ago -- and I believe that was the original plan.

I only care about Red's redemption arc, and the reason he told Liz in the pilot:

"If anyone can give me a second chance, it's you."

No offense to Ryan Eggold, but if the BL is going to be about him and his magically healing torso, I'd rather watch Sponge Bob Squarepants on the Cartoon Channel.

Final thought: Don't the showrunners realize that in a little over a month the whole world is going to be seduced by the voice of JS as Ultron? And they've got him and his voice on their TV show every week? It's like having filet mignon and Dom Perignon right in front of you but going to McDonald's drive-through for greasy Chicken McNuggets and a fizzless Coke instead.

Also in my capacity as President of ATC. BSG
(Anti-Tom Chapter)

Harry said...

Sorry for the missing words and asterisk in the prior post.

Chompstick said...

Your argument falls short and there are several holes in your theory:

I'm vegan and don't eat filet mignon or chicken mcnuggets. I don't eat any sugar or artificial sweeteners, so the coke is out, too. And finally ....

I love Spongebob Squarepants and could probably recite a few complete episodes. Hey don't judge me on my eclectic viewing habits!

Since part of your post has ventured off the timeline a little, I'm going to respond to that past on the General Discussion page.

Tabasko said...

#28 Harry: Yes, exactly. Liz stated 30 to Judge Denner. That would have put her year of birth in '85 or '84.

Her birthday occurred in this week's episode, so one can assume 1984 now for certain.

Liz definitely not dancing a ballet in 1987. That could be Jennifer as you have mentioned.

Harry said...

You're right. Inapt comparisons, and posted in the wrong place.

Tabasko said...

Chomp #32 and #33: This is quite interesting. Since I want Red to turn out to be Liz's bio father and we have all the paternal clues, even more from this week's episode, this could be a very watchable way to put it all together.

I definitely think Red was pushed into his life somewhat by an event or discovery that prompted his disappearance and 4 unaccounted for years. I don't think he randomly turned.

Could the house where he took Naomi have had anything to do with the Christmas Eve story? That house had to mean something because of her reaction to it. That one is more isolated and I have thought it might make more sense if he ran out of gas on the way there. Then he gets there late and something happens to prompt his disappearance.

Chompstick said...

#39 - Fiery Condiment, I forgot (shockingly) that Naomi had such a bad reaction to the cabin. As soon as I saw the cabin I thought Christmas Eve because of its remoteness but then I thought, why the heck would he return to the site of so much pain? I can picture Red trudging through the snow several miles on a dark county road.

I maintain that he could've told Liz he's not her father without feeling he was lying to her.

"Yes, I'm your biological father but your REAL father is Sam. I'm not going to deny him that title and honor by saying I'm your father. I haven't done anything to earn the right to say I'm your father - I didn't raise you, I couldn't prevent your mother's death, and I'm an awful person."

Has any ever addressed the fact that "your father is a career criminal" sounds suspiciously like Red?

This theory also addresses the underlying Russian theme that periodically pops up.

Harry said...

Chompstick #40: I addressed the "career criminal" description a while ago, not that I'm trying to take credit or anything. (I've watched the pilot numerous times, and remember most of Red's lines. Maybe in part because his voice is so distinctive*.)

Why would the cabin Red took Naomi to cause her or him pain? I thought he blew up the house that represented painful memories. Here's my thought, consistent with your mistress = Liz's mom hypothesis (#32 above): Is if possible Naomi's incredulous reaction was because that cabin/house was the love nest where Red engaged in his extramarital hanky-panky with his mistress ?

* As I wrote in another meandering post that I wish I could amend to substitute the filet mignon and Sponge Bob comparisons):

Final thought: Don't the showrunners realize that in a little over a month the whole world is going to be seduced by the voice of JS as Ultron? And they've got him and his voice on their TV show every week? It's like having filet mignon and Dom Perignon right in front of you but going to McDonald's drive-through for greasy Chicken McNuggets and a fizzless Coke instead.

Tabasko said...

#40 Chompstick: :0

Rats. You're right. It wouldn't make sense for Red to hide Naomi in Cabin-House if something happened exactly there to force him to dissappear.

Maybe Cabin-House is where Red shacked up with Liz's Russian mom. Still, clearly, the fire did not occur there. Naomi had a reaction to being in that house that was not pleasant.

If it was part of the FBI story that he was on his way to that house the night he disappeared, that's another reason he wouldn't go there.

Liz's mother died of "weakness and shame" as I recall Red saying. Since that would never make it onto anyone's death certificate, she could still be somewhere or passed another way, in the fire or elsewhere. If we are operating under the idea that it was her parents arguing outisde the closet door in the Luther Braxton regression, she was alive at least until 1988.

Yes, I also believe there could be an allegorical death for Red as Liz's father.

I think if Sam knows he is dying and has been keeping this secret, he might want to make peace with it before he goes.

At any rate, the fire and Red's disappearance seem to be at different points on the timeline based on what is known now: 1988 and 1990.

And your theory covers a lot.

I have seen it mentioned around here regarding the "career criminal" statement. Certainly, Red fits that bill.

Dr. Orchard told Liz that the roles of people at the fire could have been different from what she remembers, not necessarily reversed.

Tabasko said...

Harry, I see I have had another "jinx" post with you. Lol..

Harry said...

Tabasko #42, para. 2 & #43: How about that? Same thought at the same time.

lara1 said...

hi Tabs

This is a great list.

Not sure how detailed you want to get or how relevant you'd like the info to be.

Do you want to add Dembe's year of birth? I think he was 5 or 6 when his family was killed but I'd need to check that.

Do you want to add 2007 as the year Jennifer (Naomi's daughter) left/ran away?

I'll think of any others.

Tabasko said...

Thank you, lara1, Yes, that's exactly the kind of thing I am talking about! We have not kept up to date on this at all. Great adds!

lara1 said...

Tabs# 46. OK great will let you know any others. The one that jumps out at the moment is 2002 - year that Kirk fell out of favor with the Kremlin. (and I'm personally very curious about that one - why did that happen…)

Honey West said...

Katarina went into the ocean 2 months after the fire/death of Liz's father, not prior - LOL! That would make it interesting!

Tabasko said...

Honey West #48: BWAhahahahahahaha!!

I haven't had a humorous typo in awhile. HA!

Thank you. : D

Honey West said...

Tabasko #49 - I have to admit I did find it quite humorous! And I also knew it was a typo! LOL! It would make it interesting, though, because I think we'd have to have some sort of time travel going on. :-)

Kodiak said...

June 1989 - Red is part of the operation that got referred to in "Mr. Gregory DeVry", a Black Op that also involved Cooper, for intelligence purposes in Kuwait.

1994 - The Major takes Tom off the street and recruits him.

2009 - Red hires Tom.

BL Mom said...

2011 - Liz and Tom married in November

Tabasko said...

lara1 #47, Kodiak #51, BL Mom #52: Thanks!!! Those are good adds.

Kodiak said...

Addition to my #51 -

I found it in the script for Gregory Devry

"March 8, 1985, I ran point on an attack on the Beirut home of Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. June 1989, I coordinated Operation Minesweep, which provided back office support and oversight for Naval Intelligence operations in Kuwait carried out by the 160th SOAR."

That was Devry speaking, but it was backed up to be true by what Cooper said after. Of course, Red had told him this stuff as we found out. And Cooper was involved in the 1989 thing.

Kodiak said...

Red produced a play with that woman he and Liz hid with - in"The Djinn" - in happened in 1991.

Kodiak said...

2011 - Red fires Tom and Berlin hires him. Not sure if these events were simultaneous or how that happened.

Tatiana said...

#55 Kodiak - the play was called "Mother Courage and her Children" by Bertolt Brecht

Tabasko said...

Thanks, lara1, Kodiak, BL Mom, and Tatiana. I have made all of those adds and one or two of my own. If anyone has more, or comments about the timeline, let us know!

lara1 said...

Tatiana # 57 - "Mother Courage" was the play. Thanks for that detail! I didn't know, or maybe didn't remember that. Back in the days when I was not yet obsessed with the show (yes, there once was such a time! LOL).

Well that is interesting. Of all the plays in the world. A mother and the fate of her three children in times of war. Similar themes to the Gorecki music that plays when Red walks through the Takoma Park house.


BL Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BL Mom said...

Tabs, it looks good up there and on the Blacklister page. I will spend some time reading both!

lara1 #59, That is an interesting comparison.

lara1 said...

Tabs, part of my summer homework will be to rematch series 1-2 (and 3 when the DVDs come out), so will keep an eye out for any other timeline things. Ditto, with the Blacklister themes. Not a bad homework assignment to have!

Tabasko said...

lara1 #62: Thanks very much! I still have a couple things to add to the Blacklister page from Eastcoast and a few other posts.

For sure, please post anything you come across.

I think it's time for some rewatching myself!

lara1 said...

Tabs - I've been continuing the re-watch of Series 2 and part of Series 1, noting all dates as promised, and nearly all of the timeline dates have already been noted on your list. However, there are two dates not on there that you might think worth noting, I will mention them now because we now know of Kirk's background while we did not know about Kirk back in Series 2.

In 2/11 - Ruslan Denisov, which you may recall takes place in the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan. The story concerned Anneca Oil, an American company, and the poisoning of the population as a result of leaking oil pipelines. There were 2 pipelines built - each for a huge price benefitting the architect of each deal - one in 1988, before the fall of the Soviet Union, and the then Soviet minister in Uzbekistan, a man called Zhabin, brokered it. The second, in 1992, was built after the fall of the Soviet Union (and, interestingly, I did not hear any mention of the name of who was the architect of that deal).

The first pipeline was by far the deadlier and a huge cover up ensued. Red was particularly interested in getting all the details - the money exchanged and all people involved. That was part of his plan, of course, to gain leverage in his negotiations with Anneca and a means to achieving his quid pro quo in the episode - to get Anneca to abandon the country and the pipeline so that another deal with a French oil company could be inked for another pipeline.

Anyway, I think the dates are more interesting now that we know about Kirk and how he made his money. And that Red knew about part of what had happened with the pipeline…..Not sure its critical to the story, I leave it up to you as to whether to include these dates in the formal timeline.

Tabasko said...

lara1: Hi and how are you? Thanks so much for all of that. I really do appreciate the adds!!!

I will get that in there very shortly. Thanks for contributing! Great info.

lara1 said...

Tabs #65 - thanks Tabs. I am well, thanks, enjoying the summer though pining for the Blacklist! Hope your summer is meeting your expectations.

I have some info on the Blacklister themes also. Interesting how certain things stand out when you stream a bunch of episodes in one sitting….will try to put that together in the next day or so.

lara1 said...

hi Tabs, not sure if you want to add the year of Sam's birth (according to the cover of the memorial service, 1950). I only mention it because Red's relationship to Sam has never been resolved, and I believe that there was a reason why Sam was in Tom's codebook - that we don't know about yet. Red, in fact, made a somewhat ambiguous statement to Liz near the conclusion of Season 1, when she betrays him back to the FBI. He says something like, this is all about Sam. What have you found out about Sam? The former, you think, is that Red killed Sam and Liz knew that by that point in time. but the second question was never answered (as far as I recall).

One day, maybe we will find out….

But up to you of course, you may have thought it unnecessary for the timeline.