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Honey West said...

Very interesting, Chompstick. How does this work without tags? I am posting this as an experiment because I think I know.

Chompstick said...

Did you read the announcement on the front page? That should explain it. Big policy change effective immediately.

We are no longer tagging spoilers or limiting them to a spoiler page. It was getting too cumbersome and it seems as if almost everyone is reading spoilers anyway. It will be so much easier to discuss our theories on the current episode page by using what's considered spoiler information, instead of having to hop back and forth.

Basically, no spoiler tags anywhere; spoilers CAN go anywhere

Honey West said...

Can't wait to read your recaps again, Chompstick! I hope you get some time to get back into writing those.
Yep, I just finished reading the front page, excellent!

Are we the only ones still awake? 😴

Chompstick said...

Aren't you usually the only one up at this time of night? I'm up late because I had to coordinate putting the new page live, inactivating the old page, posting the announcement, updating the topics list and FAQ Page, and linking everything together at roughly the same time. Since inevitably there would be down time, I wanted to do it when most people were snoozing. I knew you'd be the first one here, being a California Girl!

Honey West said...

LOL! Being a West Coast insomniac does have its advantages, I guess! Actually I was just watching Jimmy Fallon, so it's not really that late!

You been busy!! But I'm gonna call it a night, I can't wait to see what people think of the new stuff in the morning.

I guess I could go back to being California Girl, but I like being Honey West much better! At least she was a detective.

Kodiak said...

I knew Glen read spoilers, LOL.

Nice new page!!! This will be a great way to keep track. Hooray.

IreneAdler said...

I stumbled on another forum where one of the posts said: "They moved the filming of season 4 till January 2017 because of Megan's maternity". Anyone heard anything like that? On the one hand it would confirm that she is not dead, but on the other we would have a really loooong break after this season finale, so I hope it’s not true…

Chompstick said...

Noooo, you're our Honey West, with such rich, intriguing imagery of the sultry, feline femme fatale.

Would you rather be thought of as this: Honey West

Or this: California Girl ?

Chompstick said...

#7 - Irene, I haven't heard that, but I'm not exactly current. Now I'll get to catch up!

I just googled it and the most recent information I found regarding a release date was, "Aside from the confirmation of The Blacklist season 4, NBC has not made any statements regarding a release date." It seems like it would be a huge mistake for the network to make, and I can't imagine Megan has that much negotiating power. Out of sight, out of mind, oh I'll find some other show to get hooked onto instead. The only way I see it possible is if they put the spin-off in The Blacklist's time slot for the fall.


IreneAdler said...

Chompstick #9 I saw that page too, so I wasn't too worried about this info, I posted it here just in case, because I know there are people way more skilled than me at finding spoilers/info...

Although, now that you’ve mention the spin-off, I am a little worried. I’ve wondered why they they've decided to do it in the first place. BL doesn’t seem to me as the kind of show that could/should have a spin-off. But maybe it was done just for the reason you said, so not to lose viewers during that long break. I really hope it’s not true.

Personally I'm not a bit excited about the spin-off. Tom is not one of my favorite characters at all, and while I like very much Solomon as the occasional blacklister, I'm not particularly interested in him as a main character. I will probably watch the spin-off just so that I don't miss at any clues that are related to the main show, but I doubt I’ll enjoy it.

Charmed said...

Kodiak #6
Of course Glen reads spoilers. He can't spend all his time reading travel guides and dating sites! :D

IreneAdler #10
I'm hoping the spin-off will be much better than what we've been thinking and won't cut into The Real Thing too much
We will be Okay.

Charmed said...

Chompstick #8

Honey West, please! She was the first female detective on tv, and Bruce, her ocelot was the perfect accessory!

Chompstick said...

Irene, my personal opinion on why they're doing the spin-off is because they backed themselves into a corner with Tom/Ryan Eggold. The audience's feelings for Tom have been all over the map during the 3 seasons, and have been solidly positive this season for the majority of viewers. At this point it's fair to say the character is wildly popular with many viewers. Furthermore, Ryan Eggold is extremely likable. Try to catch any of his Today show interviews or ones where he plays the guitar.

Anyway, TPTB now face the quandary of having two men with "lead actor" characteristics. They can't have a secondary character like Tom threaten the popularity of Red, so the choice is to 1) turn Tom bad again, or 2) get rid of him. Either scenario will infuriate and alienate Tom fans, so really the only decent option is to move Tom off onto his own show.

I am a huge Tom/Ryan fan (Tabs and I waste a lot of time texting about Tom), but I understand your point of view. There's room for Blacklist fans of all kinds. I would prefer that this doesn't spark a debate with anyone (not meaning you Irene, I mean in general) on love or hate Tom, or Tom vs Red on this page. These discussions sometimes flare up. The proper place for them would be on the Tom Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Page, or for strong negative opinions, on The Cranky Curmudgeon Page.

Ines said...

Chompstick this is great! (Very organised ;)) I actually was mostly commenting on the spoiler page because I couldn't use spoiler info in the episodes pages!

This also mean that my spoiler recap of the week is not needed anymore?

About the new stuff...When I find new promos, do I posted as usual (and then you or Tabs/Charmed update the top of the page) or do I send the link by email do you guys? which do you guys prefer?

IreneAdler said...

Hahaha, don't worry Chompstick, I won't start a debate, if nothing else I'm too lazy for stuff like that :)
And I do like Ryan! I think he is a very good actor. I just think Tom has become a bit boring since he is back at being a good guy. I don't see that anyone could really threaten Red's popularity (probably because I look at him through pink glasses and all :)) but I agree that Tom/Ryan is also lead actor material and that a spin-off is a very good solution.

Charmed #11 I hope you're right. They haven't given us much to go on, so it could surprise us in a positive way. I was just thinking about my previous experiences with spin-offs, I rarely liked them.

Charmed said...

We will always need you! One of my buddies will get in touch with you soon. I have to leave soon.
I'm glad you are excited!

Magz said...

I like the new page! Rori per your response to my previous comment on the other spoiler page...I agree that could all be a possibility since we know Red had surgery and some other things I noticed through the years including JB'S comments about end game. It certainly would be a shocker for most viewers. But maybe not since my mom picked up on it! Lol

Tabasko said...

Ines, yes we need you more than ever. I an rather in the weeds thus morning but I will answer you later and add credits to you, our official Spoiler Compilation Master.

Oh dear, Red is Liz's mother. LOL. I think that one is a little dead now with all the KR stuff. Hahaha. I find Red's urbane and caring side quite manly!

Tabasko said...

Or email me, Ines. Ty.

Honey West said...

Chompstick #8 and Charmed #12. Well, if those are my choices I will remain Honey West, fer sure! Gag me with a spoon! Oh wait, that's Valley Girl. We in the north part of the state do not speak like that, at least not since the 80's! I am a Valley Girl, but it's a different valley. Remember The Big Valley with the Barkley clan? More like that. And I don't have an ocelot, just a Siamese who thinks she's a mighty jungle cat of some sort. Plus, I can always assume my Russian spy alter-ego Honey Westova from time to time.

LOL! This is actually going to be hard to "un-train" myself from using spoiler tags.

Chompstick said...

#14 - Ines, your contribution to the spoiler information is and has been very useful and appreciated and we still hope we can rely on you as a valuable resource. Charmed, Tabasko, and I spent hours on the phone together (three-way!) discussing how to change the spoiler policy, and how to incorporate you into the new structure has been a part of our discussions since the beginning. Tabasko is going to be the one of us primarily in charge of updating this page, and I believe emailing with her is the best solution. As she said above, you will be credited for your work, as you deserve.

Tabasko will explain this further as this is her territory, but I wanted to take a moment to allay your concerns.

If you haven't yet read the announcement on the home page, that should provide more details.

Ines said...

Charmed #16, Tabasko #18, Chompstick #21 - Lol, forget about the credits, lol. I just don't want to overstep somewhere...I can still do a wrap-up of the other bits that members posted (like twitter links, BTS photos or news articles) if they are related to the upcoming episode (as I told before Is no trouble as I already tend to do it for me), and email Tabs with the promo links (usually by Friday I can find the global promo somewhere).

Honey West #20 - LOL me too! Tonight live comments are going to be fun!

Ines said...

Exclusive: Get Your First Look at Famke Janssen on The Blacklist


Although I'm not messing and commenting much in the all spin-off stuff I love Famke Janssen. This pictures do look promising, and I think they actually from the episode 3x21 "Susan Hargrave". There is definitely story there!

Also note that they also state: "Susan 'Scottie' Halstead, who'll make her debut on the May 5 episode, titled "Susan Hargrave"..so they continue referring to her with two (very similar) but different last names, if we assume that they are indeed the same person (as two women named Susan in the same episode is very unlikely)

Tabasko said...

Hey, ya'll! My favorite subject: spoilers!

Yes, to be more clear, no more tags!!! Woohoo!!!!! Think of all the free time we will gain and keystrokes' lives will be saved. No more wearing out your copy/paste function.

It is my intention that we still post major spoiler info here, especially and most importantly the ones for far future episodes. That way they are gathered here. We all know the way they come out can be so far ahead, and it is just too cool to have them all to refer back to here, rather than try to remember where they are in episode pages. But it is my hope that Ines and I keep track of them, as she has been doing. And we can comment here, there, everywhere. It should make it easier and more fun for all.

We can discuss them across the pages as we wish, which will be great, because many of our opinions and theories about current episodes are very much based on our spoiler conversations. Many great comments and ideas were being lost hiding over here. No more!

No more pretending we did not see the preview for next week while we are watching the current episode! And it will be great to summarize what we know as new episodes start on their particular pages.

And yes, going through the list of old and new, the vast, vast majority of our group were on both pages.

I will add this info in a bit to the header. I fell asleep while Chomps was posting the changes, LOL. True. We wanted to get the changes out before tonight, so the info header here needs a couple of adds.

Ines, yes, please continue to do the collection as you have been. I have emailed you back. :))

Ines said...

So after speaking with Tabasko, here is another promo I come across.

AXN promo for "Cape May" 3x19

"Someone has to pay..."

Tabasko said...

Kodiak #6: LOL! Thank you for noticing my carefully chosen Glen photo. I am sure he is into spoilers of all kinds.

IreneAdler #7: No, I have not heard anything like that, either. That might be a guess someone made that turned into a rumor. MB has already been off, and should have a nice break if they don't bring Liz back right away in S4.

They usually don't put out a start date for the next season until into summer. Who knows why.

Irene #10: I have similar mixed feelings to you about the spinoff. If it is a good premise, I am interested. Famke Janssen is good. Chomps has some great points in #13 about the whys. I believe from listening to the showrunners off the show for the past several years that is is because of Tom that the spinoff was even considered. They love the character, but there is not much more for him to do here. So it's a win-win there for people who like or people who do not.

I am personally a little bummed about Solomon. I 1000% agree he is an awesome villain and Edi Gathegi knocked it out of the park performance-wise. But I was looking forward to seeing him go here on TBL and I feel a bit deprived on that. You can't beat up Dembe and kidnap his grandchild and walk away in my book! : ( Oh, well.

Ines #23: Thank you as always!! Keep it up!!

Lake Girl said...

Thanks for the info Ines. Can't wait for tonight!!!!!

Ines said...

Tabasko #26 - Ohh I'm with you there. Edi. G did awesome job, there is no question..saying that I was actually more than a little bummed that we did not see the end of Mr.Solomon. One thing the Blacklist though us is that you do not mess with Red "family" and get scot free (reason I'm a also little worried for Nick and Mr.Kaplan). Even worse he mess with Dembe's family, so even the all peaceful Dembe had reasons to cross that line and actually enact some punishment.. So since that aerodrome scene back in "Arioch Cain" my imagination was running wild, imagining all sort of scenes involving the three of them..And finally they announced the two-part episodes and I though here it comes..But no..in the end we got two episodes (even if really good ones) named Mr.Solomon with not even be close of resolving his story (as we came to expect to happen when a big baddy is given the episode title).. LOL..sorry for my rant, I'm still not over it..

Ines said...

The Blacklist Writers Twitter:
What to expect on tonight's #TheBlacklist,

The Blacklist Twitter:
Trying to mess with our heads (I actually had forgotten about this Mr.Kaplan scene)

I'm actually pretty exiting for a episode full of James S.
Going to try to catch some sleep now, see you all in a few hours.

Big Bad Bazzer said...

Whats been confirmed about Edi "Solomon" Gathegi's further participation in TBL?

Also, anyone else know what J. Spader's favourite book is? I know, but wouldn't mind someone else taking credit! If no one pops I'll do the big bad bazzer reveal!

Tabasko said...

Ines #28: Yes, I agree. Maybe he will make a crossover appearance if the pilot gets picked up to come back and die here, LOL.

Thanks for more good stuff! It will be fun to talk about spoilers in the episode page. We can probably just post whatever comes out tonight for next week over there.

Bazzer #30: There is a pilot for a potential spinoff of TBL coming in this year's 3.22 episode. Edi Gathegi's signed to it, so he's around for a bit!

We will have an article about it around here soon.

I have no idea on James' favorite book. I am certain it's interesting.

Big Bad Bazzer said...

I actually believe Tom & Solomon may fare well as main characters in the BL spin-off. Tom (Ryan Eggold) has come a long way since his debut on BL and has a well-rounded approach. Gathegi might be a genius of the quirky character. However, neither man has the acting chops of masters like Michael Emerson or Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest and that show was ended after 5 brilliant seasons. Speaking of Person of Interest - I think most of the actors are available now as they've completed filming their final season (debuts May 3 as CBS just wants to burn them off cuz POI actually makes most of their other product look inferior by comparison).
Sarah Shahi has been cast for the pilot of Carolyn Keene, PI. But Emerson, Caviezel, the quirky Kevin Chapman, Enrico Colantoni and the fascinatingly brilliant Amy Acker (aka Amy Acktress) evidently have not been booked full-service.
Love to see Acker as the female lead. Her portrayal of the perky psychopath Samantha "Root" Groves on POI was nothing short of dazzling. She elevates every show she's in. Her scenes with Emerson and Shahi were mesmerizing.
Love to see her jump over to NBC - or even go to a long-term project like Criminal Minds.

Big Bad Bazzer said...

@Tabasko (and all other TBL blog readers for that matter)
James Spader's favourite book is "Up in the Old Hotel" by famed New York writer Joseph Mitchell.
James gave this book to Jimmy Fallon when he did his first interview with the NY-based late night host over a year ago. I believe he also tried to give one to another host (can't remember who).
If memory serves Fallon barely acknowledged the receipt of the gift (I suspect Jimmy doesn't know what a book looks like) so James probably felt slighted (I'll leave him to say exactly how he felt) and doesn't do it anymore. Here's a bit about Mitchell's book and writing style. I think you'll see quickly why Spader glommed onto it?

Up in the Old Hotel

by Joseph Mitchell, David Remnick

4.36 · Rating Details · 2,381 Ratings · 239 Reviews

Saloon-keepers and street preachers, gypsies and steel-walking Mohawks, a bearded lady and a 93-year-old “seafoodetarian” who believes his specialized diet will keep him alive for another two decades. These are among the people that Joseph Mitchell immortalized in his reportage for The New Yorker and in four books—McSorley's Wonderful Saloon, Old Mr. Flood, The Bottom of the Harbor, and Joe Gould's Secret—that are still renowned for their precise, respectful observation, their graveyard humor, and their offhand perfection of style.These masterpieces (along with several previously uncollected stories) are available in one volume, which presents an indelible collective portrait of an unsuspected New York and its odder citizens—as depicted by one of the great writers of this or any other time. (less)

Paperback, 716 pages

Published June 1st 1993 by Vintage

Tabasko said...

Eastcoast #145 from "Ye Olde Spoiler Page":. Glad you are back. I hope you made it over here.

You have some good points here. I am on the fence as to whether Dr. Nik is safe, as in I will take no bets. I could see Red blaming him for something in a bereaved and despondent manner, or taking this opportunity to thank him and move on. Let's hope for the latter.

That is an interesting question as to who might get suspicious. I think for the time being, it will look like Liz is pretty gone.

Yes, I see what you mean about the men running. Can Pill Popper run? That is my question, LOL.

Solomon will be out for Hitchin, no doubt. And I can't stop thinking the Car Person will be out for Solomon. Maybe Tom ends up being in charge of all of them in the pilot!

I am very interested in tonight. I sense an Emmy nom. The tweet from Daniel Knauf had "haunting" in it. I think we may be seeing some interesting projection or recall. And "redemption."

You can see Red running on the beach in a couple of the promos. And we know someone, probably "Sasha" goes into the water. I think he is going to save her.

Tabasko said...

Thanks, BBB #33. Very interesting info. Sounds like a cool choice, of course!

Chompstick said...

Tonight's Cape May page is open. Have fun!

Eastcoast said...

Thank you Tabasko!
The new pages look nice!
I am happy about not needing spoiler tags!
I just left a comment on the other PC about Dr Nik. He looked very distressed and I dont see him in any of the funeral pics. Not a good sign...

I hope next week gives us some more answers.

Ines said...

Spoilers for Episode 3x20 - Artax Network
The promos:
NBC promo
Global Tv promo

The pictures:
NBC Photos for Episode 3.20
Spoiler Tv Photos for Episode 3.20

The other bits:
-Official synopsis: already at the top of the page
-Photos/Videos from the Set:
Ressler + SWAT Team


First impression is that in this episode we will see a lot of Aram (like the Director part 1), and better we will get Aram and Red interactions. In the Globo promo you have a bit more of dialogue and it seems Aram come to collect the Red's debt to him. So it seems Red wants out and Aram is the one coming to get him. Intreating dynamic to see, the task force actually admitting they need Red.. Also one as do admire how much Aram has grown, from the guy that couldn't even speak with Red in coerente sentences.
By the pictures probably Red says no at first (as it looks like by the promo) and then something makes him act and he gets involved. Him showing up in Aram's door can mean that he is "reporting to duty" or that he is in the end taking Aram for getting to him..

Cooper will be contacting Tom, they did build a weird working relationship when tracking Karakurt so It makes sense if someone is in contact with Tom is he.

In the NBC promo (0:20) - Is that Charlene in the screens?

We also get the first glimpse at Susan 'Scottie' Halstead (Famke Janssen), but probably will be just in that video that Red is watching (the article in #23 stated that she will only make her debut in May 5). Maybe her will be the reason he changes is minds and "goes to work". Also she kinda that fits as the Car Person.

Other things to get exited about: Aram's speech, Aram comforting Samar. Harper and Samar fight!

/ \
'------/ \------'

Here is a Fedora to commemorate the week the spoiler page gain its freedom

Tabasko said...

Thanks, Ines!

It went to Spam. Sometimes the links get flagged. Who knows why?

Comment more later! Great job and thanks for letting me know you post vanished. Whew!

Wonderful compilation! I like your somewhat crushed fedora. : )))

Ines said...

Tabs You can delete #39 if you want, for some reason the links in the "Photos/Videos from the Set"are not working right, and not all are showing up so I will just post the direct links.

-Photos/Videos from the Set:

Set picture where Tom and Red seem to be both present

Set picture with Tom and Red's chairs:

Ressler + SWAT Team

and again ignore the little scribbles in the end of post #38 - My attempted at making a fedora failed completely, looks that when you post they eat the empty spaces, well I'm always learning.

Ines said...

Spoilers for Episode 3x21 - Susan Hargrave

Spoiler Tv Photos for Episode 3.20

- Someone is killing Cops
- The women in the Red dress is probably Susan Halstead (Famke Janseen).
- Dembe :)
- Looks like Red is back to his part-time occupation, party crasher!
- Who is that women with Tom? Ideas? thought?
- Is Tom going undercover? He looks like he is spying on the women computer..
- Can anyone read what is in that letter?

Finally can we assume or not that Susan 'Scottie' Halstead (Famke Janseen character) and Susan Hargrave are the same person? the names are confusing me...

Chompstick said...

Tabasko has published her first article so go check it out. Great Job!

The Blacklist Spinoff - Plus 23 Episodes to Air in Season 3

Ines said...

New promo for 3x20 - Artax Network

as the source says: "No additional scene, but the dialogue is slightly different."

AXN promo

Ines said...

So according with WSJ next week guest star will be Brian Dennehy

"Dennehy will be playing a character named Dom who has known Raymond “Red” Reddington for many years. Dom has been mourning a tragic personal loss for a long time and when he crosses paths with Red again, it brings up some old memories that Dom would rather forget. No word on whether Dom is a one-time guest or if he may appear in future episodes.""


Honey West said...

Good job as usual, Ines.
The letter says:

We should talk.
Call my exchange.

R could be either Reddington or Samuel Rand.

The cops appear to be Maryland Transit Police. They both apparently get killed, the second one seems to be slumped in the car behind Dembe. The car has Maryland plates.

That's probably who the woman is. Red seems to know her and doesn't seem to mind meeting her. But he is then shown sitting across from her holding a gun.

It took me awhile to go through all of the links for everything. You have been very thorough! :-)

I had a thought that the old man Red was going to see in Artax might be Brian Denny's character, but I still think it looks like the back of Velov's head. Unless Dennehy has no hair for this role.

I figured Aram was going to Red for help and is probably the only one who could locate Red. Figured he would use the you owe me angle to get Red out of the house. Apparently it worked and Red goes to Aram's apartment all dressed and ready to go.

Not Charlene on the screens, I think that's Nez Rowan?

I wonder if Cooper will be the go-between that gets Tom into the spinoff as an FBI asset?

Great job with the article, Tabasko!

Tabasko said...

Thanks, Ines! What would we do without your info? Priceless!

Thanks, Honey West!

Time to look through these myself.

Chompstick said...

Ines you are invaluable!

Lake Girl said...

Thank you, Ines, for all the links and spoilerly info! Before I found this group, I got most of my info from the NBC site. Occasionally from other places.

Kodiak said...

Thanks, Ines! The weekend will be perfect for looking through your awesome finds. Thanks!

Lake Girl #48 yes, me too! Honestly, I do not know how I survived before I found us, lol.

Rori said...

Moderators Extraordinaire: I accidentally posted my Episode 19 comment here on the Fancy French Named Spoiler's page. Is it possible that someone might move it over to the episode discussion page?
With all apologies for the inconvenience and gratitude for your kindness!!!

Chompstick said...

Oui, bien sûr Rori . Il est pas un inconvénient du tout . En fait , je savoure l' occasion de montrer ma maîtrise de la langue française ( ou, plus exactement , ma portée d'un Anglais en ligne pour l'application de la traduction en français ! )

Yes, of course Rori. It is not an inconvenience at all. In fact, I relish the opportunity to show off my grasp of the French language (or, more accurately, my grasp of an online English to French translation app!)

Chompstick said...

#49 - Quote of the Day award goes to Kodiak:

"Honestly, I do not know how I survived before I found us, lol."

Tabasko said...

Ines #38: Finally looking through for next week. Well, at least we know Red is around! You did a great sum up of what's in the promo/preview stuff. I also love that Aram is going to Red like that. Excellent character development for him. He has to be deeply affected by Liz's death

Lake Girl said...

I, too, love how Aram's character is developing. From a jittery computer geek who could barely look at/talk to Red to this strong man who looks Red in the eye and tells him he has to help him because he owes him one. Go Aram!

Kodiak said...

Chompstick #52 hahaha! Thanks. I won, I won!

Tatiana said...

41 Ines

It looks like the bloody envelope/letter says, "we should talk, Call me" and then a 10 digit phone number.

The scenes show Tom wearing Teacher Tom glasses (ugh!). Is that to spy? or is that so he can lead a better life for baby Agnes? I'm pretty sure he doesn't leave the criminal life.

Tatiana said...

Oh dear! I may be sent to the cranky curmudgeon page for this one, but I'm flummoxed and fearful that the rumor might be true: TBL won't start again until January 2017??? We must get the task force on it stat!

There are no combinations of pharmaceuticals that could help us survive such an abyss.

Tatiana said...

I was looking at the photos and smiled when I saw the Honeywell thermostat on Aram's wall. But just above it is what looks like a Mezuzah. Did anyone notice this? I didn't think he was Jewish. Just wondering.

Tabasko said...

Hey, Tatiana #58!

From "Dr. James Covington"

Samar Navabi: Where I come from, fear is the only deterrent.
Aram Mojtabai: I'm from Delaware. No, I'm- I'm just saying. I'm actually half Jewish. Well, a quarter, really. Half Muslim, too, so... but... who's counting?

Another priceless Aram moment. : ))

T #57: Where is the January info from? I have to say, I have not seen that anywhere. Um, no, that would not be good!

Eastcoast said...

Tabasko and Tatiana 57, I saw the same thing about January 2017 the other day. I didn't post it because I thought maybe I was having a nightmare and didn't see it right....

Tabasko said...

Hey, Eastcoast! Thanks. Do you happen to recall where?

Eastcoast said...

No I dont. I can only remember it was listed after one of the reviews I was reading about the show.

Eastcoast said...

If I remember correctly they were talking about her having a long maternity leave and that maybe that was the reason for the spin off so people didn't lose interest in the show.

Tabasko said...

Thanks, Eastcoast! Something to look into.

Tatiana said...

#59 Tabasko

Ha! I thought I was wrongly remembering a character from a different show. Thanks for that! (it was such a cute Aram moment!)

Kodiak said...

Ines #41 yep looking around at everything I think Scottie/Susan has 2 last names with the firsts. Or it is like Alan Fitch was and they changed their minds on the character names in between casting and writing.

Eastcoast/Tabs a couple numbers. Oh man. Let's hope no delay. I am thinking (hoping) the spin off is more for giving Tom story than for giving Megan B more time off. I hope! I mean, they could leave her off for as long as she wants. I hope they don't halt the show for that long.

Well now to look through all the Spoiler stuff.

Kodiak said...

Hey, Tabs
I think we found out Laurel Hitchin is coming back like in #21 or #22. Do you remember that?

I wonder if she will get killed off.

Big Bad Bazzer said...

#58 Tatiana - Mezuza on Aram's wall could be friendship tribute to Mozhan who plays the ex-Mossad agent on show. So much so he used her name "NAVABI" as the code for the 'Pod'. . . . the one he held off Peter's mugs for so long until he relented when they began sucking the air out of it - reason btw that Red is indebted to Aram!

For clarity Mozhan Marno is Arabic NOT Jewish. But she plays one on TV!

Tabasko said...

Big Bad Bazzer #68: If you saw my #59, Aram is actually part Jewish, so that is probably what that comes from. But yes, Aram is definitely attached to Samar.

Samar herself is Iranian, and I am pretty sure Muslim. They established in "Zal Bin Hassan" she was Iranian-born Baloch, who are almost all Muslim. And she referred to Allah in "Luther Braxton."

Kodiak #67: Oh, thanks! That is right. I will have to dig that out and add it uptop. I plumb forgot!

Anyone, please let me know if I have missed spoilers we have unearthed for the bar up top. : )

Tatiana said...

So many great ideas being shared! I love the new format!


I've gotten confused about the upcoming episodes. Which one refers to a group called Halcyon? And is it a business? Does anyone know?

It's been driving me nuts not being able to remember!

Kodiak said...

Tatiana #70 hi. Halcion or Halcyon, I forget how they spelled it... it was in an article Tabs posted that came out the might Solomon 2 aired.

It was an Entertainment Weekly interview with James Spader. He talks about it in there. Not sure how it fits in the show yet, but probably soon.

I think it's a bad guy group.

Tatiana said...

Thanks so much Kodiak! I'll look there.

Kodiak said...


I think if you Google it too, you will find it. That's probably entirely obvious, lol!

Eastcoast said...

#67 zodiac,
Back when we had that break I saw Christine Lahti had a tweet saying something to the effect that she was excited that she would get to come back one more time on The Black List and then I couldn't find it so I was thinking they had to remove it. But who knows, sweets can be so misleading.

Eastcoast said...

Don't you just love spell correct.
Tweet,I put tweet! Not sweet!

Tabasko said...

Eastcoast #74/75: Thanks! I do remember posting it, so I will look for it.

LOL! I am the Typo/Autocorrect Queen (Chompstick and Charmed can vouch for this), so I can't say a dang thing except I knew what you meant!

Ines said...

Update on Spoiler tv photos/NBC for Susan Hargrave 3.21

Photos dedicated to Famke Janssen as Susan "Scottie" Hargrave (they also seem to use o title name now)

Spoiler Tv Photos for Episode 3.21

When she is walking around with Rowan she is not shot, then when she is seated the pictures show her covering a wound, probably a bullet wound. Did Red shot her? we know that at some point he is in the other chair. If so, that really revealing of the disdain that Red has for her (I think the last women he actually shot was Diana).

Tabasko you made my day/week and totally blush with the message on the page. Thank you and Thank you all for being awesome.

Ines said...

Honey West #45 - Thanks for the letter contents. Smells as a trap.
Ya that's probably Rowan, they probably are doing a wrap up of everyone envolve.

Lake Girl #54 - Me too. Me too!

Tatiana #56 #57- Thanks for that also! Lol I think the glasses by now are as much for us as for him. To associate that he is playing a role/going undercover.. I do hope that that rumor is not true...2017...the nightmare.

Chompstick said...

#76 - Tabasko said, "I am the Typo/Autocorrect Queen (Chompstick and Charmed can vouch for this)". A few days she sent us an eamil that said, "Brassiere your other stuff recorded." I had no earthly idea what she was talking about. She meant "because". Because auto-corrected to brassiere; she was talking about a DVR. I have to put up with this all day long. I need an Tab's Android to English dictionary.

One Paul said...

OH MY. xD xD xD

Maybe Tabs has a bra with built in DVR.

That is hilarious.

One Paul said...

Ines #77/78
Thanks for the photos and your Spoiler assessment. I really look forward to your posts about upcoming stuff.

Rori said...

Chompstick #79: "I need a Tab's Android to English dictionary"...well, apparently, I need the "Tab's Android to French to English dictionary" because--LIKELY due to your French chattering at me earlier, Chompstick--my brain repeatedly read "Brassiere" as "Brasserie," and I kept thinking how ODD it was for a phone to auto correct "because" into Brasserie. Has that become such a common American style of eatery that it's programmed into our phones? Is patisserie also in our phone dictionaries?
I seriously mused on all that until I read OnePaul's #80...and caught on.
Sacrebleu! I am as confused as the Android!

Chompstick said...

Rori, it's funny you say that because when I first saw it, I didn't know whether it was brassiere or brasserie. You know how you know how to spell words just fine ... until you stop to think about it or someone asks you how to spell it and suddenly you're inexplicably unsure? I was so confused by the sentence I wasn't sure which of the 2 words she was trying to use!

Honey West said...

Thanks for the link to the updated photos, Ines #77. Looks like an episode with a particularly high body count. Perhaps Red fired a warning shot so she knows he means business. Or Dembe's gun went off? I guess it could be self-inflicted, but I wouldn't count on it.

Tabasko said...

Ines #77: Thanks!!! I will make those changes. Yesterday's NBC press release also had "Susan Hargrave" as the title, so they must be going with that.

Thanks for the pics and the info about Scottie.

And you are VERY welcome for the mention. You have done so much to make our Spoiler page really special, and your compilations are the inspiration behind the redesign. I would have little trumpets blaring off to the side up there if I could, LOL.

I guess the woman with Tom is an assignment, but from who? I am guessing we will be trying to find Liz's attackers just like the rest of them. Maybe Cooper, since they have that conversation next week.

I can't tell if she is going in for a kiss with Tom, or about to wipe a schmutz off his face.

Tabasko said...

Um, Chompsquidward #79; Thanks for sharing my yet another bizarro-world spell-check no-brainer! If only I would learn to proofread! Maybe in 2017.


"E" in next to "R", so all I can think is I typed "BR" and the phone just ran with it. I did, as you know and now others will, just get a replacement insurance phone, so maybe it speaks more to the previous owner!

One Paul #80: !!!!!!!! That have me a really good laugh! Haha!!! I hope someone invents one! I could catch up on some stuff more easily. You could Bluetooth it to phone. LOLOL!

Rori #82: I am laughing way too hard for this early in the morning!

Lake Girl said...

Chompstick, One Paul, Rori, & Tabs.....I take a quick break from real life to check out my support group and what happens? I end up shooting coffee out of my nose from laughing so hard!
Note to self:swallow drink before reading blog!

Tabasko said...

Lake Girl #87: LOL!!

Yes, I have learned to be careful with my coffee, tea, or Cheerios before I start reading around here! : ))

Chompstick said...

Lake Girl, I aim to please. When I did my taxes (at 8pm the night they were due) I considered putting Goofball as my occupation.

Tabasquarepants - I'll be sure to save future texts to entertain the troop's here. Do you realize we've had 1,026 texts in the last month? And were not even teenage girls!

Charmed said...

I am finally loving a spoiler page! Great spoilers and NO headers.

I willingly vouch for Tabasko's antics as the Typo/Auto-correct Queen. I'm not sure about a DVR built into her bra, One Paul, but we wouldn't be surprised if there was a brassiere in my new DVR and it must be too tight, because it's cranky and giving me a headache!

All your comments are even funnier than the emails. I always need more laughs.
Lake girl, you're one of us. This is real life now.

Rori and Chompbop: Y'all still have it going on!

Tabasko said...

The title for 3.23 has been confirmed as "Alexander Kirk, Conclusion"

Chompeanuts #89: I hope there is enough storage on your phone to compile my mistakes!

Lake Girl said...

Charmed, when you said "you're one of us" that old movie, Freaks, popped into my head. The part where they are all chanting "one of us, one of us, one of us.". Lol. Glad this is real life now ;)

Kodiak said...

Tabs #91 thanks! How weird that several of our Blacklisters are living for the long-term lately, loose on the streets! Interesting. Two 2-parters just at large! maybe Kirk goes in Season 4 like Berlin went later.

Things I am cracking up at today:
Chompstick #79 "Brassiere your other stuff recorded." ????? Hahahaha!
One Paul #80 "Maybe Tabs has a bra with built in DVR."
Rori #82 "Brasserie"
Tabasko #85 "I can't tell if she is going in for a kiss with Tom, or about to wipe a schmutz off his face."
Lake Girl #87 "Note to self:swallow drink before reading blog!"

Ines said...

Chompstick #79 - LOLOL

Honey West #84 - Dembe does seems to mean business, but I'm not seeing him shooting anyone just to warn them, he will be the get fisical type..now Red with the right feelings behind I totally see.

Tabasko #85 - Again you are to kind! xD xD I really couldn't be happier of my decision to start participating on the blog. One of my best moments for sure!

Just LOL, for this last posts! Some funny stuff!


My spoiler of the day:

<a href="http://alyblacklist.tumblr.com/post/143479662156/photos-by-adrian-clements-41416-i-just-found”>BTS Filming 4/14/16 - 3.22?? - Tom</a>

This agrees with other spoilers that place at least part of this episode in Germany. There were other BTS pictures showing German police cars posted previously.


Also interesting fact, Daniel Knauf posted that James S. is an Executive Producer on the series, and does make significant creative contributions to every episode. for exemple The opium den in the last episode was his idea.
And I can only think..that's something so as James Spader to suggest.

Honey West said...

Thanks for the link Ines #94, I finally got it to work with a little editing, but interesting photos on that page.

Here is a new EW article about what's next.

Ines said...

The Blacklist cast on Liz's funeral, hunt for her killer:


Ines said...

Ahhh Honey West #95 - Sorry for the double posting, I forget to refresh the page before posting, and did not see yours.

Ya, I think one of the " was wrong... Now should work (I hope)..

BTS Filming 4/14/16 - 3.22?? - Tom

Kodiak said...

Ines, Honey West #94-97 cool stuff! And some interesting stuff about the opium den.

Oh, wow. Interesting to see Dembe is just going to go down the vengeance path with Red.

Ines said...

New promo:

Global Tv promo 2

There are a few new bits. Dom is definitely not happy Red show up (and it seems with reason), the all "you kill my entire family" Ouch!
Also someone did a screenshot of the most interesting bit: Susan Hargrave & Cynthia Panabaker Well that's a surprise, I actually though Deirdre L. was only coming in in the next episode (3x21)

Other BTS pictures:
BTS Filming 3/7/16 - 3.20 - James S. filming

BTS Filming 4/14/16 - 3.22?? - Tom and Mr.Solomon? Are they really working together?

Ines said...

Ahh and there is this one:

New New promo ;)

Mini Global Tv promo 3x20

“I’m here to pay my debt to you, Aram.”

Kodiak said...

Thanks, Ines! "Killed entire family?" Oooo.

Lake Girl said...

Thanks Ines! Gotta love good spoilers in the morning.

Honey West said...

Doggone it! Missed Ryan Eggold on Today this morning! I didn't know he was going to be on but there I was at the gym just sitting down for a good ride on an exercise bike (where the TV's are) and there is Ryan along with Brooke Shields doing some co-host duties, I guess. Anyway he was on 10 - 11 AM segment. I only saw the last 15 minutes so missed anything he might have had to say about TBL or the spin-off. Did anyone else happen to catch the beginning?

Ines said...

Friendly reminder that May sweeps start today, will be fun to know to witch categories the Blacklist will add.


Tabasko said...

Ines, thanks for all the spoilers!!!!

That was very nice what you said up there! Likewise!

Honey West said...

With the Cynthia Panabaker stuff tonight, I am really hoping whatever she's up to doesn't lead to Red's betrayal by someone unexpected in the finale. I can just see her maneuvering so that someone innocent like Aram ends up being that someone.

Chompstick said...

Honey West, it is perfectly acceptable to post this comment on the episode discussion page now. No more spoilers!

Tabasko said...

Chomps Why are you up at 3:59 AM?

Chompstick said...

Basko, why are you up at 4:57 am? I couldn't sleep. Unfortunately I had to get back up at 6 for the day.

Ines said...

Spoilers for Episode 3x21 - Susan Hargrave
The promos:
NBC promo
Global Tv promo

The pictures:
NBC Photos for Episode 3.21
Spoiler Tv Photos for Episode 3.21

The other bits:
-Official synopsis: already at the top of the page
Christine Lahti to show up in the episode film in the 1st week of April.
This may refer to 3x21 or 3x22 (I do not know for certain when the filming end for the 3x21 and the filming of 3x22 started)
Set picture where Tom and Red seem to be both present
Possible locations (again not certain if this is for 3x21 or 3x22)


So a lot of stuff on this one, and with the pictures of the next episodes already released (see next post), its difficult to think about this one and not mention the all arc of this last three episodes...

Anyway, here the message is clear: vengeance above justice.

-Task Force and Tom:
Tom is going undercover and donning is intrinsic disguise (aka. The glasses). He seems to be intreating in whatever Amanda B. (the women’s name) as in her pc.
Not much about the task force outside flashes of totally stress and under pressure people.

-Red and Susan “Scottie” Hargrave:
Looks like all the dead guys is part of Red’s message to her, a calling card of sorts! At 0:17 on the nbc promo you can see that the envelope is actually pin to one of the dead bodies, hence the blood in the letter. Rowan is also with her…If Rowan does work for Susan H, does this mean that Susan H was the one hiring Solomon? or did she put Rowan there to know what was happening in that operation, and actually how hired Solomon was Alexander Kirk (or a third party)?
Well SH seems to respond to Red’s message, in the promo she is talking on the phone with Red, asking what he whats to discuss. Then she seems to go meet him, by her own will with her own guards. Guards that Red team (with Dembe) kill, you can see that when they are talking, SH guards are on the ground. At some point Red shots her in the arm (in the globo promo you can actual see him shooting a gun while seated), to make a point or to show he as no calms about killing her, and then tells her “you and I are about to climb in to bed together, just for a quicky” (Don’t you guys love that we are getting Sassy Red back?). Which I interpret like Red is telling her (not asking) that they are going to work together in something. This links to the pictures to 3x22 and 3x23 where we see her both with Red and the Task force ( and other surprising people let me tell you)

Ines said...

Spoilers for Episode 3x22 (and 3x23) - Alexander Kirk
Spoiler Tv Photos for Episode 3x22
This is a big one, I do not know if the pictures are only for 3x22 or for both parts, but for now I’m going to assume is only for 3x22, although there seems to be a lot of stuff happening for just an hour.

All the spoiler pictures going around that we though may be from the spin-off seem to be all from actually the blacklist episodes. The bank robbery, the little girl rescue/kidnapping..Tom and S.....
From last episode we gather that Tom seem to be in the dark about Susan “Scottie” Hargrave identity. So whatever theirs connection is, seems to be a complicated one and pretty deep. We can see them arguing in picture, while in other you see SH touching Tom’s face with care/affection?? as someone who knows him or knows of him. The impression I got was “motherly touch”. And she is holding little Agnes in one picture, did she do it to threaten Tom? or was she allow there, that will mean a interest in the baby from SH, which means again a connection to Tom…Little Agnes family tree is really becoming something else.
Finally, that round table (Aka: I can’t believe my eyes)..The task force (including the G-man Ressler) + Tom + SH + Rowen and SOLOMON…really!? Solomon is going to work with them?? and more be accepted by the task force? Right now I can’t imagine how TPTB spin that one.. Maybe more thing will be clear after 3x21.

We also get a picture of Ulrich Thomsen as Alexander Kirk with what seems a model of a oil platform..my brain for a moment actually went to the CIA prison in Luther Braxton, but probably there is no connection there..

Lake Girl said...

Ines, thanks for all the great spoiler info. Loved the Global Tv promo! Sassy Red is back, yeah!!!
The pics of Tom and Solomon and the round table have my mind spining a bit.

Tabasko said...

Ines!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

Will be updating with these soon!!!!

Honey West #106: I am weirded out by Panabaker!!!! I have to think through why she is with Hargrove, I did post a few thoughts on the episode page.

Chompsomnia #109: Same!

Ines said...

EW Spoiler Room:

"Does Red have a connection to Famke Janssen’s new character on The Blacklist? — Fatima
Other than believing her to be potentially responsible for Liz’s apparent death? Actually, yes. “There’s a history there with she and her husband,” James Spader tells me. Make of that what you will."


Tabasko said...

Ines #114; Thanks, again!!!

Hmm, could Scottie or the husband be related to Katarina???

Tabasko said...

ines #110; Indeed, vengeance is coming. Hisham Tawfiq said this week that the upcoming Dembe will not be trying to be the voice of reason to Red, and Red will be on a bit of a rampage.

Good call on the letter on the body!!! You can see it is Scottie's hand holding the letter in the pics, too. The ring on her finger can be seen in one of her wider angle shots.

Wow! Well as usual, great job breaking it down. I have to take in all the connections here.

Ines #111: That one picture is CRAZY. I have to look at it some more. Maybe this tells us something about Panabaker.

THANK YOU, again, for pulling this together. So great!!!!!!!

Eastcoast said...

#111,my brain went to Luther Braxton also.

In the promo pics for 22, there is a picture that Scottie Hargrave giving a speech with a microphone and the guy sitting beside her is also in a picture in the room where they're all having a discussion together. If you look at this second pic down of what I will call Round Table discussion that everyone is having with her (which by the way I find disturbing but I'm sure there's a means to an end there) look behind her and you'll see that guy at the right.
I don't know who he is or how he fits in but I just thought it was interesting.

Eastcoast said...

Let me clarify where that picture is. When you're going down the row there's only two pictures of them all sitting around and talking, it's the second one.

Tatiana said...

Ines - wow those are some amazing spoilers!

Eastcoast - I immediately went to the ocean station in Luther Braxton as well. Is there another one? Or have they designed a new one?

I love how TBL is wrapping all the components of intrigue back together. The photo with Fammke et al at the oval/round table, you can see images of individuals in the background which reminds me very much of the Fulcrum. I doubt it is, but I would really love for the Blacklist to pick that up again. There was so much build-up about the Fulcrum and then it was completely abandoned. That seems so inconsistent for TBL.

I am very intrigued to see how they integrate Tom, Scottie, Solomon, Red...AND the task force?! Underscore intrigued.

I think we all have a lot to look forward to in the season finale(s)

Ines said...


05/19/2016 (09:00PM - 10:01PM) (Thursday): As Reddington (James Spader) and the task force close in on the person responsible for Liz’s death, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own.


The Shocking betrayal made me think immediately of Mr. Kaplan, but the next bit is somewhat puzzling..Who? Liz?

Eastcoast #116, #117 - Good observation about the guy on the pictures. I think that will be Alexander Kirk.

Big Bad Bazzer said...

At this point I am convinced Raymond Reddington is in on the subterfuge regarding Lizzy's "death".

Reason = because Red is almost always connected to the subterfuge!

Just an observation!

Tabasko said...

Eastcoast, I think I see who you mean, No idea who he is.

Ines #120: Thanks, as usual!

Are we looking at the same photo? Because one ID's Kirk and I think those are different guys?

I am thinking the betrayal might be Panabaker, and someone gets hurt because of her.

Big Bad Bazzer #121: Oh, no!!! LOL. Red is almost always in on it, but he is way too upset this time. I am pretty sure he thinks poor Liz is gone.

Eastcoast said...

I have been looking through the photos and I am also thinking it's Panabaker. One thing I noticed is I don't see Harold Cooper in any of the photos unless I missed it. Everyone is sitting at the 'Roundtable discussion" except for Cooper.
So I'm wondering if she comes in and finds those pictures in his office of her that Tom took? She told him to stand down and she would see that he hasn't been doing that but he's been snooping around.
And we know that Hitchens is making another appearance so she might use her to do some dirty work since we know she doesn't mind shooting her good friends.
That would explain the possibility of Red needing Susan Hargrave Instead of killing her. I would like to see Hitchens get what's coming to her since we didn't get to see Solomon get his .
Anyway that's what little scenario was going through my brain tonight before I hit the sack. ☺

Tabasko said...

Eastcoast #123: Yeah. I am going to guess there's a narrative there we can kind of piece together. Panabaker could be the betrayal, and Cooper could be the person in danger.

Glad you shared what was floating in your brain before bed!

I agree about Hitchins. One evil person death would help. Solomon still has to have it out for her, too.

Anyway, that would make sense on how they all end up together. Hargrave and her people may have some access/skills and the goal could be common, something to do with Stalder and Kirk, since they have energy work in common. Maybe Kirk wants Stalder for some purpose in that area.

Just gotta figure out if it is the same person that wants Stalder and Liz, and if, so why???

Honey West said...

I couldn't figure out where to post this, and I forgot to do it yesterday, but a one day belated Happy Birthday to Megan Boone. She turned 33 yesterday. I always like to think those double number years are extra special ones, so here's hoping for an extra special year for Ms. Boone!

Lake Girl said...

Happy Birthday Megan :D

Tabasko said...

Thanks, Honey West! Happy Birthday to her!

James Cherry said...

A few random thoughts...

No one would be "shocked" if Mr Kaplan betrays Red, given that she is the most obvious suspect to have faked Liz's death. Tom can't betray Red given they don't trust one another (but should). That leaves someone on the taskforce, Dembe, Dom or possibly even Liz herself. Whether or not it's a real betrayal will be a sorted out next season.

I suspect Liz's death was faked so she could be captured by Alexander Kirk - I bet neither Tom nor Red knows Liz is still alive. Susan Hargrave will save herself from Red's revenge by telling him Liz is alive. It's also possible Mr Kaplan doesn't know Liz is alive either - the writers set it up clearly so that she is the obvious suspect. This being The Blacklist, that means she probably had nothing to do with it.

My guess is Tom will confront Susan Hargrave about being Liz's mother - she'll tell Tom that she's his mother. My hypothesis is Tom was kidnapped as a child and Susan didn't know he was alive or something similar. Likely the Artax Network gang, whom we know are planned for the spin off with Tom, were in a race against Alexander Kirk to get to Liz. That will put our "bad guys" on the same side as Tom, Red and the taskforce working to recover Liz.

lara1 said...

James Cherry 128: interesting thoughts particularly in the second para. That's an intriguing idea. I'm also beginning to think that the "betrayal" isn't Mr. Kaplan, the description of the betrayal in the spoiler seems very dramatic and I don't think Mr. Kaplan's faking Liz's death would result in the kind of damage to the task force as it has been described. Unless Kaplan somehow aligned with Kirk but I don't really see that happening. But they (Kirks' group) would probably have had to have had some help in getting Liz out from Reddington's people post the "ambulance" scene which points back to someone close to Red betraying him. Maybe even Liz herself as you say . LOL! My head is spinning!

I'm still not totally convinced about Tom, I think I may be in the minority. There's lots to point to his old self now being water under the bridge. I hope so, but still I'm not fully convinced. I guess the next few episodes will tell. Someone I believe sent Gina to kill the Major and save Tom in Episode 17. But maybe that fits in with your hypothesis - if Susan is his mother, maybe it was her.

Ines 110: great info.

a detail: the person with Red in the third photo in the NBC promo shots for 3.21 : wasn't that person at the funeral? I thought I saw him in two or three shots, both at the church and at the gravesite…..maybe someone else!

In any event, it looks like things are building for a huge finale. I'd like to see Red do his Terminator/Clint Eastwood act again as he did in Luther Braxton! watch out! Also hoping to see some levity return in Season 4 once things settle down just a little! Red sitting in the DMV waiting room for one. priceless and always funny. more of his witty side all around being lent back to the proceedings again.

Eastcoast said...

Lara 1, I will have to go through those pictures and look again myself when I get a chance and see if I can spot anything that you see!

What I did notice is the name that Aram used, Amanda Bigelow is the girl in the pictures with Tom in the promo pics!

lara1 said...

Eastcoast 130:

the person at the funeral that I've never seen before was standing behind Harold when Aram gave his speech. I thought I saw him in the church too. I wondered who he was as he was standing so close to the front of the basket….but maybe nothing significant!

Tabasko said...

Interesting stuff!

I will have to elaborate, but I think Tom's path is pretty well set. When he does whatever he does to get lined up with Hargrave, it will be because she is some deep cover, or he sees a way to help Agnes in the long run.

I also have to say I don't think the betrayal will be Kaplan. If she did fake Liz's death, it was out of a sense of saving her, and thereby eventually saving Red. I can't imagine she would turn Liz over to Kirk.

No one else really has access to Liz after the scene except Kaplan, so no one else could get her, if she's alive.

If Liz is even what Kirk is after.

Tabasko said...

Ines #111/Eastcoast #117/Tatiana #119

Ok, thinking about this some more. maybe this oil rig is connected to the one in Luther Braxton. This Kirk is some kind of mogul in energy. He is supposed to own lots of this stuff. And someone had to get it from somewhere to use as a Black Site.

I even think a little about that pipeline stuff from Ruslan Denisov.

Anyway, what if he is involved and the things that Luther knew about "the girl, that night, a fire" and what The Director said to Red about knowing what Red is to Liz, what if all this came from him, and his knowledge of a big secret from Red's past is about that?

Just some spoiler spec. Can't help it.

It would also support Honey West's idea, which is a good one and really makes sense, that some of these groups work together.

Honey West said...

Oooh, I like that, Tabasko #133! Nice tie-ins from the past episodes! We have long wondered where Luther Braxton got his info, because it seemed he knew a lot of things, but not everything. We figured The Director was feeding him just enough information to do his job, and we also felt that the Director maybe didn't know everything himself. Maybe Kirk is the key to all of this. Great spoiler speculation! I like it!

Honey West said...

And here is a filming location for The Blacklist for Monday, May 2nd according to onlocationvacations.

TV Series: The Blacklist
Stars: James Spader
Location: Republic Airport, Farmingdale

Honey West said...

And today is actress Mozhan Marno's birthday!

Big Bad Bazzer said...

Happy Birthday Mo,

perhaps Dom & Aram will cook something up on the piano???

Tatiana said...

#133/134 Tabasko, Honey West:

Great line of thinking!

I plan to re-watch starting with Season 1 when summer break starts and see how past episodes support future eps and some theories we've toyed with.

Yes. Summer break. Season 1. 2. 3. 4.

Because that's how we roll, us BLSG addicts. tee heee heee!

Tabasko said...

Honey West #134-136: Thanks! And thanks for the location. I would love, love, love to do one of those sometime.

Happy Birthday, wonderful Mozhan!

Tatiana #138: I was thinking the same thing today........hahahaha.

Tabasko said...

Here are some photos of filming 3.23 around what seems to be the location Honey West gave us yesterday. I will add these to the header up there with the most current info.





So Mr. Kaplan will be around and so will Tom, And the police cars around are printed Richmond, VA.

BL Mom said...

Tabasko #140, Thank you. Could Mr. Kaplan be meeting Tom about Liz??? I wonder what else they could be doing together. Now I am suspicious.

Honey West #136, I didn't see that yesterday, but happy birthday to her! I like that you always posts those for everyone.

#133/134, Tab and West, I love those ideas, and I still feel like Car Person will be Kirk. I think that they will all need to work together, good guys and bad guys, on something related to him. Looking at the pictures. Well, Kirk knows something about Red's past, so that would be cool. I help we at least get a hint on what it is! Lol.

I feel like this week is going to be a big setup for #22 and 23.

Tabs #132, I agree with you about Tom. That would be really unexplainable if he suddenly turns criminal in one episode.

Honey West said...

Thanks for the links, Tabasko #140!
BL Mom, one of the captions said they saw a baby carriage. I wonder if it is more like Tom is handing Agnes over to Mr. Kaplan for safekeeping while he goes undercover and possibly into the spinoff if it gets green lighted.

Charmed said...

Honey West #135
Thanks for the onlocationvacations input. That site is a lot of fun. You never know who and what you might see. Yes, Tabasko, wouldn't that be a great place to meet up with our friends in the support group?

Happy Birthday, Mozhan!
We love you and your character, Samar.

James Cherry #128
Those may be your random thoughts, but who really knows what TPTB will do to turn us on our head to ready us for season 4? Bur Mrs Kaplan, please No! Tom, interesting. The rest of the season should be even more exciting than the last 2 episodes. If so, I'm a happy gal!

lara 1 #129
I'm in Tom's corner, and I think he will do what he thinks is right for Agnes, his love of Liz and memory and for her friends.
But my head is spinning too.

Tatiana #138
You've got part of you're summer already planned and we will be right here for you. Yes, that's how we roll!

BL Mom #141
I always enjoy your input and agree. Tom and Mr. Kaplan? I'm suspicious too. If you can, join us for the live watch tomorrow night.

Thanks Ines, Tabs and everyone else for the great spoilers and comments.
One more day until Blacklist Thursday!

Charmed said...

Tabasko #132-133
I dislike using that one word, agree, with you all the time, but I feel the same way. I also like how you put the Luther Braxton oil rig and the Ruslan Denisov pipeline together and the possibilities of what the Director "fed" Braxton.

I really wonder what Kirk has had against Red all these years and why he has now chosen to get his revenge.

I also like Honey West's idea. It does make sense, although she sometimes says she is a bit scattered, like me!
I'm not sure I believe her. :))

One Paul said...

Tabs #140
Good stuff. Mr. Kaplan sure has been around a lot.

BL Mom #141
Yes, from the looks of it, 22 and 23 look to be very interesting indeed.

Honey West #142
I think that might be.... what if she is taking Agnes to be safe..... with Liz! Wonder if she will stroll her off to someone mysterious and then the episode ends!

Charmed #143/144
I am in Tom's corner as well. And agree on your agreement with Tabs and Honey West. Good posts!!

eastcoast said...

Didn't know if anyone else has seen the name of episode 23. At this time they seam to be calling it Alexander Kirk Conclusion.

And does anyone know what happened on Netflix? I went to binge watch some back stuff and its almost entirely gone? Only 3 episodes on season one and two showing up?? :-(
(not happy)

DZ731 said...

eastcoast - All the episodes for Season 1 and 2 show up when I go on Netflix. That's weird that so few came up for you.

Honey West said...

Here's a link to the article by Anthony Guidice, who posted some of Tabasko's Twitter photos. He confirms these are from the finale. Wow, they are sure filming close to air date!


Tatiana said...

Tabs, Charmed, Chomps:

NBC Spoiler Photos from "Susan Hargrave"

The link above does not work any more (at the top of the page)

Tabasko said...

Aaaaaahhh! Thanks, Tatiana. They moved them once already and I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out. Will be fixed.

Honey West, Thanks for the link!

Eastcoast, we did post the title. If you look up too, you will see a header now with the current info that is getting updated daily. :))))

My Netflix has everything, too. Weird.

Tabasko said...

Fixed! Thanks, again T!

eastcoast said...

OMGosh! I am so use to going to the bottom of the page for new comments I never look there! Now I know.:-)

So Netflix is just picking on me?? lol

lara1 said...


Thanks for posting the scenes from the filming yesterday.

Does anyone happen to know whether they typically film so close to a series end date? its in two weeks, right? if not, makes me wonder if they went back and re-thought some of the ending.

On Netflix, I too am showing all of series 1 and 2. I recently binge-watched a lot of it too! :)

Tabasko said...

eastcoast #152: LOL! Yes, it is new. Part of trying to make things better for everyone! I hope Netflix isn't singling you out! My only fix for such things is: TURN OFF/TURN ON. Hahaha.

lara1#153: They did film on a very similar schedule for Season 2 and 3. I remember being surprised by it, but it is neat. PS, thank you for writing out your thoughts on the Theories page. I think we have had a lot going on these last couple episodes, and with the end close. But I saw some neat thoughts and I am sure I and more of us have or will read it : ) and comment.

eastcoast said...

lara1153 and Tabasko154,
They were filming there April, the 25th and 26th because I had seen it on twitter back then. Maybe they did change something up??

Tabasko said...

Could be, eastcoast!

DZ731 said...

I see the IMBD summary for the Susan Hargrave episode is calling her a Romanian woman. Sounds interesting.

Kodiak said...

Cool to see some more spoilery stuff!

Is it bad if I just want ONE bad guy to bite tbe dust or get otherwise severely shut down? It's how I psychologically manage work stress.

Ines said...

Tabasko #122 - Ya, you are right. It all the suff I mess up what I was saying... I really wanted Panabaker to be a good guy..Maybe she also has a deal with Susan Hargrave as the FBI/task force has with Red. Necessary evils..

Eastcoast #123 - Thanks for that. Cooper absence does rises questions. But maybe he is just in the post office, doing his stuff..and the team is in the "field".

what actually intrigues me is the "shocking betrayal" bit...I will not classify Panabaker betrayal as such..there isn't as big of a relationship there/or confidence to be classified as such.. It will have to be more of a personal/close level thing...That's the reason I haven't totally discard the idea that could be Mr. Kaplan, because I just can't come up with other viable solutions..

James Cherry #128 - We know that Mr.Kaplan is "the most obvious suspect" but we can't forget that we see more that the General Audience, that sees the episode one time, and probably did not catch that small sneaky bits that caught our attention. For the GA Mr.Kaplan going agains Red and lying about something such as this to Red could be classified as a "shocking betrayal". No one is expecting that Loyal Mr.Kaplan to go agains what Red asked.

I'm still of the opinion that Mr. Kaplan fake it and Tom was on it...she only time she has time to speak with Liz, Tom was there..

I do like your guess about Tom and Susan Hargrove..I hope it goes something like that, that will be great!

Tabasko #133, HW #134 - I will love to get some references to Luther Braxton, there are still a lot of unswears questions there.. The Director basically just hired Braxton to do a job, but we got the impression that Braxton know a lot more about Liz and Red past and had his own agenda. he had definitely story with Red that did not envolve the Director, so I'm curious to see if we actually will get some sort of link to Kirk there. Good stuff.

Tatiana #138 - Definitely doing it when my Holidays come around. ;) every time I have done a Re-watch there are a few more small bits that start making sense..and if there was a season that the world got a lot bigger was this one.

Eastcoast #152 - Sometimes if you clean your browser story and cookies it solves the problem..

Ines said...

Honey west #135 - Tabasko #140 - Thanks for those - In the last days I have also came across a lot of set pictures, and I'm storing them to do a massive post after tonights episode (sorry in advance about that ;P), since If I post them I will had fill the page with individual posts and lose track of it all..

Saying that I will just share this juicy bit:

Tweet from a Fan on Set

It could mean nothing, it could mean everything...

Charmed said...

Ines #165
Very interesting! I assume that was not for a cast party.

Charmed said...

lara 1 #153
Over the last three seasons, they have a filmed at least one episode right down to the wire (the day before), then changed the episode's name too. So we know they want the last episodes and the finale to be perfect. Twitter and OLV are handy to check up on the filming dates and locales.

Kodiak #158
No, it is not bad to want at least one bad guy to bite the dust or get severely shut down! We all love a gun firing Red Reddington!
But it's not going to be Solomon, our recent season villain of choice. No such luck!
I wonder if TPTB know TBL has been used to "psychologically help manage work stress"?

lara1 said...

Hmmm…maybe the "shocking betrayal" is something other than the saving Liz thing (assuming she was "saved") - though i have no idea what else it could be, ha - maybe more to do with the "hunt" for Liz perhaps. I think Kaplan could have been involved in the saving Liz thing (again assuming Liz was saved and is still alive), while this could be seen as not really being a "betrayal". We don't know much about Kaplan's backstory but she and Red seem to be close - especially back in the episode (I think it was "Leonard Caul") where Red was shot and their hospital "black site" was breached, and he was in real danger of not making it out alive (lots of parallels there with the LIzzie S3 18 scene too). There was a very tender scene between Kaplan and Red in the LC episode. One could take the view that in (possibly) saving Liz, Kaplan was in fact not only saving Liz, but Red as well, therefore loyalty rather than betrayal. It had to be "real" hence he could not know. ….so there is a different betrayal ...Yeah,, this is putting a twist on "betrayal", I know… just some random morning pre-coffee musings…..! Maybe I should have my coffee first before posting, LOL!

I don' think the betrayal, whatever it is, is Dembe either, given his back story….I think he is loyal to Red to the end….I am just hoping that the writers don't throw us a wrench in the story line, but I don't think that likely.

We will shortly find out!

Anonymous said...

Charmed 162 and the others who responded re the filming schedule, thanks, that is so interesting. its great that they are so dedicated, that is what keeps the intensity of the series going….One of these days I've got to try to get myself over to one of those filming scenes….

Tabasko said...

DZ731 #157: I see that. It wasn't like that when they first put it up, and the synopsis reads exactly like it does everywhere else, but with "romanian" in there with no capital R. Wondering if that is a hack. I guess we will find that one out, too.

Kodiak #158: LOL! I totally understand you there. We all like seeing the bad guys get what's coming! Courtesy of our good guys! I couldn't be more interested to see how this works out.

Ines #159: Hello! Yes, I agree wth you on the possibility with Panabaker and Hargave. Let's hope!

I totally see what you mean about the shocking betrayal. The one thing that gives me pause is that it affects the whole Task Force, according to the synop. I can see why Red would see it that way, even though it was the best choice in the long run, but I am not sure the Task Force would see spiriting Liz away as a betrayal by Mr. Kaplan. In fact, I think they would be happy. And then why would they have to save her?

Unless Mr. Kaplan took her for nefarious reasons, which given the history, I can't believe.

I also agree if Mr. Kaplan faked anything, Tom was aware on it. He was right there for the conversation Kaplan had with Liz.

Tabasko said...

Ines #160: Ooooooo, sounds good!!!! Looking forward to it!

That is an interesting Tweet. Too bad there is no photo with her. Well, she could be just visiting her friends with the baby. Or filming a brief scene where Mr. Kaplan and/or Tom hand the stroller and Agnes over to someone mysterious for safekeeping. Like we see just her hand or the back of her head.

In fact, that may make a lot of sense as we were wondering how Tom could leave for the spinoff (if it goes) without Agnes. He leaves her with Liz.

He is still in 23, so it's not like he's all the way gone yet.

Tabasko said...

lara1 #163: Those are some good points and yes, I think that shows the true nature of Mr. Kaplan and Red's relationship. A very close one built over time. If she has done something, I feel it would be to do the best thing possible, even if it would risk her immediate deep friendship with Red.

And I most definitely agree on Dembe.

Was that you in #164? If so, you are welcome! I agree about the commitment level. So good!

If that was not you, lara1, Anonymous, we do ask that posters use a screen name. Thank you!

Marie said...

Ines #160-
I wonder if the person ever got James autograph.

Tabasko said...

New info on Halcyon:

The Blacklist cast teases new nemesis Halcyon Aegis

Ines said...

Tabasko #165 - Good point about involving all task force. Although the synopsis doesn't say that the betrayal will be specific to both Red and the Task force..Rrrr this things are so short and sometimes do ambiguous...Maybe the shocking betrayal bit is in general, like there will be a shocking betrayal and they will have to handle the consequences.. If not Mr.Kaplan I can only imagine one of the Task Force or Dembe (Just feels all kinds of wrong writing this one), and after the way they have been lately and how they all reacted to Liz "death" is kinda of hard to imagine anyone of them doing something deserving of that title...

Tabasko #166 - Ya, maybe she just went to visit the them on the set..but I assume if they wanted to see the baby there were better settings.. So maybe she will actually show up for a few minutes in the end..but probably will be something like you said, although for a hand or the back of her head they could use doubles. My idea has that we will get a few seconds in the end of the last episode, showing Liz sleeping in bed connected to machines.. or seated in a chair in a house on the beach in the middle of nowhere.

Marie #168 - He did got it!

abasko #169 - Thanks for that one. Pretty interesting. Maybe in Season 4 we will see The task force and Halcyon joining forces to bring the Cabal down. We know by Solomon comments "I'm totally violating my non-compete agreement" that Halcyon and the Cabal are not working together. So maybe we will get a bit of the the enemy of my enemy is my friend.. as the pictures for the next episodes seem to imply.

lara1 said...

Yes that was me in 164. Sorry! No more posting before I have my morning coffee! LOL!

someone made an interesting comment on whether Red will give up contact with Agnes. yes, so many references in the past couple of episodes about him not being able to "let go" previously. Though I think it may be hard, as the existence of the baby may be known already to others. But I'm very interested in seeing how that plays out….perhaps through this Liz (assuming she is still alive) will come to understand more fully Red's prior choices once he eventually tells her what those were (or she otherwise works it out). Again, assuming she is still around….But any way that it plays out, I'm interested.

Honey West said...

I just want to see how Hargrave gets Red to not kill her. They keep showing a preview where Red is saying "Elizabeth Keen is dead and now so are you." (or words to that effect) Where they are sitting face to face in the chairs. Doesn't look like there's a cut and that it's Red's whole line.

Eastcoast said...

Honey West, I was wondering the same thING,how she can keep Red from killing her. The only thing I could come up with is if she really is Tom's mom then she is the babys grandmother.

Maybe Halcyon will be the name of the spinoff?

Well, that was my thought before I take off for the day!! I have a lot to do The Blacklist is tonight!!

Ines said...

Honey West #172 - I think again is going to be something based on the "enemy of my enemy is my friend", but more like "the enemy of my enemy gets to live while he is useful to me". In Red eyes Hargrave evolvement in Liz dying sign her own death sentence, right now for him she is a death man(women) walking. So I assume Red is going to tell her to do something for him (as implied in the promo), because until she is useful to him she still lives, probably in exchange of a quick death or something on that lines...also there will have to be something for Hargrave to gain by accepting that terms, if not whats is stopping her to just tell Red to go to hell and say "if you are going to kill me later, just do it now".

Honey West said...

Either that, Ines #174 or else she really is Tom's mother like Eastcoast speculated which would make her Agnes' grandmother. LOL! Whatever the reason I know one thing for sure - it will be a good story!

Ines said...

Honey West #175 - True. I do like that theory..But until witch point will that save her? I'm imagine Red just shrugging is shoulders and be like "What!?" "I'm already not killing her father, what more do you want? I'm no saint".

Tabasko said...

Ines #170: It is a bit ambiguous....."As Reddington (James Spader) and the task force close in on the person responsible for Liz's death, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own"

I am reading it as the shocking betrayal to Red and the task force....them racing.....hmmmmm.

Ines said ..."a bit of the the enemy of my enemy is my friend.. as the pictures for the next episodes seem to imply. "
That is exactly what I am thinking, my friend! That Susan will stop Red from killing her by telling him she can get to Kirk or some such. Then their story will have to come to a close, so the spinoff could take place if picked up.

Either that, or Red kills every last one of them, and the spinoff is some crazy prequel, LOL.

lara1 #171: Yes, I exactly think that may be the lesson Red has learned from his time with Dom. To let go of Agnes. I know I said that somewhere

#173-176: Yes, they have to come to some kind of deal, Red and Hargrave. Red will do it if there is something for him more important, say the real person behind the attacks of not Hargrave. The one spoiler says Red has connections in the past to Hargrave and her husband, so maybe she has something on Red.

I am kind of hoping they go a different route for Tom and Hargrave other than ambiguous parent, but it could play out OK.

IMDB lists Stalder as a character tonight and in #23. Maybe he kicks it, since no one else is, LOL.

Honey West said...

Well, if she is Tom's mother he doesn't know her. He immediately jumped to Katarina Rostova as her possible identity.

Tabasko said...

Discussion page for this evening is up:

The Blacklist - "Susan Hargrave" - Discussion Page, Ep 3.21

eastcoast said...

actually at first I thought she was Reds ex, then I thought she was Stadlers wife, now it seams she is Toms mom? who knows, find out soon! lol

eastcoast said...

So, in light of this episode I now have a ton of stuff rolling around in my head!
What kind of demons could such a small child of 4 have? I still think some of the details are distorted for her, but she shot someone important to someone.

Red blocked her memory of that so she wouldn't remember it or ever talk about it. And it worked.
He must have been someone important that her mom got involved with.

I was also thinking that since Red was married, if he and KR had a fling she would have to be a secret child and it is possible that the man KR was with didn't know who the real father was and didn't care because he loved her.

And now I am wondering if he was someone important 'related' to the Cabal somehow (family member) who knew Red was her dad and went and did whatever happened to his family after that on Christmas eve.

I sometimes think that Naomi and Jennifer were the family and that they removed them the week before he came home and just left blood in the house for him to find. They would not have had any knowledge of them doing that. But I would have expected Red to have acted more relieved when he saw her. But he is good at hiding his feelings.
But now I am not so sure.

Ok, I am tired and just thinking out loud, lol

But, on the bright side, I do think we are going to see Lauren Hitchen get her due!

Ines said...

So guys as promise here it is. Like I said this is a big one, sorry in advance.
Also I try to divide the BTS spoilers from 3.22 and 3.23(mostly by dates) but I may be wrong in some allocations..

Spoilers for Episode 3x22 - Alexander Kirk (#14):
The promos:
NBC promo
Global Tv promo

The pictures:
NBC Photos for Episode 3.22
Spoiler Tv Photos for Episode 3.22

The other bits:
-Official synopsis: already at the top of the page.

- Shooting Sheet
Set descriptions: Jakarta Slum + JS Alley + … Compound Office; (Scene change); Somewhere in some street
Action descriptions: Scottie takes a cab ride in slums of Jakarta; Scottie approaches a building; “…." leaves with Karakaro’s cash ;(Scene change); … traffic to find ambulance to save Sadie + …osure documents.

-BTS Filming 12/04 - Bank robbery/Rescue/Kidnapping shoot where Solomon/Rowan/Tom go into the bank and come out carrying a little girl:
photos 1 ; photos 2 (Anais and Mirabelle Lee) ; photos 3 (Building) ; Video

-BTS Filming 14/04 - James Spader scenes:
Location 1 - Red seated in a park bench reading / Alexander Kirk shows up ; Location 1 - JS with fans ; Location 2 - JS waiting to film

-BTS Filming 14/04 - Other Cast scenes (part of the action seems to be set in Germany-Berlin):
German police cars on set ; Scene with Tom and Solomon in front of a drug store in Berlin ( photos 1 ; photos 2 )

-BTS Filming 18/04 - German Ambulance park in front of (possible) Turkish Embassy in Germany:
Location + ambulance site 1 ; ambulance site 2
Actors dressed like this were seen sitting on the steps.

(crossing my fingers that all the coding of the links is correct)

Kodiak said...


That's MY Ines chant.

The rest of my weekend is now booked.

Ines said...

My notes about the spoilers:

-The facility seems to belong to Scottie organisation, Solomon is seems swiping the ID and entering with Tom. Cooper is indeed also present, so no missing task force members there. As expected there will be tension (Rowan and Samar, Scottie and Harold, Solomon with practically everyone, etc..). Also, again Ressler seems to be the one not ok with the lengths they are going.

-Tom, Rowan and Solomon will then Rob a bank (we already have discussed the BTS pictures of that scene in great length, see the BTS stuff down). That seems to be the cover for a kidnapping/rescue and come out with a little girl (Sadie Loescher). The pictures show her being return to her Father (Zack Loescher), so it fair to think that they need him for something..

-Tom is also seen opening a deposit box (#412) and looking surprise to a key? Is the Key used to open the deposit box, or was the key inside the deposit box? One will assume that this scene is in the same bank they are robbing, although Tom cloths seem to be different (maybe he just takes his hoodie, hat and scarf..)..

-They seem to have yet another job, Tom is seen carrying drinks dress as a waitress in what looks a fancy party/dinner, while Rowan is giving him informations from the outside.

-Tom and Hargrave, that’s a one difficult to crack “We can do incredible things together”… Now seeing this scene I definitely did not get a motherly vibe...Is she a fan trying to recruit him? seduce him? or there is another sort of connection there? He looks like a "deer caught in the headlights”, he is affected by whatever she said before that.. Also Tom as different clothes in two distinct scenes with Scottie..What scene comes first, the baby holding scene or the hand in the face scene?
There looks to be a small bit of Hargrave walking in what I looks to be the Jakarta Slum mention in the Shooting Sheet
Someone that Alexander Kirk knows seems to be sick/receiving blood, for them to show it as to have to say in the story.

- There is not much about Red though, only the pictures of him in the coach, of what seems to be or Scottie's house/office or Stalder house office..the women of the pictures kinda of looks like Scottie, but the man like Stalder.. I will try to zoom in later. The only other interesting bit is the scene of him in stealth mode holding a gun.

- Scottie in NBC picture #11 is holding what looks like a necklace that a kid will make.. (in one of the pictures of the wall, there is a women and a kid)

Finally, "This is going to be a gas” - This sentence was last heard when Red first assemble his team (Dembe and Luli) and started this all, back in 1x02...

Ines said...

And Finally, what we know until now about the Season Final.

Spoilers for Episode 3x23 - Alexander Kirk, Conclusion
Spoiler Tv Photos for Episode 3.23

BTS Filming 03/05 - Grocery store in Richmond, VA (Bayside Milk Farm (BMF) on Bell Blvd) scenes:
Police cars from Richmond,VA" ; BMF 1 ; BMF 2 (Mr. Kaplan will be present) ; BMF 3 (Tom will be present) ; BMF 4 (Jamar Greene as Security Guard) ; BMF 5


Probably the big thing here is the pictures of Ressler and Red... The first impression is to jump and say ohh so Ressler is the "Shocking Betrayal"..but then I start to think for a moment..although Ressler betrayal will be classified as such, things are often not what they seem in the Blacklist. While, I can totally imagine Ressler drawing his gun to Red if he feels Red is going to far (all that pesky morals of him), looking at all the pictures with the Sniper gun it kinda of look they are simulating a situation. You have two settings:

- Ressler pointing a gun to a unknown guy's head, Dembe pointing a gun to Ressler and Red looking impatient standing in the sidelines.
- Ressler pointing a gun to Red's head (and Red seems to have shed is coats/hat/glasses)

If the first situation happens for real, the second will never happen after for obvious reasons (threatening Red and all). If the Second situation happens for real, then seeing the first situation after does even less sense...

So again pictures can me misleading, I think the purpose of this pictures is actually to trick the GA, and for them to be even more surprise when something totally different happens. I will not be surprise if the promo for 3x22 shows this scene.

(Over and Out of Spoilers)

Ines said...

Eastcoast #181 - I do not know if you been there, but you may want to visit the "Theories and General Blacklist Discussion" or even "Who's Your Daddy? All Things Red and Liz" pages. I'm not saying that you will find answers there, but there you will find some pretty good discussions around the issues you mention. I (and I think all the members here) will love to read your thoughts about them ;)

Kodiak #183 - You are welcome ;) Lol, now I just have to have time to go comment on the actual episode page.

Tabasko said...


Thanks for all that, you wonderful woman! I second Kodiak's chant.

Well, I have my work for the rest of the day. Read through that and update our header. WOWZA. Great job.

Ines said...

And by the way, yesterday was the last day of filmings!!

- The Cake
- The Party

and now I have this urge to go and eat some cake..

Tabasko #187 - xD

James Cherry said...

I'm pretty sure Red & Ressler are aiming their guns at the same thing - notice how their both pointing in the same direction. The forced perspective makes it *look* like Ressler is aiming at Red. My guess is, this is the usual TPTB misinformation designed to keep we spoiler-addicts guessing.

Charmed said...

I'm with Kodiak and Tabs! You're wonderful and if you were nearby, we could have a big cake and a group hug!
I would buy your cake...
Not that I need more cake, I've had a slice everyday since Tuesday. Shorts with a little spandex were made for weeks like this.

I'm glad you seem to get as much a thrill from finding and posting these spoilers, as we do reading them! My weekend plans include
checking out every site. Thanks!

Honey West said...

Charmed #90 my Cadbury Dairy Milk bar was gone by the halfway point. It lasted 15 minutes longer this week. LOL!

Good job Ines! It makes it so much easier when all of the links are together like you do them! I wondered about Red and Ressler and the guns, but it does seem like Ressler is looking past Red. I thought "betrayal!" too, but I'm not so sure. On the GlobalTV promo it appears someone is getting a blood transfusion and they are B+. So I had to go back to Anslo Garrick Pt 1 to double-check and Red and Ressler are B-, so it's not one of them. And speaking of Global, what is Scottie doing holding Agnes? And she appears to be in a hospital room maybe? Kirk has a nice plane, too. Is it nicer than Red's Gulfstream? I wonder if Kirk's original plan was to kidnap Liz so he could get to Red? She would have made great bait if his goal is to kill Red. Makes me really worry about baby Agnes!

Well this will be a fun season-ender for sure. And I've got two more Cadbury Dairy Milk bars stashed away for the next two weeks!

lara1 said...

Thoughts on a spinoff:
It would make sense that if Scottie and Red had a co-existence agreement much like that Red had with the Cabal, that a separate storyline could be developed in parallel to the BL, if Red and Scottie agree to go back to their former agreement. that's just one potential story line of course we don't know what will happen post-Kirk, they could continue to get in each other's faces....

I guess I do worry a little bit that the original BL doesn't suffer as a result of a spin off. I like the idea of a spin off but it would seem to me that there is a lot of work and dedication needed to produce BL on the level that it is produced. Not sure how there would be time for the writers and all those involved to do a second parallel series as well. Unless they develop the theme and others do the actual day to day. Not sure how that works in the television industry when there is a spin off.

I could also see where they could do a limited spin off with maybe a few episodes, after which Red does take down Scottie after she has served whatever purpose she has had for him keeping her alive. And then any core characters roll back into the main BL. Not sure how much we will know by end of S3. another reason to keep watching, as if I needed one! LOL

lara1 said...

Ines - thank you so much for the spoiler info! I echo the comments of the others.

Red/Ressler gun. really hard to tell in that photo but it does appear that Ressler is looking slightly to the right of Red so not aiming at Red. but who, then, if Red has already got some pretty heavy artillery pointed at someone….

I think the next episode is going to be very intense and on the edge of your seat stuff - I hope so! - with both sides working together there has still got to be mistrust between the task force and Hargrave's team

Scottie holding the baby - implied threat or relative - if a relative who? an aunt? If a relative who actually cares about the baby I don't think she would have agreed to kidnap Liz unless she was assured by Kirk that ultimately he would not harm Liz and it was just to get at Red. But still Liz could have been harmed in the crossfire and I didn't see any indication in Scottie's scene with Red that there is a family connection with Liz there….Which brings us back to who is Kirk? On the surface his motives in kidnapping Liz appear to be to get to Red. But if Scottie's comment is true, that Kirk hired her to kill Red as well, then he should have another motive for wanting Liz. that's as far as I get with that….

It is possible that part of the reason Liz's memory of fire night was blocked is that she did kill, or witness a killing of, someone very important. Those memories are unreliable but I think it a possibility. But it could be other than that, and how/if that ties in with the current storyline, I'm not sure….

Eastcoast 181: interesting comments on the Naomi thing. I've always thought that the Red/Naomi marriage story was "off" in some way. One of my thoughts is that the "marriage" wasn't a real marriage. Those scenes where Naomi leaves for her new life with Frank are very heavily loaded. But I guess I'm going slightly off topic to discuss any further here.... perhaps a summer revisit!

Tabasko said...

Short blurb from today's Spoiler Room on Entertainment Weekly

"What’s coming up on The Blacklist? — Ronald
Though Red wants to work with Scottie Hargrave to track down the man (ahem) responsible for what happened to Liz, that won’t sit well with the Task Force. “We don’t want to do it,” says Mozhan Marnò, hinting that the new arrangement will cause a rift within the team. “There’s always some kind of division on our team. Everyone wants to do the same job in a different way.” - Natalie Abrams

Not major, but in line with our thinking.

Tabasko said...

eastcoast #181: Interesting thoughts. Ines has a great suggestion to visit General Theories and also Who's Your Daddy? Yes, please share and we have lots of good ideas that align with some of what you think. And thanks, Ines, for the suggestion!

I do agree that things do not look good for Hitchin. Someone has to go around here, and since it isn't Solomon or Scottie........

Tabasko said...

Spoiler Header has been majorly updated. Will add as things come in.

THANKS, INES!!!!!!!!

Now......to read through all the opinions. I must know.... who is The Betrayer?

BL Mom said...

I have read everything and need to digest my thoughts.

Just in 3.23, I'm sitting here trying to think of blood transfusion reasons, but I bet it's something odd like Kirk gets then for creepy rejuvenation purposes. Except he is standing up, lol.

I surely hope Ressler is not The Betrayer. I'm not too sure how him getting involved in whatever that is would leave everyone racing to save someone else on the task force, so....well maybe if the sniper was shooting someone trying to get one of them. But I agree with Ines and James that the angle looks wrong. I'm thinking he changed his mind and is helping Red.

Plus, Ressler hasn't liked Red. So no shocking betrayal there if it did happen.

I think Ressler is being Mr. by the book and then something else happens.

It reminds me if those last year's shots that showed Samar shooting Dembe.

Have to think some more.

lara1 said...

RE the betrayer:

I've gone through everyone in the task force and can't think of any of them as this, yet at the same time any of them might. I think there will be discord in the team and lack of trust might develop among them from working with Hargrave's people so its possible something might arise from that. Also think that Ressler is too "by the book" and has no particular love of Reddington, (nor of Tom), but I think that Ressler might be too obvious a choice.

It seems Kirk has a longtime knowledge of Red and he may at one time been an enemy of sorts to not only Red by Scottie, howard etc based on Red's words to Scottie about how there should be "limits" to what they do, including working for "a man like Kirk", if only for the sake of friends/former friends.

I just hope that they don't reveal too much at once. No fun in that …

Tatiana said...

Did the spoiler say a shocking betrayal causes them to save one of their own?

I don't see anything in that statement that implies it is one of the team who is the betrayer or did I miss something?

Lake Girl said...

Wow! So much new info. Thanks Ines :) No time to go through it all until Sunday. Don't like the pic of Ressler holding a gun to Red's head!

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